Miss Dominican Republic Universe has been Dethroned

Dulcita Lieggi (center), new Miss Dominican Republic

Local websites have announced that Miss Dominican Republic Universe, Carlina Duran, was dethroned earlier today after organizers found out that she was allegedly married.

The announcement, according to Diario Social, was made by franchise holder Magali Febles, who organizes the Miss Dominican Republic Universe competition since 2004.

Febles said that Duran will be replaced by the 1st runner-up, Dulcita Lieggi Francisco.  “We had no choice but to take away her title”, she said. Duran, now divorced, competed in the Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 pageant in China.

The coronation of Lieggi as the new Dominican representative in Miss Universe will take place on Wednesday.

According to the Miss Universe official rules, contestants should “never have been married” or “have never given birth”.  But the same rules also state that they should be “natural born females”, a rule that was abolished -according to  Donald Trump- to accomodate Jenna Talackova’s petition, a transsexual competing for the Miss Universe Canada title.

Now the question is: if transgenders can now join the Miss Universe pageant, why can’t married/divorced women? Duran certainly fits the bill: tall, beautiful, and with a desire to represent her country. We believe that, if MUO opened an exception for one group of people, it should review all of its rules.

If transgendered women are allowed to participate in Miss Universe, should married women and mothers be allowed to do so as well? Express your opinion.


58 thoughts on “Miss Dominican Republic Universe has been Dethroned

  1. No – if I were married, I would not want to be away from my spouse for a year to fulfil duties of a titleholder. If I have children, I would not want to be away from them for a year. That would be selfish and I’d be deemed unfit to be a mother. A transgendered person can meet the requirements if she is single and meets all other requirements.

  2. Because a rule has been changed, it does mean that all rules have to be changed.
    Married woman should not participate in these kind of events, that’s why they have pageants for married woman…Because one rule was changed, so now some people want all kind of woman to participate in beauty contests…married, fat, short, old, ugly, etc, etc?..No way!!!

  3. Yeah, the rule in miss universe has now been mixed up and should go for reviewing.

  4. i agree with that dethrone ,thats the rules and i disagree for transgenders to take part in miss universe,a special pageant for those would be better!Trumb destroy the Miss Universe pageant….boring man
    The truth is Carlina Duran was better than the runner up but whatever will happen ,happens for good

  5. I don’t agree at all with the transgender taking part of a female beauty pageant nor I do with married woman or younger or older than the previously stablished rank. For those asking to have for the last question this year “What it is the essence of being a woman” can refer to Miss Universe 1994 where all 3 delegates answered it so beautifully (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q9ZTReOQzc)

  6. Well she isn’t a Miss so she doesn’t qualigy. Maybe she can enter Mrs. Dominican Rep.

  7. Hello Global Beauties Family!
    These are my thoughts and opinions that I would like to share with everyone. My opinion on Miss DR being dethroned, you can not lie about being married, giving birth, and then enter a pageant as prestigious as “Miss Universe” and act shocked that you were dethroned from. I do agree that she is very pretty and would have represented DR Im sure, very well. As for the new Miss DR, she is going to have to work hard to prove her haters and nay sayer’s wrong.

    Now my opinion on the Miss Universe rules. The MUO allowing transgendered woman to take part in the compettion does bother me. But at the same time, Jenna does deserve to have a fulfilled life just like everyone else. I wish her the best at MU, and I have to channel Rupaul now “Jenna don’t f*** it up!”

    Now Miss Universe Organization, you need to go through all of your rules and modernize the rules to suit the needs of those wanting to enter the pageant. MUO if you will allow transgendered women (and most of us, gay or not disagree with that), I feel that you need to change the age requirement from 17-27 to 17-30. Woman now a days are not having babies early and are choosing to have children later in life, also I feel that the MUO needs to also change the rule of never having been pregnant and not a mother. A lot of young single mothers could use the oppurtunity to have a better way of life. I don’t feel that the MUO should allow married women to compete, married women have Mrs. World, Mrs. Galaxay, etc. Please remember this is my opinion and feelings about these situations. Happy Pageant!


  9. Transgender women then must never have been married either in order to participate.

  10. um thats why they have the mrs comps.. those woman should compete there


  12. well, the “Miss” in Ms. Universe definitely shuts this discussion down.

  13. planetchuckie says:

    Lots of loopholes in Trump’s recent decision there.

  14. If a transgender was allowed to compete… Why can’t a married or divorced woman? I think MU messed up everything with the Talackova issue…

  15. I’m so SAD. Carlina was the best choice. Dulcita no va a llegar muy lejos.

    @Alex .. . She WAS married in the past! She is a MISS Not MRS ..

  16. This is MISS Universe, not MRS Universe. Hence, it should be ok for previously-married women to take part, but not currently-married of course. They should of course be within the age limits.

  17. I’m sure Donald Tr will look into this , Is not fear they take away the title to the gorgeous Miss Dominican Rep , I’m sure they will be others happy about the news

  18. It’s the rule of Miss Universe Dominican Republic organization.

    As well as Mexico, Venezuela don’t accept transgenders.

  19. Don’t these candidates go through a rigorous background check before they make it on the official roster of candidates? How did Carlina make it all the way to finals without anyone finding out about this marriage issue?

  20. Adele Santos says:

    I think that any woman who is a ‘miss’ (not married) should be allowed to participate, regardless of the fact that she has been married before and is now divorced or has had children but isn’t legally married. If the competition were called Mrs Universe, then it would be for all married women, biological as well as transexual women.

  21. ngek chenes says:


  22. Opinionated says:

    I feel sorry for Carlina, but I’m actually one of the few I guess that like Dulcita better. I think she can better than Carlina at Miss Universe. Carlina’s body isn’t really ready for MU.

  23. they should change the rule to allow moms and divorcees to compete if “MEN” can compete.

  24. Allowing transgenders did open doors for other exceptions. Tsk Tsk. Miss U should start asking again- what is the essence of a REAL woman? (and you have 30 seconds to answer)

  25. que estupidez y degradante para nosotras, lo que hizo miss universo, prefirió aceptar un tipo que quiso ser mujer, trasformado, y no a una mujer casada o con hijos, que al fin de cuentas es mujer natural. que tiene así este casada esta bonita, por algo gano, debería ir a miss universo y decirle a el señor canada si es que gana, cual es la esencia de la mujer? jejejej

    • Luis Alberto says:

      Estoy de acuerdo contigo Angela. Si ya se ha cambiado la regla acerca de que pueden ser mujeres “convertidas” y no nacidas como tal, ¿qué mas da una mujer casada, con hijos o divorciada, si cumple con la edad, belleza y preparación?. También se está discriminando. En efecto, esta regla con mucho mas razón debe cambiarse

  26. I’m so upset, I loved Carlina.

  27. bryan Peter says:

    The 1st Runner-up has NO WAY chance of cracking the semi-finals. Clapper for DR again

  28. Then change the title to MRS Republica Dominicana

  29. Joseph dominican says:

    This seems to me a cheap circus. Don’t like Dulcita to represent my country.Don’t like her… :'(

  30. El sastre de sastres says:

    Ok, so then man can also compete, and women under 18 years old or above 30…Miss Universe has just made one of its greatest mistakes.

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