Miss World 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago?

Sister Isle under consideration to host the 2011 International Miss World pageant.

Tobago is being considered as a possible venue for the 2011 international Miss World Pageant. Head of Miss World International Julia Moreley and the reigning title holder are now in Tobago. They are said to be assessing facilities on the island to see if they are good enough for hosting the popular pageant. Ms. Morley and her delegation will stay in Tobago until tomorrow and then travel to Trinidad for two days. Giselle La Ronde won the Miss World title for Trinidad and Tobago in 1986. There have been some close calls since. The reigning Miss World is from the United States. She is Alexandria Mills. She is among the delegation now in Tobago.

The reigning Miss Trinidad and Tobago-world is Davia Chambers who hails from Tobago.

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15 thoughts on “Miss World 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago?

  1. i’m happy that philippines is bidding to host the miss world 2013 it will boost tourism and put the philippines as one of the most beautiful place in the world……..i hope ms. julia morley will choose the philippines to host the ms world 2013……

  2. T&T seria excelente! El Miss Universo 1999 alli, ha sido uno de los mejores

  3. I can suggest Panama to be Miss World’s host 2013

  4. that would be great for America

  5. NOt TOBAGO neither Trinidad….. we cant spend that amount of money that is required…… please move on …..

  6. I think missworld2012 should keep in nigeria. In case if it keep in tnt later this yr 2011. Nigeria have a rich history and it would be could for the continet of africa. Guys do u remember abgani darego missworld2001 fr nigeria the stunning blackbeauty in that lime green dress. Nice height and the complete package cant say no more. And also they place in the top10 sem’s in 2002. And i needed not to reminded about riot that yr 2001 in nigeria what would be the host country at time. Things change! I hope mwo would give nigeria the host spot in 2010. Anybody want to comment

  7. Philippines will Host the Pageant on 2013

  8. Well I think we should try nigeria again this time, cos they-ve been a lot of changes
    And improvement lately, I’m sure it will be a very nice venue for the pageant

  9. why don’t you consider the philippines as a venue.they’re beauty enthusiast and would welcome the staging of miss world 2011 there.

  10. Yes!!!! I sick of China too…but MW camp in T&T will be similar to MU in Bahamas.

  11. I do agree the Destination it among of my dream destination i wish to go for holiday.

  12. I got sick of China, way too much. T&T would be awesome, would t be the frst tme?
    Trinidad and Tobago would be a nice venue for Miss World 2011…. It’s gonna be festive like Miss Universe 1999…..

  13. I Think Trinidad & Tobago as Host country for the 2011 Miss World Pageant will be an Excellent venue for this year`s Pageant, because it will be such a good thing for the country and for tourism purposes,Trinidad is an Amazing country !!! I totally love it !! great people !! Trinidad has my vote to host )

  14. Can i suggest: Fiji, Guam, Martinique – good venues for Miss World 2011
    (i hope miss julia morley read my comment) :-)

  15. Not only that Miss world can’t get a SPONSOR to have it shown in national tv. That spells money . Even though.MISS
    USA won Miss world still 99% of Americans doesn’t have any idea who was the current miss world . They just never hadit mentioned in the local or national news as compared to miss universe where they had it all over cable and national news …. That’s what seperate miss universe to miss world. Miles apart .I still wonder how they chose miss USA world . I got no IDEA until now

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