Bali, Indonesia to host Miss World 2014

DENPASAR, March 17 - Some of the world’s most gorgeous women are set to grace Bali after the resort island was selected to host the Miss World beauty pageant in 2014. Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, speaking in Denpasar on Thursday, said organizers had confirmed that Bali would host the event.

Pastika said Bali’s natural beauty and unique culture were major factors in the island being selected as the venue for the international occasion.

“This will ensure Bali is even better known around the world,” he said.

Pastika said that after the filming of “Eat Pray Love” starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem in Bali, the island had a new nickname — “The Island of Love.”

He urged tourists seeking more intimacy in their lives to visit Bali.

“For those who have been married for a number of years and want to reinvigorate their love, or for who have not married and want to be intimate, Bali is the best place.”

The governor said new infrastructure was on the way, including an airport expansion and road upgrades.

Bali also plays host to an Asean summit later this year and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in November 2013.

“We do not want to disappoint them all,” Pastika said. -Jakarta Globe

12 thoughts on “Bali, Indonesia to host Miss World 2014

  1. I am so very good in Indonesian I have you have Indonesian Bali I coming because you have marbles in Bali my heart my love Bali analog Sunday Monday yes , keys my books

  2. i’m balinese and we are very happy to say, welcome miss world 2014 contestants in our beloved island, Bali

  3. diko antofani says:

    i’am is Indonesian
    i hope miss world can held in Indonesia.
    first time ever…

  4. Dmitry Sobakovich says:

    Bali is the perfect island i’ve ever visited. Indonesia is also a rich country with culture, cuisine, etc. Perfect choise!

  5. We’ll hope that Indonesia ready. Also the people who are still unstable. We do not want what happened in Nigeria happened again in Bali. How free and independent is Bali as a tourism island, it is till part of Indonesia. A country who still has annual demonstrations and protest regarding to the participation of Indonesian Girls to International pageants, due to women degradation issue.

    I am Indonesian, and i have been dreaming to watch any international pageants live in my country. I will be proud to have my country being introduced at the video inserts as the pageant’s host. But….I am still worried about the safety. Even it will be in 2014, still Indonesia has the most moslem in Asia with some of them are very conservative and very fundamentalist.

  6. To Zara:
    as I knew, a little number of Muslim-majority country still accept Israeli passport, Including Indonesia, even though they do not have any diplomatic relations with Israel.
    But maybe I’m wrong, you could re-check it on the net ;)

  7. i’m indonesian, i agree if bali used as host Miss World 2014. after a bomb rocked a while ago, the image of Bali as a tourist island were destroyed. to restore the image of Bali is very necessary international events such as the selection of the world’s beauty queens. so the world will know more about Bali. Bali is a paradise for tourists both local and foreign tourists.

  8. I hope that security is on high alert whilst all these stunning girls from around the world there !!

  9. Zara, interesanting words, but I know for example the experience in 1978, in the Miss Universe pageant. The host was Mexico, in Acapulco was the final. Mexico then, did not have relation with Chile and South Africa, but delegates of those countries participated in the contest, by the way, both of the two were semi-finalists, and Margaret Gardinder, from Capetown, finally won the crown. Always are exceptions.

  10. Israel CANNOT take part in Miss World 2014 unless La’lsha Magazine (organizer of Miss Israel – Malkat HaYofi Israel) elects a representative (besides whoever is crowned Miss Israel 2014) who has dual nationality.

    This is because … like most Muslim countries and some Latin American ones … Indonesia has NEVER recognized Israel and therefore, has no diplomatic relations owing to the Palestinian cause.

    The only way Miss Israel can enter Indonesia is if the representative is a dual national and enters Indonesia on a passport other than that of Israel. If the winner of Miss Israel 2014 is a dual national, then La’lsha Magazine is going to be lucky! … but if NOT … then I guess they will have to handpick someone from within the list of contestants competing for Miss Israel who is a dual national.

    At this point, I am not even sure how strict the Indonesian government is going to be about this since they have been very pissed off about what happened in the Palestinian Gaza strip in 2008/2009. There is a possibility that Indonesian visa might NOT be granted if the person is found to have dual nationality of Israel even if she applies for visa on her OTHER passport. OR if the Indonesian embassy is going to grant her the visa AT ALL irrespective of the passport knowing she will be representing Israel in Miss World.

  11. Fantastic! A perfect destination for the greatest pageant!

  12. I’m there.

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