Miss Universe SR 2012 Finalists Presented

The 12 finalists of Miss Universe SR (Slovak Republic) 2012 were officially presented to the media, as part of the launch of the 14th edition of the event held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Trnava.

National organizer Silvia Lakasotova explained that the 12 lucky beauties will take part in an intensive preparation schedule, and will be groomed in the basic areas of a beauty queen.

The finals will be held on May 25th, and the winner will represent the Slovak Republic during the Miss Universe pageant in December. The 1st runner-up will participate in Miss Earth, scheduled to be held in October.

The finalists are:

1. Alexandra Klimeková, 23 – Pezinok
2. Natália Horná, 19 – Nováky
3. Simona Kurčinová, 18 – Babín
4. Barbora Blašková, 17 – Zvolen
5. Jana Lombartová, 23 – Svidník
6. Nikola Kurajská, 20 – Žilina
7. Veronika Belešová, 21 – Žilina
8. Martina Grešová, 25 – Humenné
9. Petra Tonhauserová, 22 – Žarnovica
10. Ľubica Štepánová, 24 – Prievidza
11. Soňa Kiszlingová, 21 – Bratislava
12. Natália Urbanová, 26 – Nitra

The Miss Universe SR pageant was born in 1999. Despite sending very stunning women to the international contest, the eastern european country has not reached the Miss Universe semi finals since 1994.

One thought on “Miss Universe SR 2012 Finalists Presented

  1. Contestant NO. 9 got is going, she can do something!

    Contestant NO. 13 looks like my aunt!Older!

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