Binibining Pilipinas 2012

2012 Winners - Courtesy Bb. Pilipinas

The 49th edition of Binibining Pilipinas was held on April 15, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Philippines. Thirty candidates competed for the three titles, and the winners were:

–  Janine Marie Tugonon, Miss Universe Philippines – she will compete in Miss Universe 2012, in December. She is 22 years old, 1.73 m-tall, and hails from Bicolana. Janine participated in this same pageant last year and was the 1st runner-up;

– Nicole Schmitz, Binibining Pilipinas – International – she will compete in Miss International 2012, in China.

– Katrina Jayne Dimaranan, Binibining Pilipinas – Tourism – she will compete in Miss Tourism Queen International 2012, on September 28, in China;

The 1st runner-up, expected to represent the Philippines in Miss Supranational 2012, is Elaine Kay Moll, and the 2nd runner-up is Annalie Forbes.

209 thoughts on “Binibining Pilipinas 2012

  1. it’s a cooking show’s a rigged pageant…runner-up last year then winner this year what the fuck…..clap this coming december yugunon bwahahahh..MORLEY AND STELLA HAS THE SAME FEATHERS.. SMA ON THE OTHER HAND IS VERY BIASED AND ALWAYS HAS FAVORITES. I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISE IF SHE SWITCH WINNERS.

    • Pageant directors have the right to have favorites and the prerogative to “switch” winners.
      Mrs. Araneta was the first MI and she has a proven track record in international beauty pageants- you can’t hold a candle to her on those two counts even in your next two lifetimes.

    • What is your reaction after Miss Philippines placed 1st runner-up in Miss Universe 2012?

  2. why are you all Filipinos always bashed your fellows? If you’re not satisfied for the winner/s, let’s just see how will be their performances in the int’l competitions …

    Be Happy for What You Have!

    • Good observation hahahahaa

    • yup! I HAVE FAITH IN OUR WINNERS! the Philippines might have the Miss Universe 2012, Miss International 2012, Miss Tourism Queen International 2012 and Miss World 2012 titles. it’s all about having FAITH in your representatives! :)

  3. I think it was a very tough decision whom to set the crown on whose head this year. I agree with the first runner up being too shy. She didn’t have the oomph factor. The rest, i can live with. The question and answer portion was relatively good. Not that too embarrassing. For MU, it would have been a choice between Tugonon and Schmitz. For MI, Schmitz appeared to me to be the only option. Dimaranan stood her ground during the Q and A and i think that was her shining moment that propelled her above the rest to grab that crown. However, would she do well in her international pageant? I believed that our previous representative to Tourism Queen was amazing but she did not make a dent into the competition because the aesthetic that that pageant looks for is not her type. So, even if Dimaranan did excellently in winning a Binibining Pilipinas Crown, she might not make an impact in her competition. The option would probably have been Lastimosa, who appeared a tad nervous, but weren’t they all? Having said that, i would have placed Dimaranan as first runner up. Well, it is still early and although i have my hopeful reservations on Tugonon, i believe she can be transformed in a similar way that Shamcey and Venus were “re-packaged” during their years. Congratulations to the organizers, the hosts, the unseen hands of the production, and all the participants.

  4. Give Janine the support that she needs, she will shine in the Miss Universe pageant, people bashed at Dessiree Verdadero, Chat Silayan , Miriam Quiambao and Pebbles Asis before but they proved all their detractors wrong. Im sure Janine will do the same. MJ can join again, Ms Verdadero joined Bb. Pilipinas thrice and made it.

    • but it is not enough already in her age,…she can join again but definitely has a very tight chance of winning or even placing,..I do believe that the AGE is one of the factor will affect even though she has a total package,…she’s turning 25 and next year is she is going 26,…26 age contestants in MU have tight chance of placing,.that’s why she risk her card to definitely race at her age,,..add more to the transgender factor next 2012,…I thought she will be BBP-UNIVERSE,..because she had awards of AVON and PAL,..because observe the history of past MUPHILS. winner,..when they bagged it she is IT,..or when they bagged it,she has a crwon with it,..well,..for MJ,..I hope she will join MWP,…the last stand,..but miss universe is really for her,…

      • what I mean the age factor is for MJ Lastimosa,…

    • Guilty! Manny, i was not a fan of Miriam until that now you see her now you don’t on the stage. That was when i actually noticed how she exuded this modern way of being regal. From that point on, i was a fan a rooted for her. Alas, she ended up runner-up. Could have been better but despite that, i have remained a fan ever since.

  5. The gowns are so so so I cant say a word.

  6. Congrats to Janine, she is beautiful!

  7. Here we go again for the “utak talangkang kababayans” in their usual habits … So PESSIMISTIC … give her a break and give a chance for these 3 to prove their worth before judging what they can do for the country. They’ve just won the local pageant crowns and they’ll definitely will undergo all the required trainings to enhance their inner and external beauty.

    I also didn’t expect her to win and I had my own bets. Janine was a dark-horse for me from the very start. And now, what can I do but just to support and be positive that she will do well in the Miss U. Miss U is still in December though if I’m not mistaken, so there’s a lot time for preparation.

