Natalie Morales and Andy Cohen to host Miss Universe 2011


New York, NY – August 2, 2011 – Donald J. Trump and Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, announced today that Natalie Morales, news anchor and co-host on NBC’s “Today” and Andy Cohen, host of Bravo’s “Watch What Happens: Live” will host the 2011 MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant live from Credicard Hall in São Paulo, Brazil on September 12, 9-11 p.m. ET on NBC. A live Spanish simulcast will air on Telemundo.

“We are happy to welcome Andy and Natalie to the Miss Universe stage where they are sure to turn up the heat in São Paulo,” said Shugart. “This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant and what better place to showcase beautiful women from around the world than in Brazil, a country that is as charming and beautiful as its people.”

Natalie Morales was recently named news anchor for NBC’s “Today.” She also serves as co-host of Third Hour, a position she has held since 2006 when she joined the NBC News team as a national correspondent. Natalie previously hosted the 2010 MISS USA® Pageant and the 2010 MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant.

Andy Cohen is the host and executive producer of “Watch What Happens: Live,” Bravo’s late night, interactive talk show that features guests from some of Bravo’s most popular series, as well as from the world of entertainment, politics and pop culture.

He is also the executive vice president of original programming and development for Bravo where he oversees the development and production of more than two dozen shows such as “Top Chef,” “The Real Housewives” franchises and “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”

The 2011 MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant kicks off a series of worldwide events hosted by Brazil. In addition to this global beauty event, Brazil is host to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. With the city of São Paulo at center stage, the pageant will take place at Credicard Hall, a prominent music theater for the city.

The two-hour television event, comprised of contestants representing approximately 90 countries around the world, will compete in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview. In past years, worldwide distribution of the competition has topped nearly 190 countries and territories.

Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete of Mexico will crown her successor at the conclusion of the telecast. During her reign, Navarrete traveled the world as an advocate for HIV/AIDS education, research and legislation. Named GQ Mexico’s “Woman of the Year”, she also continued her work as a model appearing in ads for L’Oreal Mexico and was featured on the cover of numerous international magazines like InStyle Mexico and Ocean Drive Puerto Rico.

46 thoughts on “Natalie Morales and Andy Cohen to host Miss Universe 2011

  1. Uhmm…I want The Great Daisy Fuentes to host the show with Billy Bush or maybe Ryan Seacrest!!!

  2. Yes! Daisy was great. And I like Billy Bush as well!

  3. We need Daisy Fuentes back! She is the best host!

  4. I don’t mind Natalie, but I DO mind Andy Cohen. Not only is he a terrible presenter, he created the Fake Housewives franchises. He’s allowing this vapid, vacuous, self-centered, asinine women to run amok. With Bethenny Frankel as the lone exception, they all give real housewives a bad name. I don’t know who in their right mind would aspire to be like Countess Luann, Teresa Giudice, Danielle/Beverly Merrill, Camille Grammer, Kelly Bensimone, et al. I’m all for trashy reality shows, but the Fake Housewives are too extreme, even by trashy reality show standards. I bet that one of them will be a judge at Miss Universe just like at Miss USA in June.

  5. Can someone resurrect the best HOST ever? BOB BARKER!!!<3

    • I nerver liked this one, he treated the girls as the were retarded.

  6. Faith Thomas says:

    Like the girl, but THIS GUY WAS HORRIBLE IN HOSTING MISS USA, WHY DID HE GET THE CHANCE TO HOST MISS UNIVERSE, if you’re going to have a guy host MISS UNIVERSE, have the current male winner of the CELEBRITY APPRENTICE [JOHN RICH], HOST, this guy [ANDY WHO HIS FACE], wasn’t capable of hosting Miss USA & isn’t capable of HOSTING MISS UNIVERSE, maybe MR. Trump is giving him a second chance because he messed up so HORRIBLY IN HOSTING MISS USA that he feels sorry for the guy but I don’t agree with the hosting duties

    • It is all about ratings.
      While Andy may not be a great host in the past, he will follow the pageant telecast with his own Bravo show (Watch What Happens, Live ) in which he will discuss the aftermath of the Miss Universe pageant in which he will be the first to interview the new Miss Universe as well as talk to some of the judges, who will no doubt be other Bravo TV celebrities.
      Of course, no one has ever topped the best emcee of all, Bob Barker.

