Official: Miss Universe 2012 to be held in Mid-December

Leila Lopes, from Angola, will reign for 15 months - the longest reign in MU history.

According to information posted by national directors (those in charge of organizing their countries’ preliminaries for the Miss Universe pageant) via twitter, they have been officially notified by the Miss Universe Organization that the 2012 edition of the contest will take place during mid-December. The official news, sent to the almost 90 directors worldwide,  state that the event has been postponed because in 2012, media in general will focus on the Summer Olympics (July/August) and the United States’ Presidential Election (October, November), so December is the date defined by NBC.

Confirmation on host country and an exact date will be announced shortly.

The Miss USA pageant will be held in Las Vegas on June 3rd. Both pageants will be televised live by american network NBC.

57 thoughts on “Official: Miss Universe 2012 to be held in Mid-December

  1. krishna saha says:

    I am so excited, because I believe India has more chances to win. and this year she will bring the title in my country.

  2. Miss Universe 2012 (the current one) will give up her crown to Miss Universe 2013 (the new one) in December 0f 2012. It makes sense.

  3. Why don’t they hold the pageant in May and Miss USA in March? I think December is too late for Miss Universe.

  4. I honestly don’t mind if Miss Universe in scheduled for the end of the year either…but I can understand the dissatisfaction here because waiting for December is very long indeed, and by the time it’s December, most countries would have had new representatives with limited time to prepare…anyways, let’s just hope for the best, no matter what the outcome is… =D

  5. oh God people get A GRIP!!!! its the way it is and no one will change that…just relax…it will give more time for girls to work harder…besides December is a beautiful month….I am pretty sure it will continue in December or around that time.

  6. Its Summer in Australia in December. This could be a great chance to have it Australia!

    Australia for Host Country, Sydney for Host City!!

    • Most likely it will happen in South Africa. Still to be confirmed.

  7. I really do not understand what the fuzz is about. What about in 2008 when there is also the Beijing Olympics and Presidential elections? They held the pagaent in July 2008, so why can’t they do that for 2012? They held Miss USA in April of 2008, so they should hold Miss USA 2012 earlier this year. This is all load of crap that NBC could not find resources to deal with all this. Is this the American way of doing business, that they will sacrifice the needs and wants of other national directors? I think it is time for some countries to simply boycott the pageant for 2012, to make a stand!

  8. I guess this means that Miss Universe might be held in some place like Australia, where it’s warmer in the winter.

  9. I hopes that miss france 2012 can go to the miss universe competition because the show of miss france 2013 would be in december!at the beginning of december!
    and delphine miss france 2012 is very beautiful!

  10. Cosmic dude says:

    Russia in Mars!!! G!! That explains why she goes to Miss UNIVERSE!
    That is the best comment ever! Can’t stop laughing. And hope they always keep Russia in Mars!

  11. I can’t believe that people are getting so worked up about all this, when there are so many terrible things going on in the world. For goodness sake people, GET A GRIP!!!

  12. For those asking why MU is not held during Sep/Oct months? Well because September is the beginning of TV Fall (year) Season (primetime) where all the new TV shows are fighting for ratings and TV networks for $$$.
    Miss USA and Miss Universe are usually held during off seasons (Spring brake and Summer brake respectively). No interest whatsoever in the american audience.. Also the reason why they have lousy sponsors (ie: Chinese Laundry) at the rate they are going, soon Wallmart will be their sponsor! LOL!

  13. I bet the Miss Universe Org. Wishes they still had Ximena as Miss Universe so they would continue making thousands with her. Love Angola and all the previous winners but you have to admit, Ximena has been one of the most successful winners in Miss Universe history and all you know that. And no I’m not Mexican….. Before you start saying that I’m only saying this cause I’m Mexican . :-)

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