Miss France to represent her country at Miss World

Wespiser was chosen in December 2011

Reigning Miss France, Delphine Wespiser, confirmed to local media that she will compete at the Miss World 2012 pageant to be held in Ordos, China, next August.  She might not be able to attend the Miss Universe contest, considering she has to crown her successor in December, the same date the latter international pageant is expected to take place.

12 thoughts on “Miss France to represent her country at Miss World

  1. She’s GORGEOUS…

  2. France is so drop dead gorgeous & must win MW 2012.

  3. I meant: if Delphine does well at Miss World, she will probably be asked to represent France at Miss Universe.

  4. Hello GB Staff,

    I have a question: if this new Miss France will represent her country at Miss World, then who will be France’s representative at Miss Universe in December? I guess if Delphine does well at Miss World, they’ll ask her to go to Miss World.

    If that’s the case, Laury Thileman (Miss France Universe 2011) will not be competing at MW 2012 as previously stated.

  5. warleyconcepcion says:

    mexico, puerto rico and venezuela crown their miss universe delegate a year before they actually compete.for example their winners crown in 2012 will compete the next year.the delegates for 2012 had simply more months to prepare and to wait. it will work in their advantage ( i hope so)

  6. Miss Universe is usually held on May for many decades but due to the lack of interest of the sponsors the date keeps on moving, and now it will be held on December. WTF

  7. Miss Universe in December?! WTF!! Miss Mexico Universe was crowned in August of 2011, Miss Puerto Rico in October of 2011, while Miss Venezuela in November of 2011. So some of these countries have to replace their queens even if they have not yet competed for the Miss Universe pageant! Over a year of preparation?! What’s going on Mr. Trump?!

    • Latinas are not the only contestants competing.

      • Aiiii papi Gary…dont be too sensitive. We all know that most Latinas dominate this pageant because they are well prepared! Hey, if you were crowned since September 2011 and wont compete not until December of 2012….advantage for them! They have a year and 3 months to prepare!! LOL

      • Very sensible reply Gary- it would be up to Latina organisers to decide when to hold their national pageants- perhaps time to pick a major pageant winner from smaller, lesser known countries like Guam (ironically a pageant powerhouse in the past) or even Tahiti!

  8. wow Miss Universe on December while Miss World on August, suddenly the two pageants switched their usual pageant dates

  9. Miss France is gorgeous. Good luck at the Miss World contest.

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