Miss Myanmar International 2012

Miss Myanmar International 2012 was crowned at the Myanmar Convention Center (MCC), in Yangon, and she is Nann Khin Zayar. She was assigned as a tourism Ambassador of Myanmar. Model Swan Yee Htun and Aye Chan Moe won the 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up prizes respectively.

Miss Myanmar Competition is organized by the Myanmar Tourism Services (MTS) Co., under the supervision of Myanmar Travel Board (MTB) in order to promote tourism industry in the country and enhance the interest of citizens in the tourism sector.

It has not been confirmed if she will compete internationally.

13 thoughts on “Miss Myanmar International 2012

  1. Ko Chit Thet says:

    You are sincerely beautiful as Miss Myanmar International.I simply like you.I will be beside you as your audience.With loves….

  2. I know you. And you are the cutest and lovelyest of all I have been met. I love you.

    မဲမေပးတတ္လို႔. မေပးလိုက္ရဘူး

  3. I hope she competes internationally.

  4. Nandar Hlaing says:

    Myanmar will have a representative to Miss World 2013 and the National Director is one of the wealthiest business tycoon in Myanmar….

  5. philip moon aung says:

    I want to suggest for her to participate and to compete miss universe 2012.

  6. She looks like my neighbor.

  7. ngek chenes says:

    Miss Earth beauty material

  8. I hope she competes internationally.
    I hope to compete Miss Universe and Miss World!!!

  9. Very pretty- I hope she competes internationally as she is very beautiful!!!

  10. She’s beautiful…hopefully she’ll join one of the Grand Slam pageants…

  11. I do hope she competes internationally, a very lovely lady.

  12. I hope she will compete in Miss Earth 2012!

  13. talofalucky says:

    Aww hopefully she competes internationally. I know that the organizers of miss Myanmar world were guests at miss Thailand world pageant most recently, beautiful culture.

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