Leila Lopes travels to Dusseldorf, Germany, to the Beauty International Show

Miss Universe, Leila Lopes from Angola, as well as Andriani Karantoni from Cyprus, Chloe-Beth Morgan from Great Britain and Nadine Alexandra Ames from Indonesia are currently in Dusseldorf, Germany, participating in the Beauty International trade show taking place at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre.

The beauties took part in a make-up demonstration held on Friday March 9th, at the meeting point in Hall 10; explaining how beauty queens are prepared for competition.  The make-up team is the Kryolan team; Official Cosmetics Team of Miss Universe 2011.  Photos courtesy of Joey Bevan

Designer Joey Bevan with Leila Lopes, Miss Universe

19 thoughts on “Leila Lopes travels to Dusseldorf, Germany, to the Beauty International Show

  1. beautiful

  2. For goodness sake people, the girl won Miss Universe, the competition has been over for months and she is doing a good. Get over it and get on with life.

  3. E o bucho daquela de roxo? A mulher nem se toca que não dá de vestir qualquer roupa.

  4. Goes to show that being Miss Universe is not all glamour. These trade show are not exactly a piece of cake.

  5. yeah Leila Lopes is just a winner because she came from a former Portuguese colony and she speaks Portuguese. Some of the judges are Brazilians or cannot speak English if not Americans so they favor a contestant who speaks Portuguese or former Portuguese colony. Her answer is not impressive and she won only because the judges wants to please Brazilians and the judges don’t go with their conviction but only to please. Ukraine or Philippines should have won because they have a strong opinion of their own which should be the character of a modern woman someone who has a voice in this world not just to be safe and faking it like Leila Lopes!

    • poor bootsguy. It doesn’t change the fact: LEILA Lopes is and will always be MISS UNIVERSE 2011

  6. Cyprus is a knockout!

    • I agree, I thought Cyprus was really overlooked at Miss Universe. But I think her styling was better at the pageant than it is here.

  7. Who cares what language she spoke when we can all see what a hardworking truthful MU she is. Ukraine had a ugly frightful face compared to Leila Lopes. The reason people love Ukraine more than Angola is bcoz ukraine is fair & angola is dark which means the critics whether asian or whatever are trying to act racist to angola MU leila lopes. They cant see that leila is dark by complexion but her smile o her face is true from her heart & makes her stunning. Ukraine looked like a witch right from start to end of the MU pageant. Dont worry leila i support you & know you r gr8.

  8. I think there were 3 Portuguese speaking judges, but Leila wad just lovely.

  9. Winwward Dale says:

    The young lady is just a sweet soul……………

  10. I really like Leila but I do think she won because she spoke Portuguese. Miss Brazil was a surprise placing that high and only because it was in her own country. Politics is alive and well in pageantry, unfortunately. But fortunately, Leila’s been a hard-working Miss Universe.

    • I have to disagree… the audience may have loved her because she spoke portuguese but it wasn’t them who judged the competition, the judges were all english speakers and not brazilian so the chances of her winning just because she spoke portuguese is low… even though i wanted Ukraine to win. lol

      • Sorry but not all the judges were english speakers. For exemple isabelli fontana is a portuguese speaker , the ame as italo sanzi .

    • okay im sure the MU comp ended in 2011 and LEILA LOPES was the most deserving, she knocked everyone out in the swimming suit and that gown of hers was just sooo beautiful on her!! her grace and charm was noticeable, only the losers still continue to cry foul!

      • Personally she wasn’t my favorite for the swimsuit segment . But she was the most beautiful in evening gown . She deserves her crown , even though i was rooting for costa rica . I think being beautiful isn’t enough for being a great miss universe . You have to have the personality , character , and i my opinion , Leila doesn’t have as much personality as dayana , ximena , zuleyka , she doesn’t have the same charisma . Of course she is a beautiful girl and deserve her crown , but she also needs to work on her personality to be a great brand ambassador for the miss universe organisation .

        • Keep crying about her not matching the likes of Ximena, Dayana, bla bla bla. One thing is she’s enjoying her reign and care less about what you think. She needs to do this and that. True is the lady feel just fine and some think she is great. Leave her alone people and let the lady enjoy her reign. People expect too much of out of these winners just because of some crown.

  11. YEAHH Beautiful Leila in my country. Enjoy your stay!!

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