Derana Miss Sri Lanka 2012: Two winners due to Mess Up

Siriwardana: To Miss World 2012 before the mix-up

Vinu Udani Siriwardena (19, from Dehiwala) was crowned winner of the Derana Miss Sri Lanka 2012 competition on April 5th.  Then, after careful examining of the scores, it was discovered that Siriwardena was not the rightful winner, but Sumudu Prasadini (22, from Kurunegala)

Siriwardena had been crowned with all the honors by the outgoing titleholder. Then, the organization proceeded to fix the mess-up by crowning Prasadini as Derana Miss Sri Lanka 2012, thus declaring two winners. Ramasha Galappatthy came in 3rd place.

Prasadini: Also to Miss World 2012

Although after the mistake it is assumed Prasadini will represent Sri Lanka in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, who knows what will happen or if maybe the two of them will actually compete, setting a precedent in the pageant.

23 thoughts on “Derana Miss Sri Lanka 2012: Two winners due to Mess Up

  1. Mr. Nimal Rathnayake – Mr. Rathnayake ,I also witnessed the show , Do you think Sumudu gave the correct answer ! NO, she does not know what is quality, Personality is not a quality ! it’s totally wrong., Vinu’s answer was somewhat better although it wasn’t the proper answer. My opinion Ramasha gave the best answer.

  2. nimal ratnayake says:

    what ever you people say i was there and i know one of the judges personally. he told me (i will not tell who) that all seven of them voted annonimously to sumudu prasadini and the other girls was never the winner.they said something funny has happened and they will do the rightful justice. rightfully said they corrected the blunder the organizers made.vinu is way shorter and fatter than personal opinon is that derana shoud do a one on one competition on both of these girls again as a reality show.then people will clearly see that sumudu is far more better and knowledgable than vinu who even gave a very bad answer for michale wijesuriyas question and michale wijesuriya was not happy with the answer (he himself said then and there in front of the crowd) ask anyone who went to see the show rather thasn speculate

  3. I think a lot of people are looking at a very good picture of Vinu above and a very bad one of Sumudu. I would ask the editors to please add a proper picture of Sumudu who is much better looking, in my opinion than Vinu, and a far stronger contestant to MW.

  4. All the best sumudu prasadini…Rightful winner…Make sri lanka proud…

    • Ha ha ! Just a passenger to China !

  5. i dont understand how the derana team arranged such an event yet they couldnt calculate the end results…i sometimes feel it wasnt even a mess up lol..because everyone should have questioned when vinu turned out to be the winner…

    So many people beleived sumudu could easily win…there was something in her that made her stand out of the rest….she deserved it…she won most of the mini pageants…which means she anyways had a better chance of winning…and shes pretty..the only problem i saw in her was the way she spoke…it was like its difficult for her to speak…apart from that she was perfect…beautiful figure …atheletic, smart and tall…i didnt see a complete package in the other girls…vinu was gorgeous but for anyone who would have watched the competition from beginning and know the MW requirements would definetely go with sumudu..i thought the final competition would be among ramasha and sumudu…i was shocked when they even said vinus name to the top 5…she was lucky they didnt take back the prizes…probably the other girls would be very dissapointed…

  6. they should choose only one representative for their country. good luck!

  7. Vinu Siriwardena is more beautiful then Sumudu Prasadini. Vinu has a very beautiful radiant smile see for yourself & looks much beautiful then india who is ugly. If vinu participates in MW she has a gr8 chance of faring well in the competition.

  8. Vinu was pretty…but her rear was tooo big..reminded me of kim was very can she wear a swimsuit??…Its not beauty that matters…she won only one mini pageant…it was obvious sumudu was going to win….she deserved it considering the height and all…All the best…
    Its not the face that matters…Its everything…

  9. dilip indian says:

    siriwardana is more beautiful

  10. I remember when South Africa had two representatives in a Miss World in the 1960s or 70s – Miss South Africa and Miss Africa South (one white and one black).

  11. i prefer vinu. she has a great chance is placing.

  12. I agree Vinu is more beautiful this other girl has no spark to her whatsoever…she is quite drab

  13. the better girl actually won. I am glad. There was a mix up in jamaica last year, it only affected 2nd and 3rd places…or so they say.

  14. The first announced winner is the prettier and has a strong chance of winning Miss World 2012 but I was very sad when it was messed up and they fixed the scores correctly only to come up with a very ordinary ugly women who has very very low chance of making at least as a semifinalist. They choose a great winner when they messed up. I don’t like the “correct” official winner and Sri Lankan representative to the Miss World after the messed up was fixed.

    • AECCYGEL TUBAT says:


  15. This is inaccurate. When the mistake was first discovered, they declared both girls as co-winners, but awarded the right to participate in Miss World to Sumudu Prasidini, who actually was the girl with the highest score (and was incorrectly declared the RU). However, because confusion still remained, they “reheld” the contest, and Sumudu Prasidini was declared the winner. She alone will go to Miss World. Whatever the ultimate status of Vinu Siriwardana, one thing is certain that she will not go to Miss World.

  16. Oh My God,feeling so bad for her. She is also so beautiful,the “rightful” winner. It reminds me of what previously happened at Miss Slovenia U 2010,where they gave underservingly due to supposed “mistake” the title to the runner up,although the winner was stunning.

  17. Sumudu was the rightfully winner and a bad mess up by the organizers took away the moment sumudu had. That moment is priceless giving her the tital later will not sum up to it. I have a feeling all things happens for a reson and for something better. I have a strange feeling that sumudu will do well and better than the past contestants and bring glory to mother Lanka. My wishes and prayers are with you. Good luck

  18. Only Sumudu Prasadini will compete Miss World 2012.

  19. MISTUNIVERS35 says:

    Ahahahaha, Two girls from the same country in the same pageant, a transexual…. 2012 is really starting well in terms of beauty pageants ^^.

    • That’s the end of the world …

  20. She Is Cute!

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