Global Beauties to change Grand Slam Ranking

The staff at Global Beauties has been working on the new Grand Slam Ranking, to be launched later this month.  The changes integrate a more comprehensive look at all participating countries and their performance at the planet’s most important beauty pageants.

The current ranking will be only used from now on to define the “Country of the Year“.

The Grand Slam of Beauty Pageants™ was created and registered by Global Beauties in 1999.

What changes do you think will take place?

58 thoughts on “Global Beauties to change Grand Slam Ranking

  1. @GB it seems like you’re really ‘hating’ ME, though you say otherwise. If you really think that it’s got issues and it’s substandard compared to the other 5 pageants, then just take it out of the Grandslam – that’s what you really wanna do anyways.

    • GB may not admit that, but I see your point BS. I still hope GB will reconsider its plan to exclude ME, but if they really “hate” the pageant, then, just exclude it right away, and not make it a guessing game.

      Be direct and kill it, unless you enjoy seeing ME supporters suffer…

      • “Be direct and kill it, unless you enjoy seeing ME supporters suffer…”

        That or they’ll be hounded by the pageant’s Filipino followers, LOL. I just don’t understand how they want to take this pageant out and leave the less popular pageants in-sounds political to me. But whether they take it our or leave it in their Grandslam, it’s they’re choice, and we’ve got to respect them for that. Some other pageant blogs may still consider them as one of the top pageants.

  2. Pamela Addams says:

    please including miss international queen in the pageant grand slam

  3. It is very obvious that GB hates ME, why dont you remove it right away from your list, ME wont need you anyway.

    • We don’t hate Miss Earth. We are objective. And we do not understand why some Filipinos insist on trying to put other pageants down in order to promote its own Miss Earth. Rather, you should see the real problems Miss Earth has been facing in the past years, and try to help it to improve.

  4. ….or better yet give them all equal bearing… Times 2 for every pageants… In that case they have fair points….

  5. Just stick with U-W-I-E …

  6. It seems that GB is more inclined to take ME out of the Grand Slam Ranking. I will respect their decision… but please consider the relevance of ME’s pageant. Their presentation may not be as good as that of MU, but their intention is the best.

    If GB helped ME to build its name when the pageant first started, why stop?

  7. i think they will not include MU as Grand Slam of Beauty Pageants anymore because of MU ruling on transgenders

  8. People: The Grand Slam of Beauty Pageants and the Grand Slam Ranking are two different things.

  9. jorge villabona says:

    Miss Intercontinental instead of Miss Supranational. MU shouldn’t be taken into acount from 2013 if transexuals are accepted.

  10. Here’s how I would classify the six majors:

    1ST LEVEL (GOLD) – Miss Universe and Miss World

    2ND LEVEL (SILVER) – Miss Earth and Miss International

    3RD LEVEL (BRONZE) – Miss Supranational and Miss Tourism Queen

    • @Alex Sarmiento I agree with your post.

      • Totally agree. A brilliant idea! Hope the administration of Global Beauties will consider this format. God Bless1 :)

  11. El sastre de sastres says:

    You’ll be adding more non important pageants as you did with the Miss Supranational pageant. Sorry guys but I think that the only pageants that should be up there are Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth.

    • Nobody is being added.

      • Rennelbludemon says:

        Will you remove Miss Earth as a Grandslam pageant?

  12. Only MU and MW matters— maybe ME and MI… Hmm I have a feeling GB will remove ME :-) well they are not willing to pay GB anything- so they are most likely removing it…. But then- that might be unwise coz most countries recognize ME through a franchise (in fact more than MI)— btw only very few countries know Ms Supra…while MTQI is so y predictable…

    I have to say- u can’t judge a pageant by 2 years or so- there is a history that goes behind it– that is why even MI is outdated- it remAins important

    • If it wasn’t for Global Beauties, Miss Earth wouldn’t be what it is today. It was GB who put it as a big pageant back in 2002, when nobody else would support it.

      • Rennelbludemon says:

        I agree with it. From 2001 to 2006, Miss Earth has its unique production and theme. But I noticed when 2007 comes, it looked like Miss Earth was copying Miss Universe.

      • if it were not for die hard fans filipinos, your website will not exist at all….coz almost 95% visitors are fucking filipinos bwwahahahahhah….

