Panama could host Miss Universe 2013

Donald Trump Jr., Panama President Ricardo Martinelli, Miss Universe 2002 Justine Pasek, Donald Trump, and Miss Panama 2011 Sheldry Saez

On July 6th a press conference took place for the inauguration of the colossal Trump Ocean Club, located in Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama. Millionaire Donald Trump, owner of the building and also of the Miss Universe Organization, flew to Panama to attend the opening of this new structure.

During the event, Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli announced that Panama will host the Miss Universe pageant in 2013, the same year that the Panama City subway system will be inaugurated.

It is the third time that Panama City hosts Miss Universe. Previous editions were held in the country in 1986 and 2003.

Among special guests at the event were Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Justine Pasek-Joelson (Miss Universe 2002). Photos Courtesy Panama Presidency Press Department

35 thoughts on “Panama could host Miss Universe 2013

  1. I hope that Mr. Trump will allow the Philippines to
    Host the Miss Universe 2014 and it will be held in the new build PHILIPPINE ARENA with 55,000 seating capacity. Their photoshoot could be in boracay for summer wear, for national costume maybe in palawan.

  2. Yeah! Philippines ing 2014! The great great White Beach Boracay is perfect in taking up pictures of the delegates! And the pageant night must be in Araneta. :)

  3. Panama is a GREAT host country! I can’t wait to watch. For those of you that don’t know, Panama is what’s happening right now, and will be for years to come. The infrastructure is abundant, the people are beautiful and charming and the economy is on the rise. Panama has so much to offer. And just b/c the host country will be Panama will NOT be the only reason that Miss Panama will be in the top 10 or 15 (in response to a previous comment). Miss Panama will be in the top 10 or 15 b/c she earns it. Don’t be should take a trip sometime and you can see for yourself what I speak of. Also, Miss Universe 2012 will be in the Philippines, at least according to some websites. I could be wrong…Go PANAMA!

  4. Oswald Rangi says:

    We can try to look for African countries like Tanzania to Host the MU in future .Will be also a good thing to promote the Tourism and natural resources.

  5. So we have to acept that Miss Panamá will make the cut in the top 16 or 15, or Miss Universe 2011, because of Mr.Trump business. Business are business, not really democratic beauty peageants.

  6. pageantcritic07 says:

    Philippines should bid to host Miss Universe 2014, for the 3rd time. 20 years interval!!!

  7. Are we skipping 2012?

    • Yeah I was wondering that as well….any mention of where for 2012….or is the world ending that year….the reaon for the skip?

  8. im indonesian and i know that MUO keep offering indonesia to host MU, but i dont know when, and its still not clear because, ah you know… the moslem’s values here…cant accept the bikini show…

    • really? since when?

  9. Great, there will be some new atractions as the BIOMUSEO, the SUBWAY, new hotels at the beaches. Were are going to be celebrating the 500 year of the South Sea Discovery, among others..!

  10. cyberpeople says:

    I don’t agree that Panama will host in 2013 but whatever. my panama do not need this pageant to survive and it’s only trump and martinelly business….meanwhile they forget poor children, homelesses people, etc and that’s very bad from the government

  11. Wow….Panama is amazing….It’s a great choice Mr. Trump….i believe that for Miss Universe 2012 they should go to an european Spain, Italy, Greece..even France…but they should make one Miss Universe in europe…the last was in Cyprus in 2000!

    • If you are updated in current affairs, none of the above countries you suggested will host Miss Universe in the near future, as it is just not profitable, plus these countries are mostly in financial crisis (France to a lesser degree), and to get private sponsors and government support is not easy.

    • Western Europe as well is not ideal for North/South America live television broadcast for the ratings due to the fact that it would be 2/3am in the morning if the broadcast was to be primetime in the US. Though Greece did hold the contest in 1973.

  12. They must follow what is written! Philippines for 2014!

  13. gwapamantakun says:

    Philippines must be serious in its bid to host Miss Universe 2014 to follow the 20 year time period for Miss Universe and Iloilo is seriously bidding to be the host and venue of the momentous event just to be different and also ideal place to held since Iloilo is posing itself as the next big thing in 10 years time!

