Miss Morocco 2012

19-year old Sarah Mouatamid, a 19-year old student of commerce from Casablanca was crowned Miss Morocco 2012 during a special event held at the Mazagan beach resort in El Jadida on February 4th.   Sarah, who speaks 5 languages, stands 1.74 m in height; she won a salary, an automobile and the right to represent Morocco in the Miss World 2012 pageant to be held in Ordos, China, in August.

The new Miss Morocco

18 thoughts on “Miss Morocco 2012

  1. 20 million Muslims live in Russia itself. Philippines and Thailand have 10 percent Muslims each, India 15. 90 percent of the population in Kosovo are Muslims and they have just made success. Recently, Albania, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Indonesia placed. Shall I continue? I just don’t understand when people say Muslim countries do not place at Miss Universe. Muslims have won national titles in Israel, Germany, Canada, USA and Denmark to mention a few. Get lost now.

  2. She’s really beautiful and smart…she reminds me of Moroccan singer Jannat Mahid…

  3. She is certainly pretty but she needs to tone up a bit though

  4. now i can see future miss world for this country.. good luck!

  5. Sara, looks very well, Hopes she gets trained very well for the Pagaent, whether it is MU or MW… i myself m confused, but she might have an Edge in MW rather MU, which is completely Anti Islam & America’s centric in its approach.

    Good Luck Sara

  6. Sarah Mouatamid is beautiful!
    I think that she should be a good contestant to Miss World 2012 and I really want to see her at Miss Universe Pageant!
    It would be an innovation for the Moroccan people.

  7. john from england says:

    she’s lovely and it’s great to see new countries and countries that havn’t entered for a while entering. think sh’ell be in miss world though not miss universe

  8. pretty woman!
    the first runner up think very beautiful!

  9. to gaby: she is going to participate only in Miss World, not in Miss Universe

    • LOL sorry for the typo error, but according to Wikipedia, Morocco will be returning to Miss Universe this year, so I presumed she’ll be going to Miss Universe…

      • Anybody can edit Wikipedia, someone can put that MARS will debut in Miss Universe, it doesn’t mean its true.

  10. She’s lovely! A little Chloe Mortaud, a little Azra Akin.
    Great to see Morocco represented at Miss World!

  11. Oswald Rangi says:

    Congratulation !

  12. she’s really pretty…may she do her country proud at Miss Universe 2012… =D

    • Totally agree!

    • Is she going to Miss Universe? The article says she is going to Miss World.

      • No, she is not going to Miss Universe.

      • Divalicious says:

        Well considering what just happened to Miss Malaysia last year (and basically to any Muslim countries who participated in Miss Universe in the last 2 decades), I don’t think Miss Morocco should send their girls to Miss Universe.

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