Miss World Argentina 2012

Josefina Herrero, a 17-year old student who competed as Miss Mundo Corrientes, was crowned Miss Mundo Argentina 2012 during the event held at the Costa Galana Hotel in Mar del Plata, province of Buenos Aires, on April 13th.  Josefina, standing 178 cm tall, will compete in the Miss World 2012 pageant to be held in Ordos, China, in August.

5 thoughts on “Miss World Argentina 2012

  1. She looks like she could be competing for miss teen USA. I think she should try for miss universe once she hits 18, providing she didn’t win miss world.

  2. Bellísimaaaa… she was my favourite.. I think she´s a stunning girl and Argentina has the chance to do it at the finals in Ordos… good luck Josefina.. you´re adorable

  3. pretty girl I hope she does something

  4. Gorgeous winner!

  5. Wow. She is so beautiful. Looks like she’s gonna place well in the top 15 at MW. Watch out for her.

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