Dulcita Lieggi (center), new Miss Dominican Republic

Local websites have announced that Miss Dominican Republic Universe, Carlina Duran, was dethroned earlier today after organizers found out that she was allegedly married.

The announcement, according to Diario Social, was made by franchise holder Magali Febles, who organizes the Miss Dominican Republic Universe competition since 2004.

Febles said that Duran will be replaced by the 1st runner-up, Dulcita Lieggi Francisco.  “We had no choice but to take away her title”, she said. Duran, now divorced, competed in the Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 pageant in China.

The coronation of Lieggi as the new Dominican representative in Miss Universe will take place on Wednesday.

According to the Miss Universe official rules, contestants should “never have been married” or “have never given birth”.  But the same rules also state that they should be “natural born females”, a rule that was abolished -according to  Donald Trump- to accomodate Jenna Talackova’s petition, a transsexual competing for the Miss Universe Canada title.

Now the question is: if transgenders can now join the Miss Universe pageant, why can’t married/divorced women? Duran certainly fits the bill: tall, beautiful, and with a desire to represent her country. We believe that, if MUO opened an exception for one group of people, it should review all of its rules.

If transgendered women are allowed to participate in Miss Universe, should married women and mothers be allowed to do so as well? Express your opinion.