Miss Polski 2011

Angelika Ogryzek (19), from Szczecin, was crowned Miss Polksi 2011 during the annual ceremony held at the Plock Amphitheatre on August 27th.  Angelika standing 176 cm tall, will represent Poland at the 61st Miss World pageant to be held in London, England, in November.

Ist Wicemiss Polski 2011 – Amanda WARECKA
2nd Wicemiss Polski 2011 – Marta KOWNIEROWICZ
3rd Wicemiss Polski 2011 –Justyna KARŁOWSKA
4th Wicemiss Polski 2011 – Ewelina RADGOWSKA

2 thoughts on “Miss Polski 2011

  1. Miss Poland represents Poland on Miss World. In previous time it was Miss Polonia. Now Miss Polonia goes to Miss Universe :)

  2. why is not Miss Poland to send to Miss World like in the past?

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