Miss USA 2011: Rain Cosmetics Fashion Show

The official activities of Miss USA 2011, to take place this Sunday, continue. On June 12th, the  Rain Cosmetics Fashion Show took place at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas with the participation of the 51 contestants and reigning titleholder Rima Fakih. Rain Cosmetics are the official make-up sponsor for this year’s Miss USA pageant.

Part 1

Part 2


Courtesy SEOMarketing

7 thoughts on “Miss USA 2011: Rain Cosmetics Fashion Show

  1. Interesting post regarding the Rain Cosmetics Fashion. It seems all went well at the fashion show. Thank you for providing the videos taken at the show.

  2. Gladly surprise to see so many beauty pageant fans liking Florida as much as I do!!

  3. Whoever the emcee was — he was just awful! What happened to Miss Hawaii? I was so disappointed with her styling: flat hair, flat look, flat everything. Standing side-by-side like that, Tenessee was the obvous stand-out! What a gorgeous face! Other stand-outs included California, New Jersey, New York and South Carolina.

  4. It’s Florida’s year.

  5. Florida for Miss Usa 2011 !!

  6. Chris Stewart says:

    My Top 5:
    Miss USA 2011: California.
    First Runner Up: Washington.
    Second Runner Up: South Carolina.
    Third Runner Up: Illinois.
    Fourth Runner Up: Connecticut.

  7. RodrigoCHILE says:

    Most beautiful long dark haired girls: Texas, Florida and Indiana.
    Most beautiful blonds: Mississippi, Maryland, Michigan and Virginia

    Most probably Winners: Mississippi, California, Indiana, Florida, Maryland and New Jersey

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