Latest Information about Miss Universe 2011 Tickets

Only the top section (Plateia Superior) is available. Pista, Camarote and Poltronas are not for sale.

Tickets for Miss Universe 2011 are available as part of a package. Notice that these tickets are only for seats in the Balcony (top floor) of the Credicard Hall. Main floor seats are not for sale.

Main Balcony (Plateia Superior): R$488 (USD 315.00) includes:

– Transfer In/Out – Airport/Hotel/Airport

– Transfer Hotel /Credicard Hall / Hotel (September 12th – Show will take place from 10pm to 12am)

-Bilingual Reception

-This Package also includes tickets to the following events:

September 8: Presentation Show, 8 pm
September 12: Dress Rehearsal, 2 pm

Buying limits:
-Individual person: 4 packages
-Businesses: No limit

Payment can be done by credit card: Mastercard, Visa or American Express.

CVC Eventos

Hurry as the amount of tickets for sale is very limited. Email for tickets now.

*Important: Please note that the value of R$488 (USD 315) is general. Whether you just go to one event or the three, or use the courtesy transportation or not, you will still pay that amount of money as tickets are available ONLY THROUGH this package.


Entradas para Miss Universo 2011 están disponibles como parte de un paquete. Estos boletos sólo són para asientos en la platea superior (balcón) del Credicard Hall. Boletos en los pisos de abajo no están disponibles para la venta.

Platea Superior: Valor de R$488 (315 dólares americanos) incluye:
-Transporte de ida y vuelta del aeropuerto, a su hotel, al aeropuerto
-Transporte de su hotel al Credicard Hall la noche del 12 de Septiembre. El show está pautado para las 10 pm
-Recepción Bilingue, servicio de traducción

Este paquete también incluye las entradas para el Show Preliminar (8 de Septiembre) y Ensayo General (12 de Septiembre en la tarde)

Personas físicas tienen un límite de 4 boletos en su compra. Empresas no tienen límite.

El pago se puede efectuar por tarjeta de crédito: Mastercard, Visa, o American Express.

CVC Eventos

Apresúrese ya que la cantidad de entradas disponibles es limitada. Envíe un correo electrónico a para sus entradas ahora. Su solicitud sera respondida en el orden en que es recibida.

Importante: El precio de R$488 (315 USD) es GENERAL. En otras palabras, aunque usted vaya a uno solo de los tres eventos, o use o no el transporte de cortesia, debe pagar el mismo valor, ya que las entradas estan disponibles SOLAMENTE por medio de este paquete.

31 thoughts on “Latest Information about Miss Universe 2011 Tickets

  1. m.u. org. is in time to change or move the city. would be much better in the u.s.a. or Mexico. places so capables for making a better job than brazil.

    • I don’t think we’ll see MU in Mexico ever again after all the instances of poor sportsmanship (booing, catcalls) the last time it was held there.

  2. This is the worst organization of MU. I’ve been at a lot of finals for MU in different countries but this is a total mess. This Brazilians seem not to know anything about organazing this type of International events. I’ll wait until next year to go hoping that a more organized people, next year at a different country, know what they are doing like when is done in the USA.

  3. I have a feeling that Half of the favorite will not make the cut.

  4. This seems like a big fiasco to me….
    There are about 12 of us planning to go but who the hell wants to teavel all the way from the USA to sit in the nose bleed sections…
    Perhaps locals and those countries closest to Brazil will make the trip…
    Huge dissapointment…. I personally know of few contestants family members that have only been given a very limited amount of seats… While the production last year was lackluster they should have kept here where the public and followes are always in the forefront..

  5. Although Sao Paulo is the largest economic center of the country, the location of this contest will not be in better or more space available in town. They should have known better or changed the location to another state. Will be held in a very restricted space for the event with international promotion. They will pay and be unhappy. Who is a foreigner and want to cheer for their candidate is far better and worthwhile to watch on TV because they get bored and then no use complaining. Here in Brazil is all improvisation, unfortunately … with wonderful places in other states and paradisiacal landscapes on the coast and the Amazon will do in our concrete jungle, with a lot of pollution …a de pedra…

  6. Last year, I was able to buy (2) tickets to last year’s Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas. We sat on the main floor, about twenty-five rows from the stage. Last year’s Miss Universe pageant was done in a more democratic fashion in terms of the seating arrangement. All this talk about elitism and favoritism towards the seating arrangmemnt in Sao Paulo, brings back memories of the way Brazil used to be ruled, by a military junta.

