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Lourenz Grace Remetillo (23) was crowned the very first Miss Supranational Philippines, and will represent her country at the 2011 Miss Supranational finals to be held in Plock, Poland, on August 27th. Ms. Remetillo stands 1.74 m tall and will be the Philippines’ first representative at the Miss Supranational contest which expects around 90 beauties this year.

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    Sunday, August 14, 2011- THIS WAS PUBLISHED ON THE NEWSPAPER

    SUN.STAR writer Cherry Claire Petiluna introduces us to another beauty queen who’s set to make herself into the best that she can be.

    She was just another freelance model. Now, she has a beauty queen title.

    Christened Lourenz Grace Remetillo, she later got a nickname as her friends eventually started calling her “Chix”, a slang word for an attractive lady. As many would probably agree, it is but suitable for her to be named that way, with her good looks and sure poise. If there is any doubt to that, anyone can always look at her 5’8’’ height, slim figure, fair skin and exquisite beauty to see the meaning.

    Chix started out a beautiful story in Lanao del Norte some 23 years ago. Now, her age has already been spilled out. She lived the most part of her life in Iligan City where she nurtured humble hopes of becoming “someone” in the future. Then, she longed to come to Cebu to find out more of the kind of life that she has always been very interested in. Some might say these are just glamorous ambitions, but to her, modeling
    and getting a beauty title has always been her most fervent dream.

    “I wanted to be a lawyer” was her somewhat puzzling confession, albeit she finished a course in Desktop Publishing in Iligan Computer Institute. It almost made no sense but according to her, it was by her brother’s urging that she took up the course. As fate would have it, unfortunately, she did not make it to Mindanao State University which would have been her gateway to law studies. Nevertheless, she seems to have never been regretful for being the obedient sibling, so long as she was allowed to keep her special fondness of making herself beautiful.

    She was on her own when she first arrived in Cebu, making her more or less a complete stranger to the city, until she met the right people who became her friends, more than just her aids, in reaching for her goals. She came to know Kenneth Villaceran, who brought her into his group called Vamp Models Cebu. And she has proven herself to possess the aptitude to conquer hearts wherever she sets her feet on, thanks to both her outer and moer importantly, inner beauty.

    It must have also been fate that had long decided for her that she become a beauty title holder. Even during her student days, it was obvious that she already had the potential to be one. At the age of 15, she moved from simple modeling, for her aunt’s shops, to small fashion shows, progressing to joining some beauty pageants. Sounds like a really long trip of preparation for the bigger things, yet Chix enjoyed every minute of it.

    While a lot of people can go by so many names as they mingle with different groups, Chix has supposedly kept two for herself. That was the case until just recently when she acquired yet another remarkable one. It was on July 25 at Midas Hotel in Manila that she was crowned as Miss Supranational Philippines. Since then, she and a lot of people surrounding her had to get used to that new name that she could call herself by. Who knows, yet another beauty title might just be on its way.

    It may sound like it was smooth going, but the journey she took was in no way easy. It was not anything like an instant reward she got overnight without any sacrifices, not to mention the tension she experienced.

    “I thought (it was) a modeling audition,” she amusingly recounted how she got into the pageant. Obviously, she had no idea to start with but for some reason (a combination of gut and luck perhaps?), she managed to get through the regional round. Without anyone to help her out there, she flew quite behind schedule to Manila for the finishing round. To add more strain, unlike everyone else who may have been there for weeks, she arrived on the very day of the pageant only to find out her candidacy had been canceled.

    Well, the organizers must have not expected her to make it and so happened the unfortunate decision. But unfortunate it was really not, for some angels must have whispered in the organizers’ ears so that Chix’s spot had been revived when she showed up.

    Anyone waiting to hear a happily-ever-after finale should not be too disappointed if it is not yet coming out, because in reality, her story is just about to unfold with yet another wonderful chapter. While writing this account, Chix should be on her way to Poland to represent the country for the third year of this not-so-known international pageant, Miss Supranational 2011.

    “All the pressure was worth it” was her relieved sentiment about her winning. Without a doubt, she went through a pretty tough ride, though she proudly held her head high.

    How did she do it? “I was thinking of Him, my family and other people who helped me” was her thoughtful reply while adding “through prayers everything could be achieved.”

    Very well said, was it not?

    All by herself with just her strong determination, she will bravely compete in a foreign land. Anything else she would take with her other than her luggage and visa?

    “I only bring with me my hope, my rosary and my pride for the Philippines,” was both her response and final words. Having said that, whether she wins the international title or not, people can say Chix has already become the best beauty queen that she could ever be.


    From a beehive , a giant bee comes and brings forth the sweet taste of delicious honey. That’s a saying that can be attributed to MISS SUPRANATIONAL.
    After flourishing magnificent finales which lead it to the list of five Grand Slam pageants, a fresh sweet honey has emerged: The Miss Supranational Philippines Pageant.

