Wrapping up Miss Tourism Queen 2011

by Chris Kuntz

I’ve always heard a handful of pageant fans complaining about Miss Tourism Queen being included in the Grand Slam, so when I received the invitation to cover it, I knew it was a great opportunity to draw my own conclusions.

I arrived in China with no expectations, but with an open mind. What I can say today is that Miss Tourism Queen definitely deserves to be up there, mainly because of its fantastic organization, great infra-structure, high level of candidates, delicious food, plenty of cultural and tourist activities, a very entertaining and well-produced final event, and overall fair results.

Like any other big beauty pageant, not everything is about fun, of course. The girls worked really hard (and so did us), sleeping 4, at most 5 hours per night.

The chaperones were kind and managed to keep some good order, always respecting the girls. Congratulations to Anna, Gale, Cindy, Jane, and Sandra for a job well done.

Daniel, the Australian choreographer, is very talented. He picked just the right songs for each segment, and was able to work well with 92 girls from different lands, speaking different languages, without any major problems. He was able to take a rather small stage, and make it look bigger, without looking too crowded.

I must also thank the whole staff, especially¬†Alex Liu, Jerome, Mr. John, Sean, Hanxiong, and all others. They’ve treated me with respect and allowed me to do my job comfortably.

Xiao Xiao (Miss Orange), Sissi, Jin Jin, Daniel Fong, Tiger, Mr. Suprise (yes, with no “r”), Anita, Mandy, Wilson, Brandon, thank you for your patience and support, you have my respect and admiration.

Finally, I must say that the winner completely deserved to win. She was among my favorites since the very beginning, and delivered it perfectly in the final event, deserving to win this prestigious title for her beloved Thailand.

I must congratulate and thank all 92 candidates for making my work so enjoyable, and for taking beauty and joy to the whole world through the pages and photo galleries of Global Beauties. Girls, you rock!

To Miss TQI detractors, I leave a message: you do not need to put other pageants down in order to promote the one produced in your country. Chill out, there’s space for everyone ;)

After over 4000 photos and dozens of photo galleries, I say so long and… Long live, Miss Tourism Queen International!

Cheers, and happy 2012!!

Chris Kuntz
GB reporter / photographer

4 comments to Wrapping up Miss Tourism Queen 2011

  • john from england

    i have to agree with george. there are only really two major beauty contests. miss universe and miss world. my favourite is miss world probably because i’ve grown up on it. i think the 1st one i ever saw live was 1963.
    i’m sure the others are fun but they don’t hold the same prestige.

  • Samriddhi

    Hey Chris from Brazil, this is Sam from Nepal :) shame couldnt meet you to say goodbye … so droppin by to say that it’was lovely knowing you. All the girls loved you for being so professional and so kind. I wish you the best in life. Take care. Chances of meeting you again are harshly slim but nevertheless am not without hope. love from Nepal. Happy holidays :)

  • George Goncalves

    I have not criticized any pageants. In fact I’m curious about all of them. Still there are only two that are truly important & prestigious. Naturally these would be the two oldest, MW & MU. Of these, I clearly prefer MU which is usually the case for those of us who live in the Americas. MI was for a time fairly important in the first two decades or so but now isn’t worth much. My proof is who has the high- rated world-wide TV coverage & is constantly in the printed media? MW & MU of course, case closed! Chris Kuntz works for GB so naturally he going to ” like” all beauty contests. It’s his job on the line!

  • Art

    Well-said! I think MTQI is one of the best pageants in terms of its structure, contestants and the quality of the show.

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