Miss Earth, Supranational and Intercontinental Spain 2012

The Miss Venus Española Internacional beauty contest took place in Benidorm on April 22nd and selected several winners: Miss Venus Española Internacional is 19-year old Raquel Arias (center, Sierra Norte) who will represent Spain in Miss Earth 2012; 20-year old Miriam Ruiz (2nd from right, Costa Dorada) will compete in Miss Intercontinental 2012; and Nieves Sanchez (2nd from left, Pirineos) will represent Spain in Miss Supranational 2012.

The runner-ups were Estela Cruz (crowned Miss Latina Spain) and Marina Romero (crowned Queen Española).

The pageant was organized by event agency Showstars.

8 thoughts on “Miss Earth, Supranational and Intercontinental Spain 2012

  1. Christopher says:

    Miss Intercontinental is not in the grand slam,so the 1st runner up should go to Miss Supranational

  2. The girl going to Supranational is gorgeous!

  3. bryan Peter says:

    The girl on the center (Miss Earth) is stunning

  4. Miss Intercontinental is the most beautiful, amazing!!!

  5. Raquelo Arios says:

    The girl who goes to Miss Earth is spectacular!!!

  6. Priscillo Meirello says:

    QUÉ BIEN!!!
    Por lo menos tendremos candidata española en el Miss Earth y en Miss Supranational!!!

  7. Great to have Spain represented at every grand slam pageant, making its debut at miss supranational, which os great. Good luck for my country Spain!

    • Spain had a contestant in Miss Supranational 2010

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