  7. Unlike some here, I did love the new format of Miss USA. It was new, hip, trendy, music was finally current, the lights, everything! It was so exciting to watch this pageant.

    The Miss Universe format they had been using, frankly, got stale and not user friendly. With the scores and the 3 cutoffs, everybody knew who would advance in twitter, facebook, smartphones, etc. They needed to redesign it and keep it current for new audiences. So that format was stale and unusable for 2011 standards. I am sorry for those who got used to it, but its not coming back. The same happened in 1998…

  8. i like mario lopez….

  9. MUO should have chosen the very talented and beautiful Venus Raj of Philippines to host Miss Universe 2011.

    • Maria : Not a good idea.
      Venus will make “MANY MANY” mistakes.

      • And then she will argue that, “There are no mistakes in life.” (Because God predetermines everything daw! Wrong wrong.)

  10. Andy Cohen is awful. He always looks lost, is reading cue cards, and let’s face it when he called the current Miss Universe “Eczema Nafartay” I wanted to cry.

    I understand if some people have a hard time pronouncing names and words foreign to their language, but you think that learning the name of the current titleholder is… well… VERY important.

  11. While Andy is a good TV show host, I think he sucks when it comes to hosting big events like a beauty pageant. One, he doesn’t look great enough on stage which defeats the term “beauty pageant.” Everybody on stage must look glamorous. Second, the way he speaks doesn’t sound good enough for events such as this. Third, hasn’t Trump realized how he was horrible during the Miss USA? He mispronounced names, he looked horrible. Oh God.

  12. I sure hope they dont have the same format as Miss USA 2011.. It was awful!!! But, I like the hosts choices.. they will do well.

  13. Bad news. Very bad news!

    Natalie Morales is not all bad, was the host last year, but is only average even in his voice. I think the choice is because she speaks Spanish and maybe Portuguese his mother is Brazilian.

    Andy Cohen is simply horrible. Voice, timing and presence. Emotion zero. He presented Miss USA this year and his greatest achievement was to call Ximena Navarrete of “Xquizíma Naváriti,” a pathetic thing that needed to be corrected on air. Also, the guy knows nothing of the matter. I was hoping that would be the best MU hosts of all time for me, Nancy O’Dell and Billy Bush. Bush, the best of them all(and his unforgetable “the thunder of down under!!” to Jennifer Hawkins) is the one that puts the emotion up there and fire rings at the hearing, with a diction, tone of voice and perfect timing. Sorry, sorry, primarily because Cohen is simply awful. -

  14. Hoàng Trần Trọng says:

    I really love Natalie Morales and Carlos Ponce or Nancy O’Dell and Carlos Ponce to host the Miss Universe pageant. I don’t like Giuliana Rancic at all…!!!

  15. OMG… Andy was the host of Miss USA 2011 and couldn’t even pronounce Ximena’s name… made tons of mistakes….
    I love Natalie Morales === she hosted last year — she is great! What a horror to have Andy there… they need to keep him limited to Bravo!

  16. She’s fine, but the Cohen … If it want to speak Portuguese that is a language very difficult, it will impersonate Joker. Is good is knowing certain expressions of Portuguese to not repeating the nonsense of the Miss USA 2011. Have people better than he did … . Why not one handsome of Brazil??

  17. Me Encantaba cuando Daisy Sanchez Lo Animaba…!! Natalie Lo Hace Bien..!! Oye Y El Bush Por Que No Ha Vuelto A Animar El Mis Universe… Sera Por Que En El 2009 No Supo Leer Los Resultados Y Corono A Quien No Era??

  18. ABRACADABRA says:

    Andy Cohen is gay. But, I think Daisy Fuentes would have been better than these two hosts. It just goes to show how Miss Universe is loosing it’s popularity along with. I’m not really keen on Miss Universe this year. Miss World and Miss Earth look more promising, with Miss World looking to host nearly 120-130 contestants, that’s like 40 contestants more than Miss Universe. And its also Miss World’s 60th Anniversary, in London and it goes on to show how versatile Miss World is getting year after year. At least Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International are crowning winners from different regions and not from the same Latin American region year after year. Miss Universe, its been what 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009 & 2010, all winners including Justine Pasek were from Latin America. Only Lara (2000), Riyo (2007), Jennifer (2004) & Natalie (2005) were from different regions.

