Miss Liberia 2012

Leda Knowlden (18) from Lofa county was crowned Miss Liberia 2012 during the event held on April 14th.  Standing 170 cm tall, Leda will represent the African nation at the 2012 Miss World competition in Ordos, China, in August 18th.

14 thoughts on “Miss Liberia 2012

  1. john from england says:

    can’t see why there should be any controversy. she is an attractive woman and the picture used on the item “more than 50 miss world contestants crowned” is even better. good luck to the lady

  2. Congratulations Miss Liberia 2012, wish you all the best in your upcoming endeavors…am proud of you. You are a true Liberian beauty so natural and unique. Please don’t listen to the ridiculous and pointless things that people are saying, just be focus on what that is ahead. Pay no attention to all the controversy…

  3. Congratulations miss Lib …… U r nothing bt the best … And I me u will win the Miss world .

  4. Amos Josiah says:

    you look great on dat photo.you did well.we all proud of u.i know u will win miss world.

  5. Dauda kamara says:

    Congratulations!!!! You’ve gotten it.I believe that u will achieve more

  6. She seems to have been chosen by some elite in Liberia rather than who the Crowd at the Pageant really wanted or preferred to be called the Miss Liberia. She claims to be 18 but looks 27 on that photo.

    • You know nothing about that country and the girls. Just coz she’s not Latino don’t start criticizing her soon. The people don’t do Photoshop and surgery so leave them alone. Who knows?

      Always concern about those fake Latino girls.

    • Actually the crowd was all for her. If she had lost there would have been much public outcry. Check your facts. and she is 18, we graduated from high school together.

  7. Hmm she’s okay. But except she is good in modelling, talent and d rest, she won’t place.

  8. She’s very beautiful and I believe she can make a difference at the upcoming miss world.

  9. shes OK but looks quite regular atleast on that photo

    • Just because she’s not the typical Caucasian standard of beauty, that doesn’t mean she’s beautiful.

    • No Photoshop so she appears so regular. That is beauty in their country just like in yours.

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