    Let the fans sit wherever they want to sit. The fans make Miss Universe exciting.
    Power to the fans around the world of the Miss Universe pageant !!

    • What I can say is: all this talk about ‘elitism and favoristims’ is bullshit, it doesn’t exist. You are being influenced in your opinion for people who have no idea what to say, just that.

      The question is: this is the first edition of this international event in Brazil, so the interest on it is way bigger than in “Las Vegas”.

      Second, the venue is not all that large and many changes were made, further reducing the area of seats.

      The number of guests, autorities, relatives and national directors are the same ever, but with the modifications there are less places inside the venue, so, obviously there are fewer tickets to sale or you could not accommodate all these people. The majority in main seats, in fact, are of foreign delegates from National Organizations and relatives of participants.

  7. I got my tickets confirmation, CVC EVENTS responded via e-mail very fast to me, I am ready for Sao Paulo and Miss Universe 2011!!!!!!!!

  8. All I can tell you is that it is not worth come to Brazil and watch the event in Sao Paulo. All the best seats are reserved for sponsors and the “happy few”, the privileged people who will not pay for the best places whereas the ones who pay will get the worst seats. They are selling only the worst places, far away from the stage. From the balcony (top floor) it is not possible at all to see what is happening on the stage. I live in Sao Paulo and I wanted to go to CredicardHall to watch the contestant, but, after kept in touch with the agency responsible for the selling of tickets, I decided that the best alternative is staying at home, for a better view of the event. I do not recommend to anyone to come to Sao Paulo, a very expensive city, only for the event. I wish I know if it happens the same, this reservation of the vast majority of the best seats, when the pageant has place in other countries.

  9. Any woman who elects to be less ugly Miss Brazil qa q is horrible and unfriendly leaving most of the Brazilian people disappointed and angry at the injustice done to the candidates who were not beautiful in TOP5 .. Is that both Priscilla Machado was quickly booed and left the stage ….

  10. Well, they seem to have made a royal mess of things. I hope that in a few years, Miss World will go to Brazil, to a better location there – Rio de Janeiro or one of the beach towns, and hold the contest in December when the weather is nice, and invite all us fans to watch it….

  11. rafaella marellise says:

    miss universe in Brazil
    BRAZIL- Priscila Machado
    PANAMA- Sheldry Saez
    MEXICO- Karin Ontiveros
    SPAIN- Paula Sempere
    KOSOVO- Aferdita Dreshaj
    ALBANIA- Xhesika Berberi
    ARGENTINA- Natalia Rodriguez
    RUSSIA- Natalia Gantimurova
    AUSTRALIA- Scherri Lee Biggs
    PUERTO RICO- Viviana Ortiz
    ANGOLA- Leila Lopes
    PERU- Natalia Vertiz Gonzales
    USA- Alyssa Campanella
    BAHAMAS- Anastagia Pierre
    GREECE- Iliana Papageorgiou
    TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO- Gabrielle Wallcott

    • @ Rafaella — this year the competition is tough. I will bet at least a third of the contestants in your list proabably won’t make it + as usual the ocassional surprises….Don’t believe Spain, Russia nor Bahamas will make it. They are strong candidates and looking at others gaining great momentum — CHINA, VENEZUELA, UKRAINE, NICARAGUA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC… As we near the begining everything changes as it had in previous years

  12. I hope the next edition of Miss Universe in Brazil – maybe in a few years – could be in the proper city and in the proper venue.

    Riocentro in Rio de Janeiro, one of the largest venues in Brazil to host an event like this one, with 15.000 seats, (could be 30.000 if they want expand it, the venue has this capacity) 12.000 tickets sold to general public and located in the most beautiful city in the world.

