Miss Universe Guam 2011

Shayna Jo Afaisen (23, center) was crowned Miss Universe Guam 2011 during the pageant held at the Sheraton Laguna Resort on June 3rd. The 1.65 m beauty will represent the island during the Miss Universe 2011 finals in Sao Paulo, Brazil, next September.

Also, Alexandra Sanchez (2nd L) was crowned Miss International Guam. She will travel to Chengdu, China, to compete in the Miss International pageant in October.


To Sao Paulo: Shayna Jo Afaysen

Photos courtesy JRManuel Imagery

27 thoughts on “Miss Universe Guam 2011

  1. i had high hopes for Miss Suba. she is definitely an ideal representation of a chamorrita. very, very beautiful girl.

  2. anonimoussss says:

    So uh….what about Meshae Lorenzo, Jolia Rodgers, and Jeniki Suba? Do you think that they probably had a chance?

  3. I totally agree with anonymous. Maybe a “Beauty Pageant” needs a 360 degree turn this year or the upcoming year. Truly, a girl who shows a combination of beauty and brain definitely deserves a crown, a true definition of an island beauty.

  4. MexicanaQueen says:

    This is a beauty pageant not an invitation to run for role-model of the year. You need to contain height, beauty, intelligence for a beauty contest. This is not a cheap pageant. Send her to Miss Earth! Such a shame that Katarina Martinez placed 2nd over this teenage looking girl.

  5. PageantFanatic says:

    Donald Trump likes young not old! The girl that your Miss Universe Guam judges chose does not cut it! Katarina Martinez, Norma Barcinas, and Leanna Willes were by far more photogenic. She looks like a cheap representative for Guam and is unforgiveable! She is NOTHING compared to Miss Universe Guam 2009 Racine Manley! She is nothing exotic looking. Plane jane I tell you. If Guam wants to waste another ticket to the Miss Universe Pageant then by all means you people won! Katarina will represent well in Miss International and may break the TOP 15 and I hope that the organization realizes the biggest ROBBERY they have made! Why is it that she won 4 out of 6 awards? Native Costume? Evening Gown? Photogenic? and that cheap award by the so-called founder? She will not stand out and will be a clapper for sure. GOODBYE GUAM in Miss Universe! Look at your delegate for Miss International!

  6. Go Shayna!

    Katarina is still young and can run again. She should consider running for Ms. World!

  7. With all due respect, Shayna is a wonderful representative and role model! She is extremely well rounded and suits positions above and beyond what a face and height will get you. She is, indeed and by large, beautiful, graceful, photogenic, and intelligent. If it is anyone who will reign as a loving, active, and inspiring Miss Universe Guam 2011, it is Miss Shayna Jo Afaisen! She deserves it all :)

  8. ron jackson says:

    @anonymous…you obviously have no pageant experience. Smart doesn’t cut it at the “most prestigious” pageant in the world. You need the complete package…this is not Miss America where the contestants are vying for scholarship prize. It’s a BEAUTY PAGEANT! I repeat BEAUTY PAGEANT!…And if you were there you know very well that Katarina’s final answer BLEW Shayna’s out of the water…BIG TIME! 5’10 vs 5’3…absolutely no comparison..and also…It’s absolutely unforgivable that she (shayna) won Photogenic…whatever! Someone must of fixed that for sure…so many of the girls were BY FAR more photogenic..Norma Barcinas, Julia and KATARINA! What a JOKE of a pageant this year..

  9. I like the winner.

  10. PageantFanatic says:

    Racine Manley Miss Universe Guam 2009 was the BEST CANDIDATE to date!

  11. PageantFanatic says:

    Katarina should have won the crown! God aweful decision of the judges! The judges more than likely lacked the knowledge of the international standards of what it takes! Like RONJ said! “Nice is for MISS GUAM TOURISM” Donal Trump is not looking for “NICE.” Katarina is educated! Her FINAL Q & A blew the audience away with a direct answer compared to Shayna with a simple answer that did not show “intelligence.” This years pageant is a flock! Shame on the Guam Beauty Organization. Your sending a 5’3″ girl to the MOST PRESTIGIOUS PAGEANT in the WORLD owned by DONALD TRUMP? She will STAND OUT INDEED in the most negative way!

  12. replace the winner with the 1st RUNNER-UP!!! she’s far more stunning than the winner….or face another ‘clapping’ year for GUAM come Miss Universe pageant.

  13. @Chris, the 1st runner up is the girl on the left of the pic with the crown on…My posts above is true…the girl (katarina) with the 1st runner up sash is Miss International Guam

  14. Sorry, disagree with “anonymous”. Nice is for Miss Tourism. Of course she is beautiful..I’m just saying for a pageant like universe you NEED height.

  15. Chris Stewart says:

    I’m sorry but Guam can’t make her country proud this year…!!! If the first runner-up represent Guam at Miss Universe, it will be better…!!!

  16. If you know shayna you would know that she is perfect to represent guam….she isnt only beauty but very smart!!!!!!! Why is everyone going for just height…shayna is smart and the nicest person you will meet. She totally deserves to win!!!!!!!!!

  17. I have been attending this pageant for years and this is the first year I did not get involved personally..I sat down and watched in awe as this girl was ROBBED..the biggest robbery in the history of Miss Universe Guam..Its a HUGE shame! I don’t care that the short girl had more poise and confidence. Katarina can be trained to project that..katarina already has the height and the looks to compete internationally…Shame Shame Shame! I’m so upset I need to go and SCREAM!

  18. and if you look at the screen on the far left..that is katarina on the screen live feed…she is VERY TELEGENIC!

  19. the reason the winner looks tall her is because she is on a pedestal that is 2 feet higher.Miss Universe Guam is ONLY 5’3″ tall. and on the final question Katarina blew everyone away…the judges got it alll wrong for sure this time!
    What a shame..because in my opinion katarina would of stood out more in Brazil…now she has to go to that God awful 2nd rate pageant in China (sorry, just sayin). Katarina looks like Nicole from the “Pussy Cat Dolls”

  20. In fact they did announce Katarina was Miss International..then said “oh, mistake folks” Miss International is Alexandra (I forgot her name)…so Katarina was stripped off it on stage..then Alexandra later was stripped of the crown after on the floor (not stage) and crown was given back to Katarina!..LMAO..these poor girls!

    • I can’t believe this happened in beauty contest, thanks for reporting it.

  21. I was there folks! what a fiasco it was..the girl (Katarina Martinez) wearing the 1st runner up sash was gorgeous/stunning..5’10” tall …the winner had poise but no way will she be able to compete internationally..In fact..it was a huge mess…the other girl on the far left was really 1st runner up to universe…Katarina later (not even 10minutes) was told she was actually Miss International…they stripped the other girl of her crown…the tabulators/announcers made a big mistake.and the organizers fixed it right there..it took several minutes and the crowd was very upset! but your right Katarina is beautiful and should of been Miss Universe Guam

  22. She is clapper already..

  23. First Runner-up is better to represent Guam at Miss Universe 2011.

  24. no classificacion in miss universe 2011

  25. RodrigoCHILE says:

    The 1st Runner up to Miss Universe was 1000 times better…
    Sorry Guam… perhaps next year!

  26. the first and second runner up looks better….sorry guam

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