Miss World Thailand 2012

Miss World Thailand 2012 was crowned earlier today at the Central World Hotel in Bangkok. Vanessa “Na-Chatra” Muangkod edged out other 29 candidates to become Thailand’s representative in Miss World 2012, in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.

The winner is 20 years old, 1.74 m-tall, and studies Humanities at Ramkhamhaeng University.

The 1s runner-up was Boonyisa “Poppy” Chantrarachai, and the 2nd runner-up was Chawanluck “Pekky” Unger Moksiri.

The other two finalists were Athitaya “Uli” Von Zur Muehlen and Jarinya “Rin” Bachmann.

Vanessa will represent Thailand in Miss World 2012, on August 18, in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.

 Thailand in Miss World

Best Thai MW result: 4th place in 1989.

Thailand, a country known for its unique beauty and culture, has managed to win the Miss Universe title twice (1965, 1988), and Miss Tourism Queen once (2011). However, in Miss World, its beauties have never reached a Top 3 position.

The best Miss World historical result for Thailand was a 4th place with Pathumrat “Helen” Woramali, in 1989. Eight years later, in 1997, Tanya Tiana “Thaen” Suesuntisook placed 5th in the Seychelles.

In the last two years Thai beauties placed well in Miss World, with a semi-finalist in 2010, and a quarter-finalist in 2011.

How do you think Vanessa “Na-Chatra” Muangkod will fair in Miss World 2012?

Meet the 2012 Miss World delegates chosen this far

19 thoughts on “Miss World Thailand 2012

  1. She defeats all the other asian beauties bcoz she is beautiful.

  2. Perfect, flawless, radiant skin & overall a complete natural beauty fron asia. She is surely going to fair well. Good choice by all thai judges.

  3. Super fair this year for Thailand,
    She have potential in model skill and beauty with purpose.
    and Thai lady often being fortunate on China stage.
    Good luck Vanessa :D

  4. SO Beautifulll!

  5. She is really beautiful. I think she has potential as she won two fast tracks in Miss World Thailand this year, Top Model and Beauty with a purpose. So as I said she has high potential to be placed this year on MW. And I hope she could make it through Top 7 or even Top 3!

  6. Beautful!

  7. She is beautiful, a very good chance in Miss World. Congrats.

  8. She is beautiful in Thailand but if she were to compete in Binibing Pilipinas, she would just be an average contestant

    • beautiful in Thailand but an average contestant in the Philippines??? What a ridiculous statement to make, considering that for all their obsession with beauty pageants, Miss Philippines’ record in either Miss World or Miss Universe has not been all that great and if not for internet voting, I doubt Miss Philippines would have had such strong performances in Miss World in recent years. I don’t know why Filipinos always gave to comment on other countries having average contestants yet still claim Philippines have the most beautiful candidate- perhaps this is an example of nationalism going overboard

      • HA-HA Soraya. I like that a lot. Wonder if Rosalia took her time to read this properly. Calling someone average beauty. Are you beautiful?

  9. Both the runners up were wayyyyyy better!


  11. wow! thailand got the most beautiful representative in miss world. good luck! go, southeast asian beauties.. rule the miss world! im your fan from the philippines.

  12. She has potential.

  13. ngek chenes says:

    Preety but not a beauty queen material

  14. I hope she makes it in the top 3 in MW2012

  15. MIss World Thailand 2012 is Beautiful! Congratulations!

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