Star Hellas (Miss Greece): Headed for Cancellation?

Star Hellas 2007, Doukissa Nomikou

As published on the popular Greek blog on March 9th, the longest beauty contest in Greece, Σταρ Ελλάς (Miss Greece), is in danger of being dropped by organizing network Antenna TV.

Low ratings and a high production cost would be the factors for the network to axe the show, sources say, specially in today’s Greek economic crisis.

Several other news outlets also reported on the subject, stating that there has been no real interest in the beauty contest during the past years.

However, during the show “Blah Blah” by Antenna TV, they denied the rumors insisting that the contest will take place as usual. There has not been an official announcement, and the pageant does not have a current website, or facebook page.

Star Hellas usually sent the winner to Miss Universe; Miss Hellas competes in Miss World. The runner-ups go to Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss Supranational. It has been on the programming schedule of Antenna TV since 1990.


Evelina Papantoniou, Star Hellas 2001 and 1st runner-up in Miss Universe

2 thoughts on “Star Hellas (Miss Greece): Headed for Cancellation?

  1. It won’t be cancelled.The pageant is the yearly show-stopper for Ant1’s program and they wont even consider doing so.They will do,what they did the last two years,minimize the budget.By the way, i wish the competetion goes back to the basics and prepares the girls for the International pageants cause Dionisia,Vivianna and Anna didnt hold a candle to the majority of previous winners.

  2. excuse me bt there is a mistake in your report!!!The programme BLAH BLAH is not from Antenna tv but from ALTER an other greek chanel.

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