    Riocentro is larger than Madison Square Garden and Rio is the most famous city of Brasil worldwide, not Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo was chosen because is the HQ of Rede Bandeirantes, I think.

    But even in Sao Paulo, they could have selected ‘Ibirapuera Pavillion’ to run the show, it is larger than Credicard Hall and is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Sao Paulo.

    • Alex, the problem is that in Sao Paulo all these venues are booked way in advance. From reports, the MUO wanted the Anhembi Park Pavilhao de Exposicoes, but it was booked solid for September.

    • I agree with AlexRio,, it should have been done in Rio at Riocentro in the first place. Rio is a beautiful city where most of the tourists go to.
      But I fear that the MUO will not want Brasil to host again because of what the Brasilians have organized or shall I say “Disorganized.” in this year”s pageant.

      • I don’t see any ‘disogarnization’ at all, Nelson, all venues where Miss Universe is hosted around the globe has its main seats reserved to guests and families.

  13. People, CVC eventos is answering the emails in a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. You will get your answer.

  14. The available seats are terrible and not worth the price being charged by the Miss Universe. Practically you can not see anything if the organization does not put telões.Os best seats are reserved for the elite venues, sponsors and their guests and friends of the Trump investors in Brazil. Do not buy “a pig in a poke” as we say here in Brazil.


  16. The package value is R $ 488.00 (USD 315.00) without the tickets, of course!! This value here in Brazil can be paid at 5 times the credit card. The Brazilians who have purchased access the e-mail above and resolved quickly. There are two people who want to get in touch by phone (11) 2123-2126: Gustavo Élcio and people who are super cool and will give further information for anyone interested in coming to MU here in Sao Paulo.

  17. I have emailed them as well, and I havent heard from them either…

  18. Seriously!? $315.00 USD for Air, Room and Board and tickets to the presentation show and finale`? I know they are bluffing? Someone tell me something please, anyone from Global Beauties know whats going on?

    • Paris, the USD315 package only includes tickets and transfer. Does not include airfare nor hotel.

  19. The Brasilian organizers of the Miss Universe pageant have made a FIASCO !!!!!!
    It seems like Brasil is NOT prepared to host a grand event like MU based on :

    1.Their selection of a small hall which can only accomodate a few thousands.

    2.Credicard Hall location is no way near the tourist center city.

    3.The selected such a late date for the pageant, September ??? ( The latest the pageant is usualy held from May -July. )

    4.Tickets went on sale only a month before the pageant , and only “cheap” balcony seats were available at a very high price.

    5.People have emailed the Brasilian organizers several times about tickets and they do NOT respond.

    6.The local Brasilian elite ( probably all white ) are basically given the best seats on the main floor for FREE.

    I just heard on TV that that people are saying that Brasil is NOT ready to host the 2014 World Cup .Well, I hope those organizers are not like the Pageant organizers

    Brasil needs to get their “Act together”.
    The WORLD is watching Brasil.

    People will think negatively about Brasil , if the Pageant is organized as this Mess is, and may decide to NOT have them as hosts for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics

    • The brazilians are always pessimist and feel less capable than others, it is sick

      1- 7.000 is enough IMO, even if there were the double or triple, it wouldn’t have seats for all

      2- Credicard is located in a developing region, and mainly near to Tv Bandeirantes and Hilton – if people stay in the hotels in marginal pinheiros the center won’t be that far, here is a big city so if were in another place it’d stay far of others …

      4- Yes, the way that the organization have treated the tickets issue wasnt the best, but at least the price to foreigners is quite good

      5- Unnecessary comment about ethnicity, we all know that our elite is mostly white, as well the são paulo population is mostly white too , and tickets free happend in almost all events, dont se the point of argue

      Sorry but MU won’t be parameter to world cup and OG, MU is much less more important and for this reason i think we will do great at this organization, cause são paulo has small international events all the time

      • Meanwhile, the Credicard Hall will have 3.500 seats for the show. The 7.000 capacity is when the ‘pista’ is empty therefore everybody is standing on foot (for concerts)

    • I think this MU version will be far better than the last one in Las Vegas.

  20. I have emailed them a few times but I still haven’t heard any thing!

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