Miss Universe Japan 2011

The Miss Universe Japan 2011 contest took place June 17th at the Tokyo Dome City Hall and the winner is 24-year old Maria Kamiyama, a sales clerk from Osaka.  She stands 1.68 m tall and will represent Japan during the Miss Universe 2011 pageant to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in September.

The runner-ups were Hibiki Nozu from Okinawa (1st) and Michiko Tanaka from Shizuoka (2nd).

The contest, originally stated for March 30th, had to be postponed after the massive earthquake that rattled the country on March 11th. The contestants spent the following months raising funds and contributing to various causes to help rebuild the cities affected by the disaster. Photo REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The Winner

47 thoughts on “Miss Universe Japan 2011

  1. …perhaps without Ines Ligron, Japan would never be hopeful in MU.
    Btw, it is good to see a crown in MUJ. Last year’s winner was given a diamond-like thing. WTH! I don’t know what she could do with that thing! As a thropy!?

  2. SUPSUP is the best! PHILIPPINES FOR 2011!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. To J’susMaria’Sep: Hello…are you say never make to semis?!! How about Ada Aime Dela Cruz..first runner-up MU 2009 and last year runner-up from Jamaica.And don’t you forger,Amelia Vega also.She is Second runner-up Miss Supra 2002 and WON MU 2003!!

  4. J'susMaria'Sep says:

    Miss Malaysia will never make it to semis! Miss Universe organization is not accepting a “RECYCLED” beauty queen! MARK MY WORD!

    • How about Miss Universe 1999?

  5. chosen miss japan universe 2011 worst for the choice for miss universe!!!

  6. if Ines ligron is not involved with Miss U Japan anymore.. where is she connected now? Miss Malaysia Universe?

    • Catherine Cates says:

      Hi Alicia:

      Regretfully, Ines Ligron is no longer involved with MU Japan (and you can kind-of tell). She is helping Deborah Henry (Miss Malaysia)– who looks fabulous. Unbelievable clothes and shoes…

      Go to inesligron.com, click blog — you’ll read and see pics regarding Deborah’s preparation. Again, fabulous clothes and shoes…

      XOXO Catherine Cates

  7. well its very nice i just hope philipines will be in the top 15,coz best asian delegates this year will be in the top 5,which is MALAYSIA!!! ^_^

  8. She may have the personality, but beauty wise, she’s too plain for me!

  9. scoolstuff123 says:

    WAIT !!!! WAIT !!!!! WAIT !!!!! INDIA is getting its momentum back on d track… preparations are on zoom… I AM SHEE 2011…this july.. DEKHEGI YEH DUNIYA SAARI, AB HAIN HINDUSTAN KI BAARI…!!!!


  10. That’s it. Japan will probably be unplaced three years in a row.

  11. louise Daniel says:

    let’s see how philippines will sweep away other Asian delegates :)

  12. She is hot! I would like to meet her.

  13. Good luck to Japan because this delegate is far less charismatic than the previous I have seen since 2000.

  14. Japan has had a tough year people, so show some kindness. I think she is interesting and beautiful in a quirky, different way. She is short but her gown looks very fashion forward. I wish you the very best Miss Japan. You are lovely!!

  15. Okinawa (1st) is very beautifull, sorry Japan

  16. Some people above are so mean-spirited. You all weren’t at the pageant and shouldn’t judge. Let’s see a photo of yourself instead.

  17. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Korea are the front runners for Asia.

  18. Her Personality,push her thru.Hopefully it will also at Miss Universe. I hope not for the Miss Friendship Award.Just a proper polishing of her teeth, proper make up… and she’s “in” the competition

  19. Maria is her first name? What is her background?

    • J'susMaria'Sep says:

      Miss Congeniality award is her chance… :-P

  20. No Miss Universe for Japan this year, sorry.

  21. She’s Japan’s USHOSHI SENGUPTA!

  22. Ugly no classification in miss universe

    • Zulyeka was ugly and she won Miss Universe.

  23. 1st runner up is reaaly good

  24. so this is miss japan 2011, this must be some kind of joke!

  25. Ok…. She Is The Best In Japan..!! Good Luck..!

  26. People, PLEASE remember that Ines Ligron is no longer involved with Miss Universe Japan.. she sold it. It is another organization now. She stepped out in 2009, which is why things are not the way they used to be.

    • Catherine Cates says:

      I didn’t suggest that Ines owned the pageant; rather, my question was whether the winner was one of her picks? She made frequent references on her blog of 2 girls that should win….

  27. Catherine Cates says:

    These pics may not be the most flattering of the new titleholder — as the girls behind her seem more attractive. I’m interested — was the new titleholder one of Ines Ligron’s pics?

    • Ines Ligron is no longer the director for Miss U Japan.

  28. What is happening to japan the last 3 years?? they are turning back to 90’s, when delegates from japan were ugly, short, unfashion… too bad!!!.

  29. Chris Stewart says:

    To Alvin Sebetero: Do you remember me? I have an argument with you about who will become the new Miss Universe. And I think Miss Mexico will take the title. But now I think the crown will belong to Spain. I am waiting for Miss USA. I hope Miss California will take the title. But I have a same idea with you about Miss Japan. She can’t reach the Top 15. I think Miss Thailand more beautiful than Miss Malaysia. But both of them can get a ticket to reach the Top 15. So far, we are waiting for the crowning moment of Miss India. Hope that she looks gorgeous.

  30. Alvin Sebetero says:

    Lol,,,weak choice from Japan this year!!!

    Best Asian delegate so far goes to MALAYSIA

    • J'susMaria'Sep says:

      Malaysia? LOL!!!!!!!

      • Oh yea… Malaysia! The best bet from Asia this year!

      • Have you even see Malaysia’s delegate? She is the best Asian delegate.

        • I think Philippines is the best Asian delegate.

          • meleku says:

            in all fairness malaysia and philippines are both gorgeous, although miss malaysia is not really a full blooded malaysian or should I say no malaysian blood at all

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