Egypt wins Miss Mediterranean 2011

The Miss Mediterranean 2011 pageant took place last night in Nicosia, Cyprus. Fifteen countries participated in the pageant.

The Top 8 finalistas were: Macedonia, Russia, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Albania, Cyprus, Slovenia and Egypt.
The 2nd Runner-up was Miss Lebanon, the 1st Runner-up was Miss Macedonia (photo, l), and Miss Mediterranean 2011 is Miss Egypt, Sara Elkhouly (photo, r). 

Sara also represented Egypt in Miss World 2010. She is the first Egyptian representative to an international pageant post  revolution.
Special thanks Ahmed Khorshed

13 thoughts on “Egypt wins Miss Mediterranean 2011

  1. i think not for beauty but for culture

  2. dilip indian says:

    amazing aura and beautiful body

  3. Russia? Anna,what is she doing there?

  4. Sara is beautiful and Anna is much older also Russia is not from the countries of the mediterranean sea!! congratulation for the egyptian beauty SARA!!!

  5. Beautiful

  6. near the Egypt is miss russia Anna Botova, there were two winners this year!! Anna is much better )))

  7. I love Sara is beautiful

  8. Egypt is gorgeous! She should go to Miss Universe!

    • Even with her natural hair color, I doubt she would place at Miss Universe.

  9. Egypt’s hair color is horrible! Why is she trying to pass as a blonde?

  10. Congratulation!!!!!

  11. The winner is not pretty at all. And that can’t be her natural hair color. Macedonia should have won.

  12. i think that miss macedonia is more beautiful than miss egypt

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