Miss Brazil Universe 2011

Miss Rio Grande do Sul, Priscilla  Machado (25) won the Miss Brazil Universe 2011 pageant held at the HSBC Brasil Hall in Sao Paulo on July 23rd. Priscilla comes from Farroupilha (RS), stands 180 cm tall and will now be the host contestant and represent Brazil during the Miss Universe pageant to be held in this city on September 12th.

The 1st runner-up was Miss Bahia who will compete in Miss International next November.

The 2nd runner-up was Miss Acre, the 3rd runner-up was Miss São Paulo, and the 4th runner-up was Miss Amazonas.

Priscila was booed by the audience, who did not accept her victory.

27 women competed in this year’s event, televised live to the whole country through Rede Band.

108 thoughts on “Miss Brazil Universe 2011

  1. My favorite delegates from South America are still Miss Bolivia & Miss Venezuela.

  2. Ka Puke Munoz says:

    I want to see the crowning and her being booed by the audience :)

  3. Once more, an old-looking woman representing Brazil! Bahia should have won !

  4. super beautiful !!!!OMG

  5. Look at her teeth in the first picture, it’s as if she’s missing some of them. Like she was knocked in the face, lost some teeth and swallowed them, that’s why she’s holding on to her throat. lol!

    • Oh well, the photo I’m talking about has been changed.

  6. She will be amongst the semifinalists. Well MUO gotta reward Brazil for paying millions of dollars for hosting, right?

    • Wrong. Why Miss Bahamas was not a semifinalist in 2009? And Miss Thailand was not a semifinalist in 2005? And Miss Cyprus was not a semifinalist in 2000? And Miss Puerto Rico was not a finalist in 2002?

      • It wasn’t until 2005 that the MUO started to select some of the top 15 when Miss Ukraine did not made the cut in 2004 despite everybody picking her as the one to take it all, so that is why Cyprus and Puerto Rico did not make the cut. As for the Bahamas and Thailand, blame whoever negotiated the contract. Someone mentioned that when Vietnam hosted the pageant, one stipulation was their delegate made the top 15.

        • “someone mentioned” is not a source, just a gossip.

    • David, your comment is quite ridiculous, sorry.

  7. She deserved to be booed by the audience.

  8. Surprised by Brazil’s winner. There were better choices. Brazil may not make the Top 15 cut. Good luck to the host country.

  9. planetchuckie says:

    She looks like former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi

  10. newly crowned miss brazil priscila machado can be dethroned due to nude pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. nextttt!!!!!! she looks old, bahia was amuch better choice but as usual brazil picks and send the wrong girl,, i don’t think even being the host country to mu will save this one ,,, LOL

  12. This is absolutely a sad night for Miss Brazil. The one and only woman in the competition who has an international beauty queen look to her with a beautiful face, great style, perfect figure, lovely hair, great height and a wonderful catwalk with a spark of winner was picked and so many people are still putting her down. Sao Paulo is a lovely woman but lacks the Miss Universe spark. She also did not have the best catwalk. Priscilla will be one of the favorites for the crown now. I wish everyone would support her and say a good prayer for her to do her best as hostess. This is the first time other than 2007 that Brazil has had a good shot at a top spot in Miss Universe in many years. I have watched Miss Universe since 1973 and I can honestly say that Brazil has made so many wrong choices with the woman who got the top spot. Many of the ladies had features that were way too angular and overpowering. Not this time. Perfect candidate for Miss Universe.

  13. she looks a bit mature

  14. NOT THE BEST CHOICE. She is just a common beautiful girl. Bahía and Acre were so much better for the crown.

  15. The National Director of Miss Brasil Organization was a member of the jury? I think this is the only country where this thing happens….

    • He is always member of the jury. Very ethical, don´t you think? And if it was not enough, the best costume was designed by one of the members of the jury. This is an undeniable evidence of how ethical the Miss Brasil Organization is.

      • This is a shame.

        Miss Brazil needs Globo Network, the biggest of Brazil and Latin America, be attracted and take control of the whole thing and put it in the right direction as it was 40/50 years ago, when Miss Brazil was “the best National Beauty Contest of the world”, as said then by Miss Universe Inc. (source: Globalbeauties itself)

        And in this period, 50s to 70s, Brazil won two crowns, three 1st-runners up, many Top 5 and Top 10 im MU and one MWorld crown. Today, this is just history…

        • In fact, four 1st runners-up: Martha Rocha(54), Terezinha Morango (57), Adalgisa Colombo (58), Rejane Goulart (72). Those were the old days when Brazil was a powerhouse and always a factor im Miss Universe.

          Today, Brazil is Band tv, Gaetas, Naylas, Deborahs Lyra and Priscillas Machado…..what a shame…

  16. This choise is beyond belief!!! What about her “artistic” pics??? At the same time she is not the prettiest contender even without these “controversies”. Sorry!!!

  17. RodrigoCHILE says:

    This girl is smart,has a perfect runway walk, elegant, speaks English, it`s a journalism student, is tall… GREAT CHOICE FOR MISS UNIVERSE. Bahia was absolutely adorable too!

    • She lacks the only thing that really counts in a beauty contest: astonishing beauty. No one wins a MU contest “speaking english”, “having a good catwalk”, “being tall” or “studying journalism”.

      This was a waste of time. Another year withoun even ‘coming close’ to the crown. They threy away any chances when placed Miss Sao Paulo in 4th place.

