Miss Earth 2011: Miss Taiwan wins Miss Photogenic

The very stunning Cherry Liu, Miss Taiwan (in Miss Earth and other international events is designated ‘Miss Chinese Taipei’, out of political pressure by the People’s Republic of China), won the ‘Miss Photogenic’ award.

She is one of the most beautiful and complete candidates competing in Miss Earth this year, and without a doubt, the strongest Asian delegate.

The question that won’t shut is: is Miss Earth gonna have the guts to let Miss Taiwan be placed over Miss China on Sunday?? We trust it will, but let’s wait and see.

If Cherry wins, it will be history in the making.

Other special awards:

-Best in Gown: Mexico
-Best in Swimsuit: Czech Republic
-Best in Talent: South Africa
-Best National Costume: Japan
-Miss Friendship: Pakistan


50 thoughts on “Miss Earth 2011: Miss Taiwan wins Miss Photogenic

  1. Agnieszka Basurovickatzkaya says:

    TOP 4
    Czech Republic
    Taiwan Rep. of China

  2. Miss Photoshop Award goes to…

  3. This is great because most of the winners in special awards are not the usual winners. This is for a change.

  4. Pedro Chadid says:

    I´m prefer Colombia for: Best in Swimsui

    And the real Best in Gown: Czech Republic

  5. wow, she is pretty. congrats to Taiwan !

  6. Good Luck to her

  7. She’s the best candidate from Taiwan ever!!!

  8. kcee Faustino says:


  9. congrats! very deserving winner!

  10. Very happy for Taiwan’s win, she was a definite standout in the press presentation video.

  11. Miss Bahamas is also very nice classy.

  12. Bryan Peter says:

    czech republic and ukraine will battle it out

  13. out of political pressure ??? Miss Earth is a third world pageant, Chinese wont give a damn on this event. They can call her Miss Taiwan republic of china no one will care for her state in the real China.

  14. Miss Philippines is extremely photogenic. Should have won over this plain Taiwanese girl.

    • Filipino should be more objective, that’s it! Athena is just OK!

    • lady chaka athena says:

      If Miss Philippines won, Miss Earth would lost its credibility! Enough of OVERRATTED ladies in the semifinals! Athena has no INTERNATIONAL APPEAL!

    • Philippines always selects girls that aren’t pretty at all yet they’ve been placing well and think that’s for ratings only.

  15. YEAH
    She’s from my country(Many thanks GB mentions that….)—Taiwan
    加油 劉綺!!

  16. Without makeup on the streets she would hardly be noticeable. I don’t see her special like Ukraine, Mexico, Czech Republic or Norway. My favorite is Ukraine but I think fue winner is among fuese 4 girls.
    Have you noticed how good has Ukraine done it in the past recent years in the world of pageantry?
    Ukraine deserves to win something!

    • I saw her personally in Manila, i think she don’t wear make-up that time, she’s really gorgeous and lively. Miss Mexico, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Norway are very gorgeous too, my problem is who’s very witty and more articulate among them. After all, the beautiful and smart will win.

  17. She is stunning! She deserves to be Top 4 for sure! She is miles and even light years better than Miss China! I hope she does well!!! Good luck!


  19. I still hope for Miss Sweden to win…

  20. RodrigoCHILE says:


  21. lol yes she is good but india is stronger than her!

    • Nobody’s even talking about India

  22. too beautiful good asian candidate

  23. okay here are the other winners:
    Best In Gown: Miss Mexico
    Best in Swimsuit: Miss Czech Republic
    Miss Friendship: Miss Pakistan
    Best in Talent: Miss South Africa
    Best in National Costume: Miss Japan

    • Miss Mexico is very pretty and elegant
      Miss Czech republic is very sexy and alluring
      Miss Pakistan is genuine
      Miss south Africa has a very flexible body and i was shocked on her talent
      Miss Japan has a very nice and captivating costume…. no doubt she wins the national costume, she’s also pretty too.

  24. she’s one of my favorites

  25. she’s one of my bet for Miss Earth 2011

  26. Expect her in the final, she’s very gorgeous personally and very articulate too. if she wins it will be history to remember…and of course, her country will be very proud and ecstatic

  27. she’s stunning, i hope she’ll win.
    goodluck miss taiwan

  28. The first time i saw her, i would know that she’s special

  29. i love her well deserve its time foer asian girls to rise such a beautiful charming girl

  30. She totally deserves it! xD

    • ngek chenes says:

      i agree :-)

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