Miss Universe Paraná 2012

Miss Palotina, Alessandra Bernardi, was the winner of Miss Universe Paraná 2012, and will represent her state in Miss Universe Brazil 2012, in October, in the city of São Paulo.

The 1st runner-up was Jhennifer Martins of Cascavel, a former Miss World Paraná and Miss World Brazil runner-up, and the 2nd runner-up was Giselli Vanessa Schiavon, from Umuarama.

The event happened in Maringá.

8 thoughts on “Miss Universe Paraná 2012

  1. ngek chenes says:

    wow factor

  2. For some reason, I misread Parana as Panama and when I went on to read that she will compete in Miss Universe Brazil, I was like, “Since when Panama become a state of Brazil?” Fool me!

  3. Adele Santos says:

    I like this girl. I think she will go far in the competition. Thanks GB for letting me know that Miss Universe Brazil will take place in October. I just love this site!

    • Adele, it will take place either on October or September. Thank you for visiting ;)

      • Adele Santos says:

        Thank you! :)

  4. hector rivera says:

    the slash says Miss Parana, no Miss Universe Parana

    • The official name of the pageant in Miss Universe Paraná, just like it’s now Miss Universe Brazil.

  5. muy hermosa, cierto parecido a stefania fernandez.

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