Former Miss USA arrested for drunk driving

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) – Police arrested former Miss USA and Michigan’s own Rima Fakih for drunk driving in Highland Park. It happened early Saturday morning on Woodward Avenue.

Fakih’s attorney confirmed the incident with Action News. Sources say she blew a .20, which is more than twice Michigan’s legal limit. She spent most of Saturday in jail. On her Twitter and Facebook accounts, Fakih claimed throughout most of the day that she was out of state and that it was a different Fakih.  Those posts have since disappeared.

Fakih’s attorney says Rima was pulled over and had been driving with a friend to another friend’s house.

Fakih is said to be very upset and wants to apologize to her fans.

Before giving up her Miss USA crown back in June, media reported on her as being a “party girl”.

16 thoughts on “Former Miss USA arrested for drunk driving

  1. pageant fan says:

    Second TARA CORNER..!!

    • Well, at least Rima messed up AFTER she was Miss USA.

  2. This is unfortunate. I wonder how many other winners of major pageants, through the years, have had similar problems and just kept things quiet (not be caught)? What a way to end the year that saw the death of Amparo Munoz — the most publicized Miss Universe with drug problems. In the end, they’re all humans.

  3. Divalicious says:

    And this is why many people in other parts of the world think that Miss World is a lot better than Miss Universe because at least the MW titleholders are more well-mannered and well-behaved than their MUO counterpart (Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA) who tend to pull a lot of humiliating stunt and in recent years have become more of a media fixture due to their public scandals; and it has become even worse eversince Donald Trump acquired it. From Alicia Machado to Tara Conner, Carrie Prejean, Dayana Mendoza (and the Guantanamo Bay incident), Oxana Fedorova (being dethroned and all), and now this…. the list of MUO “sins” goes on and on. Way to go Donald, you managed to ruin what was once a very glamorous, prestigious, and classy pageant to become the media jokes it is today.

    • It seem the situation indeed reversed. Miss World used to be the scandal ridden pageant. As Donald became more involve
      with MU in the 2000s, it has become shallow and trashy.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a rather tasteless publicity stunt…..she does work for The Donald after all.

  5. One of the many Misses USA I disliked. Her first and second runners up were WAY BETTER than her – Morgan Woolard and Miss Virginia.

  6. Rima was a mistake from the beginning. I still can’t believe that she won the Miss USA crown over that wonderful Elizabeth Morgan. My opinion was confirmed when a few moths later she joined the infamous group of Miss USA winners not to be selected a semifinalist at Miss Universe. She is classless and has a very questionable behavior. I’m not surprise.

    • i totally agree with you…

  7. MarlonBrando says:

    RIMA is a MARVELOUS and VIBRANT woman! A wonderful Miss USA. This was an isolated incident and she is human. Lets not blow it out of proportion. Also, we all know cops are sometimes unethical and misuse their power.

    • I’m disappointed with Rima but I agree with you. The police could’ve misused her fame for political reasons.

    • Sorry, but there is no excuse for drunk driving, whether it is an isolated incident or not. she was lucky that this “isolated incident” didn’t cause a car crash.

      • I agree 100%. What a disappointment as a role model. No excuse for drunk driving, as one incident is one too many. She is lucky that she did not cause harm to anyone else or herself.

  8. rima is NOT and will never be a good role model for young women in the US. Im not surprised that she didnt make the top15 at MU

  9. Rima is always on the news headlines even though before she crowned Miss USA. She was claimed drug, pole dance, and her unplaced at Miss Universe, and she attended wrestling/boxing champion??? Being a beauty queen, she is just too extraordinary. However, she is one of the best Miss USA for me, her farewell was just unforgettable!!!

  10. gleen uno cagayan de oro says:

    so sad….miss usa 2010

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