Miss South Africa 2012

The Miss South Africa 2011 pageant took place at Sun City’s Superbowl last night  and the crown was snatched by 22-year old marketing graduate Melinda Bam.

The title of Second Princess went to 21-year-old Thuli Sangweni, who won the Miss Congeniality sash earlier in the evening too.

First Princess was won by 21-year-old Remona Moodley – the second time she’s held a similar title. She was First Princess to Zizo Beda in Miss SA Teen 2006.

The ceremony aired live on Mzansi Magic and was hosted by ProVerb – who hosted last year too – with Michelle McLean in the commentary booth and Bridget Masinga behind-the-scenes and on the red carpet.

The winner will compete in Miss World and Miss Universe 2012.

Courtesy of http://www.tvsa.co.za

35 thoughts on “Miss South Africa 2012

  1. Can a black woman win a beauty pageant in india?Even here in uk,they cant accept a black/mixed race to be miss uk.I think we africans let other races get away with everything in africa.South africa is a black country first and foremost and it must be represented by a black woman.Black women cant be second best to some indian gypsies or neanderthal females in their own country

  2. She was my choice for the crown, and she won! I hope she can make the top 5 for Miss Universe!

  3. Melinda is the bow wow, yeah!Melinda is the bow wow, yeah!

  4. Melinda is no regular looking or acting blonde pageant holder. Experiencing her live is magnificent! Also the photos dont do her just at all! On the internet, including the miss South Africa website there are beautiful pictures of her. And yes South Africa has been robbed of the Miss Universe title before – Odette Scrooby 1982 – The most unexplained results ever!

  5. Cicely from Hungary says:

    Miss SA was very strong in this year, and these 3 women was my 3 favourite.
    Melinda looks like Britney Spears! :)

  6. She is really petite. I dont like her very much. Is she really under 5’7″?

  7. Just want to correct the previous commentator – the first princess is an Indian Lady and not black and any one of that 3 can win an international titel. They are all extremely beautiful

  8. Pageant guy says:

    having watched the pageant & having judge several pageants myself over the past +15years… i thought it was definately between Melinda & Remona… with Melinda just having that extra something when she was on the cat walk… A deserved winner. Good luck for Melinda…

  9. ngek chenes says:

    Paris Hilton look-alike :-)


  11. wow. a blondie to represent south africa. a bit weird for me. however she is pretty hot. good luck south africa

  12. if she wins MU the first runnerup will go to MW & not one but 2 SA beauties will get a chance of winning & making SA & nelson mandela proud. May this joyful incident really happen by the winner winning MU & the runnerup winning MW. Goodluck SA.

    • Miss World will happen first, so it is the other way around.

  13. she reminds me of charlize theron & scarlette johansson. She is totally hot

  14. the winner is a great choice by the judges. Her looks are ravishing and she’s a hottie and will definitely be a huge fav at the MU 2012. Her great sex appeal will win the hearts of the judges & she might win the MU title & become the second winner from SA to win MU. Good luck to her & her country.

  15. Indeed she is one of the candidates that’s on top… one of those beat. I hope the Miss Universe crown will go to her. Seems like she is a complete package though..

  16. A very attractive lady, should do very well.

  17. miss angola says:

    not bad..but i a very beutiful okey…

  18. taddercountryman says:

    Serìa interesante ver un back to back continental, eso ya lo han logrado Europa y America, que tal si lo hiciera ahora Africa, chance tiene, muy bella esta chica

  19. Dear david
    Melinda is a great choice for Miss SA.The runners up are Remona (Indian) and Thuli (African)…..colour has no meaning!!

  20. beautiful,i can see the winner doing well at miss universe and the first runner up in the top 5 at miss world..great choices..3 beautiful girls

  21. My fav one has won. In SA, David, we are a melting pot like the USA. I would like to have an indian winner in the near future. The big question is will MUO crown a white Miss SA due to our Apartheid history. A lot of our white beauties were robbed of the MU crown in the past for e.g. Cindy Nell.

  22. Melinda Bam is exquisite! I was watching the reality presentation that was held weekly and I must say this girl has it all! I am sure Melinda will do very well internationally! The pageant was very well presented but did not like the idea that ALL the girls had straight flat hair. Looking forward to see how Melinda fares in her year!

  23. I am from South Africa and watched the pageant this past Sunday. She was crowd favorite, excellent catwalk and nailed the final question. I hope she does well at Miss Universe 2012.

  24. I just hope she doesn’t look aged come Miss Universe time like Claudia Henkel in 2005.

  25. Hi David, I just want to say what a disgrce to make such racist comments.To Rectify the 1st Princess is Indian.

    • I don’t necessarily think David was being racist with his comment. To be fair, I think he just said what was in many people’s minds about how uncomfortable it feels to see a Caucasian winner with 2 non-Caucasian girls next to her. The real racism are pageants itself which almost always selects Caucasian beauty over other types of beauty and think that is unfair people here are attacking David. I think pageants in general should be attacked for this instead.

      • And what is wrong with caucasian beauty? It seems that that is the type of beauty that seems to have the widest appeal across the world. It may not be right, it may not be fair, but that is the way it is. Suppose it isn’t caucasian beauty, then another type of beauty would be in its place as the one with the widest appeal and we will still be complaining.

  26. remona moodley is not black.

  27. @ David — she is not between two black women, technically. Her first RU is of Indian origin (SA has a large pool of Indians who have lived there for many generations now – and many Miss SAs have been Indian or part Indian like Kerishnie Naicker, Tatum Keshwar and Tansey Koetzee), and her second RU is black. South Africa is not called the rainbow nation for nothing – each of these three ethnic groups, as well as the various ones that exist between them, are part of South Africa’s unique social fabric, and it is not a surprise to see them all represented at the very end.

  28. always feels a bit weird to see a blonde caucasian woman stand between two black women and the blonde has just won a beauty pageant in an african nation……… but on hr other hand i think that the winner has a better chance on the crown than the two black women…so good luck to her.

    • The First Princess is of Indian heritage. To think that only black ladies should win pageants in Africa is just as racist as saying only white ladies should win in Europe. Wake up — the people of the world are getting more and more diverse.

      • i will not excuse my first message I still find it strange to see a white women between two women of colour as a winner in a beauty pageant in africa…..

        • South Africa has a sizable white population and when Apartheid was in power, they only sent White contestants. Given that women of color are representing European countries and the USA more and more, why can’t White women represent the African continent as well?

    • what a silly thing to say- she may be caucasian but she is south african, so therefore she is african- not all africans are black!!!!

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