    Go Janine !!!

    • Go POKWANG!

  8. Elaine Moll, the tallest at 5’10, is the prettiest in the top 5, but a bit shy and reserved

  9. MJ Lastimosa should try out Miss World Philippines.

  10. Janine Marie Tugonon 22yo 1.73mm, Graduated “CUM LAUDE”w/ the degree in Pharmacy….
    Nicole Schmitz 22yo 1.70mm , 2nd year student/College of Law….
    Katrina Jayne Dimaranan 18yo,1.74mm ,consistent Honor Student /just graduated Highschool….

  11. Say GOOD BYE to the Top 5 Philippines….

    • ngek chenes says:

      ikaw na ang sumali!

  12. Rennelbludemon says:

    I remembered back in 2011, many said that Shamcey won’t place and Tumulak should be the one.. And I was one of those who did not believe in Shamcey.. But I was surprised with the transformation of Shamcey.. She was not a favorite by pageant websites like GB and misso but until she set foot in Brazil, she became a big hit..
    I’m pretty sure that the same fate will happen to Janine.

  13. Clyde Ocampo says:

    Congratulations Janine.. not a bad choice, Goodluck to you..

  14. Richard of London says:

    They are all exotic and beautiful. Another contenders for the grand slam pageants. Congratulations and well done.

  15. Oh no, bad choices! She won´t repeat the feat of Venus and Shamcey!

    • come on guys, hopefully MU will like the regal look of pokwang this year. crossing my fingers hahaha. :0P

  16. Robert From LA says:

    Non Finalists in 2012. disappointing results. Good luck Philippines

  17. a recycled binibini for Ms. Universe. Disappointing results. I think Nicole will do well in Ms. Intermational.

  18. Omaha, Nebraska says:

    Congratulations Ladies! I just wanted to comment on the selection of the 5 winners…. If the final question is the basis for deciding who the winners are I think the new queens deserve their crown, however I disagree with the runners up… How did they end up as runners up if they were not articulate enough to answer their final question…. I know it must be heartbreaking for #9 but I think she also deserve a spot in the 5 winners…. Well good luck to all but be reminded that Donald Trump or his children hand picks the Miss Universe winner not the judges!

  19. I think Nicole Schmitz would have made such an excellent contestant for Miss Universe but congratulations to all the winners

  20. What happen with Patricia Ejercitado?? i can’t believe!! Disappointing!

  21. im really surprised about this. im not expecting her to win.. but thats the judges decisions. so lets all pray and hope that she will do her very best in the Miss Universe competition this year…

  22. Wrong winner

  23. THERE GOES OUR TOP15 winning streak.

    • yup! there goes our top 15 winning streak c’oz we’re gonna leave the top 15 and make it to the top 10, be on top of the top 5 and have our third Miss Universe title holder. have FAITH! you’re a Filipino and Janine is also Filipino. see the similarity? there are such words as Patriotism and Nationalism. i hope everyone got the message.

    • hopefully pokwang will make it to the last 50 this year? LOL

  24. Love love love the winners. The Universe winner is exotic and regal. The Philippines is truly a melting pot of beauty. I can’t wait to see her at Miss Universe.

  25. Mary Jean-Philippines 2012 says:


    • Mary Jean fan, there’s always next year for her. Remember Maricar Balagtas? 3 or 4 times until she finally made it

      • ngek chenes says:

        IS THIS PATRICIA TUMULAK PART 2? (Anyway… Bitter!) :-P

  26. I see some potential for MU. Poor Nicole is the Krista Kleiner this year.

  27. Have to agree with leo: DISAPPOINTING

    • neil_francis says:


      • I’m finding the new winner more beautiful than last year’s and surprised she placed first runner-up last year.

    • Let them bash Janine, they are MJ fans for sure.
      Wait till Janine transforms, those who are against her seriously has no idea about pageantry. When Janine wins at MU, you’ll eat your words.

      It’s so shameful that other nationalities already notice our bad attitude towards our representatives, no wonder we can’t achieve development.

      • Hello Philippines, congrats to Pokwang for winning this years BP. Way to go , cheer for her.

  28. Congratulations to all winners… there are a lot of preparations now for our country Philippines!!! Cheers :)

  29. Disappointing!

    • ngek chenes says:


    • That’s ok honey. To your bet who didn’t made it, there’s always next year

  30. Congrats Nicole Schmitz, Katrina Dimaranan and for the runners-up Elaine Moll and Ali Forbes…You make us all very proud of you!

    • haist! please have faith in Janine. let’s just say that she was given the crown because God knows it fits her. don’t give any conclusions yet to her fate as our representative in the Miss Universe 2012 pageant. please stop saying negative things about her, you’re attracting negativity in her dream to be crowned as Miss Universe 2012, OUR dream, the PHILIPPINES’ dream to have a 3rd Miss Universe title holder. what she needs are our support and prayers. i’m sure that you guys will be the ones jumping and screaming out loud in joy if she wins the Miss Universe 2012 title. so please, let’s just support her and show the world that the Philippines is the land of beautiful people.

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