    I think I’ve just lost interest in Miss Universe this year unless, they crowned someone like Miss China or Miss India or any African country as Miss Universe again. Donald Trump is simply ruining the show with his slutty choices, 2008, 2009 & 2010 were the worst editions in the history of the pageant.

  19. I like the older format, of the 1990’s where they had Bob Goen and Daisy Fuentes. Or with special commentators: Angela Visser, Ali Landry…who did great jobs – unrehearsed. It was exciting to hear those girls speak up their minds, especially Ali Landry.

    • Anyhow, these two will do a fabulous job. I am just used to the Bob, Daisy, Ali and Angela. We learn a bit more about the delegates through their comments.

    • I have to agree with you on this. Those unrehearsed comments were really nice and they weren’t irritating nor tacky.

  20. I miss Daisy Fuentes and Nancy O’Dell!
    I wish that Andy and Giuliana Rancic will host the pageant.
    at least Andy’s back. I love Natalie, too.
    all she needs is the right partner, last year was the worst I think.

  21. Andy Cohen is horrible. He mispronounced the guests’ names twice during MISS USA 2011 finale, Zuleyka Rivera and Ximena Navarrette. That was ridiculous. However, luv Natalie…..

  22. ANDY COHEN, please since now do your job and repeat with me
    X-I-M-E-N-A N-A-V-A-R-R-E-T-E …
    X-I-M-E-N-A N-A-V-A-R-R-E-T-E

    we hope you don’t repeat same mistake in MISS USA 2011 when mispelling name current MISS UNIVERSE

    • He didn’t misspell it, he mispronounced it as ECZEMA Navarte, hwahahahahaha, eczema is a yukky, smelly & itchy skin disease.

    • jajaja true when ximena give the crown in her final walk i hope than natalie say :ximena please take your final walk jajaja but i prefer than guliana rancic host with andy like the miss usa or daisy fuentes she is great

  23. NO!!!!
    Better bring Daisy Fuentes back!!!

  24. I hope they don’t use the format from Miss USA. It was a dissaster and it really takes away from the excitement.

    • I agree, I did not like the Miss USA format.

    • I agree. The format of Miss USA was a train wreck, although, we got a dynamite Miss USA out of it!

      • Actually, no matter what the format, Miss California was destined to win.

    • I also agree! That format made Miss USA in a way a bit boring to watch. I was very dissapointed. It’s a paegent not a game show! I really hope they just keep the regular format for Miss Universe.

    • I am expecting the same too because I found it atrocious for the Miss USA pageant. That is a format hard to swallow for the rest of the world especially Latin America.

    • Unfortunately, it might be so. Since a new decade is starting, along the years the pageant have had some changes and they have happened then (1990 3 finalists and 2001 back to 5 finalists). Though there were some changes in between, I guess that this year will be “new format” one. Hope it goes for the best !!!

  25. Do you have any idea if they will use the same new format as Miss USA 2011? (I personally hope so.)

  26. Hoàng Trần Trọng says:

    Yes, wonderful choice…!!! I really love Natalie Morales to host the Miss Universe pageant…!!!

  27. I think this combination is wonderful. Natalie Morales did a fantastic job last year- and she has a great international appeal and is multi-ligual. And Andy Cohen did a great job at Miss USA. Great choices!

  28. Hmm..i wasn’t expecting Natalie…but she killed it last year let’s see how it goes…and i heard about Ellen DeGeneres and Jerry Springer but i don’t know…i think they’re going to be amazing hosts….And Commentators???? or judgees???

  29. Good Choices !!!

    Natalie Morales is actually Half Puerto Rican and Half Brasilian.
    She also speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

    Andy Cohen is so Gay, so he compliments the Gay pageant community

  30. WTF! Natalie Morales?? And Giulliana Rancic? :(

    • Giulliana is awful. What about the great Nancy O’Dell?

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