Miss France 2012

Delphine Wespiser Miss Alsace élue Miss France 2012

Delphine Wespiser, Miss Alsace, is the new Miss France. She is 19 years old and 1.75 m tall. She will represent France in Miss World 2012, and possibly Miss Universe 2012 depending on the date.

The 1st runner-up was Mathilde Couly, Miss Pays de Loire, the favorite for the crown. She is 21 years old and 1.72 m tall. The 2nd runner-up was Miss Reunion, Marie Payet, the 3rd runner-up was Miss Provence, Sloene Froment, and the 4th runner-up was Miss Cote d’Azur, Charlotte Murray.  One of them will participate in the Miss Supranational 2012 pageant in Opole, Poland, next August.

Actor and living legend Alain Delon, president of the jury, announced the name of the new Miss France.

1st runner-up: Mathilde Couly, Miss Pays de Loire

23 thoughts on “Miss France 2012

  1. French women and men are all so sexy and attractive even when whey’re no perfect. So I believe Miss France will do well at Miss Universe. Gilles Marini is an example of a hot French man, and the Oscar-winning actor from The Artist is sexy as hell, but certainly not perfect.

  2. Rania Kadret says:

    lovely she may just be the next Miss Universe, The Runner Up should compete in Miss World she would take it all

  3. laurie thillmann at miss world 2012 is a good choice!she’s very very beautiful and so natural!!!!and with her experience at miss universe she can win this beauty contest!!!or figured in the top 7 like chloé morteaud in 2009
    miss france 2012 for miss universe is a also a good choice:she’s very natural speaks very well and she is beautiful!!!and since 2009 the french misses are very “apprecied” (apprecier ou aimer ) by the universe comity!
    so allez miss france 2012!!!!!et une bonne année!!!!!

  4. If you watch the crowning of this competition and other info on youtube, you will see that this young lady is not that attractive, but seems to be really nice personality wise. The first runner up was stunning and in my opinion deserved to win, however, good luck to her in the future.

    • The first RU apparently will compete at Miss World next year. So, it is still an honour. I am glad France keeps strong lately at international beauty pageants. Miss Universe Organization should take a hard look at Natural Beauties instead of “redone, plastic” beauties. French beauties at Miss Universe are natural (so they claim – well, I’d like to believe them). Laury Thilleman got in trouble for “telling the truth”. Way to go, Laury for saying the truth.: Too many nose jobs and other implants these days. I guess French people are so direct and sometimes the world cannot take that well.

      • The 1 RU will not compete at MW 2012. The French representative will be Laury Thilleman, Miss France 2011.

        • Thanks for the correction. My bad, I didn’t read that part. Laury is an excellent choice. Let’s see if she can do what Chloe did in 2009. They are both outgoing and have great presence.

          Vas-y Laury! Bon courage à Miss Monde 2012

          Delphine! Do your best to get in the semifinals, 4th time in a row!!! Bravo à la nouvelle Miss France et bon courage!!!

  5. miss france is beautiful!!!!
    looks chloé mortaud et laurie thillman she are not very beautiful and they classed 6th at miss universe 2009 and miss universe 2011!

  6. Well, if she has the same stage presence and charisma as Chloe of 2009 and Laury of 2011, she might earn a spot in the semifinals. Good luck to you, Delphine!

  7. A perfect face! Of course, this may no longer count for much in Miss Universe.

  8. I loved miss Provence the Best!

  9. crown is weird bu unique in a cute way and the dress is very prom-like

  10. what’s up with the wonderwoman attire?

    • It was the theme for the swimsuit segment. Throughout the show, all segments were based on iconic women/character in the movies such as Wonderwoman, Scarlett O’Hara, Pocahontas, Lara Croft, etc. It was, as usual, as very nice show and I’d love to see more of this originality in MU and MW.


  12. very pretty miss france!
    she’s beautiful!!!!!

  13. MarlonBrando says:

    Amazing! ALAIN DELON was a judge!!! He’s a great actor and real celebrity.

    The Miss Universe & Miss World should take a page out of the Miss France book and HAVE A MORE DIVERSE & INTERESTING JUDGING PANEL WITH REAL CELEBRITIES not reality tv “stars”, second rate forgotten “actors” and “businessmen”.

    • That’s funny. I tend to know the reality TV “stars” and second rate forgotten “actors” from Miss World and Miss Universe, yet I’ve never heard of Alain Delon…how ironic.

      • It depends on your age, Jay. Alain Delon was the biggest celebrity during the 1970’s and 80’s. You were not probably born back then. Google him…

      • Divalicious says:

        *sigh* I bet you’re one of the new generation who go head over heels over crap such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Twilight and God knows what else on TV/radio these days. Well, Alain Delon is a class act and a true talent, and he has been around in the industry LONGER than any of those new “celebs” kids today are so fond of. He may not be the best actor out there nor is he that popular anymore since he is already past his prime, but he is still regarded as an icon in French cinema history. No one can deny his legacy. I’m not French myself but at least I know about him and I still have respect for artists of the old times and yesteryears because they have at some point shaped the course of the art and showbiz until it becomes like what it is today. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to have all the modern artists (most) people enjoy these days.

  14. UFffffff…NO!

  15. very sweet and differant winner,all the 5 were stunning but the new miss france was the most unique and differant one

    • Thanks a lot for your comment.I’m living about 40 km away from Miss France’s hometown and all the Alsaciens are very proud! Delphine is said to be a loving person , I hope she’ll have a wonderfull year as Miss France!!!!

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