    The debut took place on the 24 July 2011 at the Grandest Hotel Midas( formerly HYATT) in Philippines with appearances of Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Emerie Cunanan who was the emcee at the event.

    After an extensive entertaining evening, Lourenz Grace Remetillo emerged as the winner and hence earned the title Miss Supranational Philippines 2011. She will be representing her country at the MISS SUPRANATIONAL World Finale on 26 August in Poland. She also achieved the award of Best in Swimsuit.

    Manila, Philippines sincerely congratulates the winner and the National Director Poh Chuan Wong from Singapore under Beyond Organisation who always visit Philippines for this event & his entire team the CTI Events World Asia Management who made the affair an enormous success & hopes other countries see this as a stepping stone & emulates in this act.

  3. Ruffa Escalante says:

    Agree! let us support Miss Supranational Philippines!!!!!

  4. Julian Pangilinan says:

    That’s a good point. I am an AVID fan of Miss Supranational. I was surprised when I heard that it is already here in the Philippines. According to my friend the organizers had only 2- 3 months preparation from the SCREENING all- over the Philippines up to the Coronation Night at Midas Hotel formerly HYATT.

    The good thing about it. They tried their best to come up with Miss Supranational Philippines in a short period of time and they had also Regional Finals in Davao City. I know its not easy to organize a National Pageant I was once working in an International Pageant before in London.Its easy to criticized but hey LOOK who is TALKING ? You are PINAY or PINOY wag kang bastos. Wala kang ginawa kundi Mangutya kahit PISO wala kang naitulong sa candidate NATIN!!!!!!! At hindi ka nagpuyat gabi gabi pra makapadala lang ng candidate sa Poland for the World FINALS!

    I salute all the organizers of Miss Supranational Philippines to promote our country to EUROPE especially the sponsors who supported their EVENT.

    To Lourenz Remetillio the first Miss Supranational Philippines . We will support you 101% in prayers and VOTING.Please email me at julianpangilinan@yahoo.com.ph if you need some help in clothes or monetary help.

    Let us all support our candidate who has a resemblance with the former Miss Universe 1997 BROOK LEE. She is our KABAYAN! I am so PROUD of her!

  5. cum_with_me says:

    The Bb. Pilipinas Pageant which sends its delegates to Ms. Universe and Ms. International should have just bought the franchise of Supranational and gave the crown to Isabella Manjon who won Ms. Philippines-Tourism at Bb. Pilipinas earlier this year. Since they lost the Ms. World franchise, Supranational could’ve been a welcome replacement.

  6. The winners are holding some cheap paper bags which tells you how ‘grand’ this pageant is. I thought I was looking at a photo of some Miss so and so University, not even Mutya ng Cagayan de Oro lets their winners carry a paper bag after coronation!

    • Julian Pangilinan says:

      You are also cheap! Its our FELLOW KABAYAN. Tingnan mo nalang pag sumakat sya sa ABROAD. Ilalagay ka hya sa CHEAP NA paper BAG at ipapasalvage ka sa MUNTINLUPA. Hahaha!

  7. goodluck to her. hope she’ll win,

  8. She has a major major chance to win Miss Supranational.

    • Julian Pangilinan says:

      AGREE!!!!! She has a Nice BODY and very gorgeous!

  9. in fact i think the bb. pilipinas didn’t care about this pageant and an advantages for those Filipinos who want to bacome a franchiser

    • Ruffa Escalante says:

      Yes RIGHT! Thanks to all the organizers of Miss Supranational Philippines! Because of you our COUNTRY will be promoted in EUROPE. Department of Tourism Saan na kayo ???? wala kaying ginawa kondi mangurakot . Maliit na support sa PAGEANT di nyo magawa kakahiya kayo ~

  10. complain……complaint,,,,so many why,,,,,,,she is beautiful,,,she is chosen by the judges..it means that she deserved,,,support her not downgrade your kababayan…

  11. Why they didnt just pick among the semi finalist in the Bb. Pilipinas 2011! There were many deserving beautiful semi finalist in the Bb. Pilipinas 2011 that were only wasted.

  12. look-alike Miss Universe 1997 Brook Lee

  13. Hmm. im from the Philippines and I’ve never heard of this pageant nor was it televised at all. You can see how grand a pageant is here depending on the hype so like Ms. World, this is kinda unheard of still but let’s wait and see. Ms. World Philippines will be later this year and we’ll see how it goes but overall Bb. Pilipinas still reigns supreme as the winner goes to Ms. Universe which is by far the most important pageant in our country :P

    • OPMB WORLDWIDE says:

      Yes because its a new Pageant in the Philippines . Later on it will become popular. Relax and See a Movie : )

  14. yanina chanel says:


  15. Wow, I see many countries are holding separate pageants for reps to even pageants like Miss Supranational. This is more the reason why Miss Universe should expand its number of semi-finalists. The days are gone where a titleholder’s participation at Miss Universe was just a perk that came along with the crown, not a raison-d’etre.

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