Bali, Indonesia to host Miss World 2013

Courtesy Metro Bali

Indonesian media reported today that the island of Bali has been chosen to host the Miss World 2013 competition.

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika received the visit of Miss World Ivian Sarcos and MWO Chairman Julia Morley, as well as the CEO of Miss Indonesia, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo. They were joined by Miss Indonesia 2011 Astrid Ellena.

Bali is more than ready to host the 2013 competition to take place in September of next year and will welcome 130 beauties from all over the planet.

“I hope the presence of Miss World in Bali will be an excellent promotion” said Pastika.

Confirmation of Bali as host of the world’s largest beauty competition was also published on Miss Indonesia’s official website.

It is the first time in history that Indonesia hosts the Miss World pageant.

Miss Indonesia 2011 Astrid Ellena, the governor of Bali and Miss World Ivian Sarcos

Miss World Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela, left, and Chairwoman of Miss World Organization Julia Morley, right, talk to reporters during their visit at Bali's governor office in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, Wednesday April, 25, 2012. Sarcos and Morley will attend Miss Indonesia 2012 as special guests. The national beauty pageant will be held on April 28. (AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati)

34 thoughts on “Bali, Indonesia to host Miss World 2013

  1. I would like to get Ickes for the show miss word on 28 September 2013.where I can get ticket.

    Thank for the information

  2. i made sukarya says:


  3. supatminingsih says:

    Miss Universe should follow what Miss World done. but Miss World should change their format to be more interesting. Bali would be the most amazing host country ever in Miss World history. can’t wait to get the book of my trip to Bali. want to see the girls all over the world so closely in The land of God.

  4. Barbara Maria Bewu says:

    Bali is such a great destination it’s a perfect place to hold any other international event!! can’t wait to september 2013!! best of luck for MWO, MNC And Bali

  5. For Ricky M. I believe the dethroned Miss Dominican Republic has not yet reached the Miss Universe Pageant so it is UNFAIR that the dethronement be included as that of the Miss Universe. Yes, it is a controversy, but a controversy of the Miss Dominican Republic Pageant and NOT of the Miss Universe Pageant.

    • @ Roy: The Canada contestant has not won either so it wasn’t a matter of Miss Universe, but of the Canada director. Still, the Miss Universe Organization got involved. It is the SAME case.

  6. Will this not ignite a protest from the Moslem Indonesian just like what had happened in Nigeria (where Miss World was transferred to London because of the protests in Nigeria)?

  7. Paga Polikarpus says:

    I heard that Miss Universe Organization has offered Indonesia to host the pageant since 2009 but The Government and The Miss Indonesia Universe Organization responded that they had not ready yet to hold the pageant because there are pretty much things to prepare but UI do hope wilth hosting the 2013 Miss World Pageant, Indonesia will welcome to hold the Miss Universe Pageant. and September is a perfect time to host the Miss World 2013 because from early to mid of 2013 there are many political campaign of the Indonesia’s President for the next period on 2014. can’t wait it might be the most amazing summer in Indonesia. i think last year the MW pageant stepped a good thing with revealing the scoreboard and it meant that MWO wanted to be transparant on their marking!! so, can wait to join the country which got a portugesse, dutch, french and chinesse descent “Indonesia”. and I have noticed that it would be the second time time that MW held, last time in 2002 “Nigeria”. best of luck for the MWO and Indonesia. see you guys next year!! ;)

  8. ENOUGH of MU, MW is here for good. I can’t believe it. MIss Universe is involved in a lot of controversy. First, MU accepted a candidate who is a former “Mr.” to compete in a “MISS”. Heard of MU-Canada. Then, a “Mrs.” joined and eventually WON MU-Dominican Republic. MU is really a crap. I am glad MISS WORLD is really a real MISS.

  9. bebe doremi says:

    thanks god, not in china again…

  10. katarina sapta ningsih says:

    welkom to the most paradise island in the world ”Bali”. it’s gonna be amazing event turn the year!! Miss UNiverse should follow that Miss World had. MWO stepped a big LEAD. Cant’ wait for september 2013, the moment that the entire world has been waiting for1! i do agree that MW should change their format in order to not lead everyone boring!! Indonesia will welcome more than 100 stunning ladies!! can’t wait to get the ticket!!

  11. GB administrator, kindly relay our request to the MW orgainzation to change the format of their final show just like in the 90’s very spectacular pageant. Thanks in advance

  12. Ivian is not wearing any lashes! She looked different in her photos!

    • You should go and google for Ivian and will see how different she was before Miss Vzla, then some improvement after she got the 2nd place and then another change just before MW (people in Vzla was asking about that) she is so much better now even w/o lashes! Of course the make-up & photoshop make her looks the way you use to. Remember 2 things: Too good to be true! & Don’t let them to impress you with a picture!

  13. BALI is in INDONESIA..
    @nanu you wrong!!!


    • i know lah…but malaysia and indonesia is serumpun 1malaysia
      iam very proud

  14. wow!! Miss World 2013 in Bali will be amazing !! 131 beauty girls will be there in Indonesia !! can’t wait >_<

  15. Yaaay finally dream comes truee! Get ready to be fascinated with Bali!!!!

  16. ryan ramadhan says:

    ooowww wow Bali has got to be the host of the 2013 Miss World, big lead step for Indonesia, but I heard Bali got to be host the pageant for 2014 because a lots of things to prepare but it’s okay 2013 is gonna be amazing worldwide event in Bali. and to show people worldwide that “Bali is Indonesia” not “Indonesia is Bali”. i do agree that MW should change their format to be much more interesting. :)

  17. Ivian is so beautiful and very tall. She has a commanding presence that is helping the Miss World Organization get more business.

  18. ngek chenes says:

    Ivian looks different.. I don’t like her looks from now.. or maybe a very hot weather in indonesia and she looks stressed on photo

    • Well she is tired, the plastic surgery is in its place but the collagen is absorbing. She need to go back to Venezuela to get a refill.

    • You have to consider the temperature in Indonesia today is like 34 to 37 degrees Celsius. Look at Ivian, she is sweating. Plus the auditorium is full of press people. It must have been sultry that is why she kinda look sweaty and a little tired.

      You must be considerate. Ivian is not attending a ball party but a press conference in a tropical nation.

  19. talofalucky says:

    But miss world is boring. I wish they change the format to make it more interesting. Crossing fingers it happens in Bali, but not the same format as MU lol

    • Agree. I think this is the key for MW, and it would only take a few simple changes…I think last year was a good step in the right direction — it brought a strong element of competition and excitement to the first half of the show, but then fell apart once the top 15 were chosen again. Even a simple “parade” of each individual contestant prior to the Q&A session would do this…

  20. Ivian is very beautiful! … : D

  21. gud gud…welcome to malaysia miss world

  22. Miss World is really stepping it up. Congratulations! How is it that Miss World can go to Ordos and Bali to staged beauty pageants, and MU may be heading back to Las Vegas? That’s a low position of rank for Miss Universe.

    • See that is the thing. If you really look around the world as a whole, Miss World stands alone at the top of pageantry. It is just that the most fanatic and NOISY pageant fans are from a FEW latin countries and the Philippines, who make it out as though MU is bigger than it actually is. But the simple truth is that MU doesn’t have half the reach of MW and Trump and Co., have run it into the ground….

  23. What a dream location!!! So many people have been waiting for years and years for Bali, one of the most beautiful places on earth to host a major contest, and now they get the biggest one of all, Miss World! It will be spectacular!!!

  24. Yay!I can finally attend one hopefully since my parents are from there and I’m a few hours flight to Bali from Perth!


  26. Welcome to the island of gods….. :)

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