Miss Israel 2012

Shani Hazan, Miss Israel 2012: To Miss World

The Miss Israel 2012 pageant took place on Wednesday, March 7th, in the city of Haifa; and the winner (Israel’s Queen of Beauty) is Shani Hazan (photo, left), from Kiryat Ata.

Shani is 19 years old, 1.82 m-tall, and will now get prepared to represent Israel in the  Miss World 2012, competition to be held in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.

Lina Machola: 2nd place and on to Miss Universe

The new Miss Israel is a high school graduate who wants to study Business Administration. She’s currently serving in the Navy as a systems’ operator. Hazan has been a vegetarian since the age of 12.

Israel’s Maiden of Beauty (1st runner-up, right) was Lina Machola, a model from Haifa whose parents are a Christian Arab from Kfar Yasif and a Russian.

Machola will represent Israel in the Miss Universe 2012 pageant, in December. Machola is 18, 1.78 m tall, and lives in Haifa.

Completing the group of finalists were May Yoshia (Israel’s Queen of Grace), Noy Abner (Israel’s Teen Queen), and Suf Azulai.

20 contestants took part in the annual competition, organized by L’aisha magazine and televised to the whole country through Channel 2.

IQB Hazan (winner), IMB Machola, ITQ Abner, IQG Yoshia

Congratulations to the winners!

23 thoughts on “Miss Israel 2012


  2. very beautiful!in my top 5 with miss france laurie thillman ,miss france 2011 and in the 6th place at miss universe 2011

  3. hector rivera says:

    the same thing peolple said about Miss Turkey and Look, last year for the first time they decided to switched the tiles, where is the source where say that Hazam will participate in Ordos?

    • In Miss Turkey the winner had the “Universe” sash with her.

    • No they didn’t. This is a political article.. the journalist probably doesn’t even know the difference between World or Universe. Hazam is going to Miss World.

  4. She is stunning, but she should have gone to Miss Universe. I think she could have got the first Miss Universe crown for her country, shame really.

    • Israel won Miss Universe in 1976


  6. The one going to Miss U is gorgeous. Just check her videos. She will do just fine.

  7. Shani should go to MU….and LIna To MW somebody wrote something not nice about Lina She beutiful!! inteligen and the judges choiced rigth!!!!!

  8. Gwendell Mercelina says:

    WOW! There’s something about SHANI that caught immediately my attention.
    She’s got something really beautiful with her.

  9. mayreawesome says:

    The one that is going to MU is awful The one that is going to MW is STUNNING!

  10. I am not really impressed with the winners………….

  11. The winner is gorgeous! I hope she has a personality to match — she has the potential to do some real damage at Miss World!

  12. I can’t wait for the Miss World contest to begin in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Shani Hazan is very pretty.

  13. She is ok and reminds me a former miss Greece universe contestant

  14. well done israel!!!

  15. the blond one is not beautiful at all.

    • Actually she is- the problem is Lina bleached her hair blonde, which really does not suit her skin coloring and does nothing to show her beauty, which is a pity really

  16. OMG Shani Hazan is such a beauty, should send her to MU.

  17. israel....welcome back says:

    awesome,,,, Ms. Israel… welcome back to Miss World and Miss. Universe.

  18. Mayreswesome says:


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