  14. Panama certainly host great Miss Universe Pageants. My first ever television experience for Miss Universe was in 1986 and quickly fell in love. However, 2003’s pageant, as lovely as it is, wasn’t my favourite because they stop showing scoring. And then both time they crowned in Latino winner. So I am hoping history won’t keep repeating itself, as even Mexico City and both times Puerto Rico hosted in the early 2000s they crowned a non-Latino the second time. We’ll see.

  15. cum_with_me says:

    Yes, just right for Philippines to host the 2014 Pageant to sort of follow the 20-year tenure since the Philippines hosted the pageant in 1974 and 1994. Maybe a city outside the capital could play host – like Cebu, Davao, or Puerto Princesa. I heard ABS-CBN, the largest network in the Philippines, is bidding.

  16. louise Daniel says:

    philippines should host in 2014 :)

  17. Im sick of these south american countries hosting. Why not go to Australia, New Zealand or another country thats not in south America. Im a bit sick of it really.

    • Because those countries you mention don’t want to host it. And when you have third-world countries like Panama, Venezuela, etc. who kill for pageants, thats when they have found their niche…

      • Hey Tony, Venezuelan organizations or goverment haven’t interested on produce Miss Universe in the country, in fact, neither Miss Universe nor Miss World haven´t been done in Venezuela never, just cuz it hasn’t been interesting for catch tourism, perhaps u say that cuz Venezuela has the biggest number of international winners..

    • By the way, Panama is not in south America.

    • I think Andrew must learn Geography. Panama is not in “South America” but in Central America. Just one time MU was hosted in South America before, Ecuador 2004, where Jennifer Hawkins as crowning. (You are talking about australia? I think Jenn loves Ecuador forever.)

      The host countries in latin world are from Caribe or Central America not South America (perhaps, with your lack of culture,they are the same thing, all ‘latinos and ‘chicanos’.)

      This edition is the second in SA ever. Brazil is in South America but have never hosted MU before. Donald Trump wanted this thing there because Brazil is ‘THE TALK OF THE WORLD’ nowadays. Brazilians don’t give a damn to beauty pageants since 80’s. Brazilian national export product – along with football players – are fashion top models, the best of the world.

      By the way, I’m sick of arrogant average americans who knows nothing about Geography.

      • Actually, AlexRio, Lima, Peru hosted the 1982 Miss Universe Pageant. If you’re going to admonish someone for factual errors, it would be advantageous to have all your information correct. It would help for your grammar to be correct as well.

        An American Geographer

        • First – I think that a factual error on “miss Universe locations around the world” , a very superficial issue, is irrelevant. An error about Geography, and from someone blaming latin countries, is a huge one. 1982? Long time ago, hum? Do you remember that?

          Two – For someone who’s not american, I think my grammar is great.


    • Perth Australia hosted MU back in 1979.New Zealand was offered to host MU in 1984 after Lorraine Downes win back in 1983, but the then National Government could not afford it.They didn’t think of the potential spin off for tourism and trade. They should look at a return downunder with both countries co hosting, one the final night, the other the prelimeries and events leading up to the big night.

  18. entonces este año (2011) clasifica miss panama a las semifinales aunqie no sea tan bella he imponente……

  19. i hope than the miss universe 2012 will be in venezuela

    • Sorry, that will never happen. China or Venezuela will never host Miss Universe. Ask Mr. Trump.

  20. I wish Miss Universe 2012 will take place in Eastern hemisphere. European or African country will be great!

    • Wishing is not enough.You can’t just pick a world map and start wishing the pageant to be traveling around the globe.
      PAGEANT world is a CULTURE in the Americas and Caribbean. And some Asian countries.That means RATINGS and profit. Panama invests BIG money each time it hosted the pageant. By the way, for those of you saying she’s not that pretty, OUR MISS PANAMA is stunning.SEE FOR yourself.

  21. It is great to see Justine. Charming as always.

  22. great..Panama have been showing wonderfull MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANTS

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