Miss Kazakhstan 2011

Aynur Toleuova (19), from Taldykorgan, was crowned Miss Kazakhstan 2011 during an event held in Almaty on December 6th. The 1st runner-up was Maria Gorbulko (Miss Astana), while the 2nd runner-up was Miss Shymkent, Arna Abdrakhmanov.  The 3rd runner-up was Miss Ust-Kamenogork, Asem Mamaev.

Aynur, who stands 178 m tall, will represent Kazakhstan at the Miss World 2012 pageant in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, in July.

Spectacular Zhanna Zhumaliyeva, Top 15 semi finalist at Miss World 2011 and winner of the “Top Model” competition

18 thoughts on “Miss Kazakhstan 2011

  1. I WANT TO ZHANA to miss universe 2012
    Maria Gorbulko.to miss world. 2013
    Ainur to miss universe 2013.

  2. I like Aynur.She’s so pretty and so young.Such a doll!

  3. Ibnue Zagriano Darmavanov says:

    I Hope the 1st runner up or Zhanna Zumaliyeva competes in Miss Universe 2012 cuz both are beautiful and so stunning.

  4. GORGEOUS winner! After her year she should consider modeling cuz this girl has the bone structure and the length to go far! The first runner-up looks like a generic latina pageant girl (Venezuela Universe ’11), not so interesting.
    Good luck to the winner, hopefully she does well at MW!

  5. I prefer the 1st runner up

  6. Awwwwww…she’s so pretty… =)

  7. I wonder why in MU kazakhstan sends a very european look but in MW an Asian look, I think the asian asian for their country is very beautiful and exotic just like their previous MW and their current MW as well as the 1st RU…. goodness their beauties are breathtaking and have a slight resemblance with oxana federova, I am sure their bet will be a big hit again in MW or if smart enough to answer the question wether they use an interpeter they can snatch the MW crown. I hope the 1st RU will be send to MU coz I love another new country to win the MU next year.hehehehe

  8. hoping for zhanna z. to compete in miss universe 2012……

  9. The winner is very beautiful and exotic but the 1st Runner up is SPECTACULAR! Send the 1st Runner Up to Miss Universe 2012!

    • The Miss Kazakhstan pageant stopped sending its winners to Miss Universe in 2009. The girls who compete now are not from this competition.

  10. If Zhanna won the model contest in Miss World, then she should try her luck on Miss Universe 2012…

  11. Yess Hector, 1 runner up is beautiful!!!

  12. Bryan Peter says:

    the runner-ups are way better than the winner

  13. The winner, Aynur, is gorgeous. Look at her facial bone structure, for starters!

  14. I love the 1st RU!!

  15. A beautiful young lady, should do very well next year.

  16. I wanted Zhanna Zhumaliyeva in the Miss Universe Competition. :/

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