      • Alex: Your comment is perfect. I agree 1000%.

  18. Mexicans, venezuelans, australians, americans and chineses loved the result!

    As ever, the people who is invited to the panel of jury in Miss Brazil beauty contest knows nothing about women or MU pageants. Miss Brazil will get a spot in Top 15 only for mercy of the MU panel with the host country.

    • Catherine Cates says:

      Dear Alex:

      You shouldn’t generalize your comments….I’m an American and was hoping to see Sao Paulo win…I do think Priscilla is attractive; albeit, not as fresh/fierce as Sao Paulo.

      Good luck to Brazil.

      • Well, anyway, as you said she is ‘not as fresh/fierce as Sao Paulo’ (Actually, the lesser of evils, I think she’s better than Bahia or Acre) and this is the point. You need the fresh one and fierce one to win something big as MU. Those judges are people from fashion world, model looks are not miss looks (Priscilla is a professional model), they know nothing about MU and its needs.

        And generally, I think americans loved the result, cause Allysa Campanella is far better than Priscilla and this year US has, finally, a true chance to keep the crown after 14 years.

        Brazil, the host nation, will not be a challenge. Its only chance was Miss Sao Paulo.

  19. I loved new miss brazil , CONGRATUÇLATIONS

  20. Ivan(BH-Brasil) says:

    Very unfortunate choice. Bahia and Acre waaaay more beautiful. Good luck to her, anyway, although I don´t think she´s top 15 material. Too artificial, too many plastic surgeries done, there´s nothing natural about her. Sorry, Brazil, once again you´ve made a poor choice. At least you´ve made so many countries happy, such as the USA, China, Venezuela, Kosovo….

    • Agreed, but the only chance for Brazil in MU was 3 runner-up Miss Sao Paulo. Now, it is over, waiting for 2012.

      The panel of jury konws about models and modelling but nothing about misses. As common in Brasil since 80’s.


    • Miss Universe will be MISS PANAMA, Sheldry Saez.

      • Miss USA is more gorgeous and charming than Miss Peru therefore Alyssa Campanella is the most deserving to win the crown.

      • will be sad if panama is miss universe
        she is blaa

  22. OMG! I AM SHOCKED with the winner. I heard that she appeared naked in some photos in the internet? Anyway, good luck to her…

    By the way, what happened to Miss Global Beauties Brazil Universe, Miss Sao Paolo. She didnt make it in the top 2. OMG! She’s perfect for Miss Universe and can do a Denise Quinones finish in Miss Universe 2011. Anyway, I wished she could join Miss Brazil World or Miss Earth Brazil in the future.

    • She was 3rd runner-up and Brazil threw away one more time the chance to fight for the crown in MU.

  23. Miss Bahia reminded in a way of Zuleyka Rivera.

  24. Congratulations Priscila!! Brazil made a very good choice! She have the international beauty style! Strong and faithful,she have been trying this title for 3 years ago!! It’s a history very near to Alyssa Campanella!

    • Her story may be similar to Alyssa Campanella´s one, but Alyssa is beautiful, charming,elegant and the brazilian is not beautiful, nor charming, nor elegant. Go Alyssa!!!!!!!!!

  25. Adele Santos says:

    I am glad she has been chosen as Miss Brazil; actually, her and Miss Bahia were wonderful choices. I truly hope that we will be in the top 5 this year. Go for it, Priscilla!!!

  26. Henrick Maia says:


    Brazil losts one more chance to be a MU…

    Ceara, Amazonas, Bahia, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Distrito Federal, all of them are superior them Rio Grande do Sul.


  27. Big NO! Bahia was the best

  28. BAHIA THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I am so happy that she won. I posted a comment days ago asking why no one much supported her. She was truly the most lovely in the competition. I have supported her from the beginning and when people said she did not belong here it is unfortunate.


    • That is so true! Bahia has the long legs that do well in Miss Universe Swimsuit competition! Priscilla has a beautiful face but her legs are kinda short and turned off. BAHIA, who’s beauty is full package! Figure and face! She could be a great host delegate! Oh well, one thing is assured… she will do great in Miss International

    • taddercountryman says:


      • taddercountryman says:

        Bueno, pues y aquí que pasò?, por que no ganó Bahia?, la diferencia entre una y otra es abismal.

        Creo que este año Brasil se unirà a los países sede que no han clasificado de los que recuerdo en este instante Australia 79, Panamà 86, Taiwan 88, y màs recientemente Bahamas 2009 y USA 2010.

        Quien sabe y la muchacha quizás es muy bella en persona y nada fotogénica. Ojo, no digo que la muchacha sea fea, porque no lo es, es bella, pero menos bella que Bahia, esta ùltima es del tipo de MIsses a los que Brasil no tiene o mejor dicho, nos tenía acostumbrados mas frecuentemente y que desde el 81 se ha hecho algo esporádico.

        Tomando en consideración que normalmente el país sede clasifica, lo que como ya dije, no es siempre dicho sea de paso, y tomando en consideración que este año como que no va a haber ninguna Miss fea, es decir, que la competencia va a estar muy muy dura, al punto tal que creo que la de mis país (Venezuela) otra vez va a aquedar por fuera, yo me habría ido por la apuesta segura y era Miss Bahia, quien sabea a los mejor, como dije, la chica en persona es un espectáculo, veremos, saludos desde Venezuela.

    • I don’t find Bahia that facially beautiful though and think the winner is more beautiful.

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