Ceska Miss 2012

PRAGUE, March 31 — 21-year old Tereza Chlebovska (center) was crowned Ceska Miss 2012 after being elected by the TV audience via SMS votes during the conclusion of the event held at the Karlin Musical Theatre.  173 cm tall Chlebovska will represent the Czech Republic at the 2012 Miss Universe pageant in December.

Elected Ceska Miss World by the panel of judges, was Linda Bartosova (left). She is 18 years old and stands 171 cm tall. She will compete at the Miss World 2012 pageant in Ordos, China, in August.

And Ceska Miss Earth is 22-year old Tereza Fajksová  (right), elected by readers of web portal Blesk.cz. She is 179 cm tall and will represent the country at the Miss Eart 2012 competition in October.

14 women competed in the 8th version of the Ceska Miss pageant which was born in 2005.

To Miss Universe: Tereza Chlebovska

To Miss World: Linda Bartosova

30 thoughts on “Ceska Miss 2012

  1. The one going to Miss World is the most beautiful. I wish that she’d be the one going to Miss Universe.

  2. #13 is more suitable for Miss Universe. She oozes sex appeal and her catwalk is amazing!

  3. wow miss earth looks like supermodel….. nice

  4. Your “goddesses” the winner and Ceska Miss Earth have ordinary faces and ugly noses on video , so ” much ado about nothing”

  5. All 3 r beautiful. Well done Czech Rep. I hope all 3 r successful. It would be nice to see czech rep win miss earth 2012 & if lucky MW & MU too. All 3 r gorgeous.

  6. Miss EARTH representative is super GORGEOUS!!! WOW.

  7. miss earth ceska a contender for miss earth 2012! I hope she can take home the title just practice english.

  8. For me, Veronika H, number 3, was the best, with Nikola, number 9.

  9. Iveto Lutovsko says:

    I love the girl who goes to Miss Earth. She is a very beautiful blonde, I hope she does very well in Miss Earth.

  10. Girls vying both for Miss Universe and Miss Earth are the ones to beat. They can take the Miss Universe crown there. Definitely high time for European countries to bring home the bacon!

  11. The Miss Earth rep should have gone to Miss Universe.

  12. The best Miss Earth Czech Republic!!!!!!!

  13. I agree with the rep for Miss Earth being beautiful.

    All three are great looking. Earth and Universe reps have good chances of making it far in the competition.

  14. Their representative to Miss Earth is a bombshell! But in Miss Earth, you may look beautiful but if you don’t have the smarts to go with it, well, you might not enter the top 16 quarterfinalists.

    • Bryan Peter says:

      True true

    • zidanetribal says:

      but knowing how they fared last year, i do believe they will be preparing her hard. i have this feeling they are aiming for the Miss Earth crown that’s why they always send the most beautiful of winners.

  15. The EARTH winner should be sent to universe!!!!!!! Why oh why does this always happen?

  16. Bryan Peter says:

    OMG the one going to MISS EARTH is the best mooing this 3. Tall, sexy, stunning, beautiful face. OMG she will be the front-runner this year!!!!!!!!!

  17. The Universe contestant is good, but that Earth contestant is very beautiful.

  18. The winners are all superbly gorgeous…LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

  19. Miss earth is sooooooo gorgeous!!! Good luck angel you are my favorite already!

  20. I Love You Tereza Fajksová beautiful goddess

  21. I also like the girl going to Miss Earth.

  22. Going to Miss Earth is Super Gorgeous! Congratulation…

  23. I love Miss Earth Czech Republic! She is so pretty!

  24. I like the girl going to Miss Earth… she is tall and striking… she reminds me of Rosana Davison (Miss World 2003)

  25. The one going to Miss Earth is a goddess.

  26. Finally, a real contender for Miss Universe besides the gorgeous Venezuela.

  27. All three are very pretty! Good job, Czech republic!


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