        • No they are not. BTW you should really get a life, you spend 24 hours a day leaving comments like that in here.

          • Richard of London says:

            In a positive note, I really enjoyed reading comments from Philippinos either good or bad. They really are pageant crazy. Without them, I believe the pageant world would be soooo boring. Like here in the UK, nobody seems to be bothered any longer with beauty contest. All my colleagues are just interested with football, cricket and rugby. Is it just me now interested with pageants here in England. Even Miss World here is not even televised live on major stations. Where did it all gone? PEACE!

  13. Thanks to Global Beauties, I’ve grown to appreciate the Miss World pageant system.

  14. it’s only a matter before the transgender community goes after miss world ,international, miss universe was the first.

  15. Bryan Peter says:

    I don’t get it why MTQI and Supranational are included? MI and ME should be times two points level with MW and MU

    • Then why should Earth be included? Based on production and contestants quality, last year it fell behind the other 5. Should we consider removing it?

  16. Take some transsexual beauty contests in Grand Slam? Combine points from all whatever sex (male, female, trans-)? E.t.c. Could I ask you a question, Ed? As pro- of beauties, your own opinion about trans- compete Miss- pageants? Agree or not?

  17. First, will global beauties take into account the current brouhaha in the pageant world regarding XX females and XY females. But for me, MW+MU+MI+ME still. Take out the rest of the minor pageants. Or, if they would be included, they should rank lower than the other four. LIke, a factor of 2 for the two oldest pageants and then a factor of 1.5 for MI and ME, and a factor of 0.5 to 1 for the minor pageants.

    • So perhaps we should consider removing the ‘minor’ Miss Earth as well? It’s up to the level of the other 3, and least year, bellow them…

  18. Miss Earth and Miss Supranational should not be included

    • fckushushmita says:

      miss earth pageant is interesting and has relevance nowadays. its getting a lot of franchise globally. its getting a lot of attention already it produces great winners and they are busy also all year round. its a beauty pageant with a cause.. that is promoting the importance of nature.

  19. we do hope that miss intrnational and miss earth should be times two for equal points with MU and MW

  20. I just hope they add Miss intercontinental to the grand slam rating & if MU is going to allow transgenders then plz drop it bcoz all beauty pageants r for natural born feminine women only. No transgenders to be given a chance in grand slam ratings. Countries like canada, philippines, boliva & whichever that r ready to accept & send transgenders to beauty pageants should be ignored & ginen minus points.

  21. yeah its a great idea that all countries and territories performance in beauty pageants will be listed so that we will know their participation and history in beauty pageants… good job! keep it up…

  22. Most likely, the Miss Universe will be downgraged. Miss World will be the top point earner…

    Prestige prevails?

  23. i think, if the ranking will be changed, for me, the ranking of the previous years should also be changed.. if you will compute the other “country of the year” using the current process, or vice versa, o different result will be obtained.

    • The ranking is being changed in an overall manner. However, the system to choose “country of the year” will stay the same.

  24. Clyde Ocampo says:

    Will the six pageants, Earth, International, Supranational, TQI, Universe, and World will have the same ranking points?

    • Nope. That is actually the biggest change. Stay tuned!

  25. miss universe will be out of the ranking if a transexual get to be there as contestant!! because grand slam ranking is for women’s pageant, and miss universe in this moment it isn’t!!

  26. Pedro Chadid says:

    Miss Intercontinental is older than MTQI and MSPN this pageant need a spot in your top!

  27. Oops I meant Miss Intercontinental instead of Miss Supranational in my previous post!

  28. I’m guessing more pageants will be added, you guys hinted in previous months that Supranational and Miss Tourism International would be added. I would love to see Miss Tourism Queen International being dropped, but I’m sure that’s not one of the changes. And probably the special awards will receive more points, up until now they’ve been marginal and don’t really make a difference in the ranking. One change I would NOT like to see is seeing MU and MW being awarded as many points as the other pageants; despite the controversy and what haters might say, those two are unquestionably the most iconic and prestigious pageants in the world.

  29. What changes do I think will take place?

    Every transsexual that participates at Miss Universe will automatically receive 100 points.

    • hahahahaha love that!

  30. JennaTalackovie says:

    Will it still be the Big 6?

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