Nuestra Belleza Mexico: No Transgenders will be accepted

Although the Miss Universe Organization abolished the rule that states only “natural born females” can compete in the pageant, the spokesperson for the Nuestra Belleza Mexico competition, Ana Laura Corral, affirmed that their pageant is keeping its current rules.

Corral confirmed that the requirements for Mexican beauties to join the competition will still be “Mexican, with beauty of face and body and natural born females”.

The announcement took place after Miss Universe owner Donald Trump confirmed that Transgenders will be welcome to join Miss Universe preliminaries from now on.

Nuestra Belleza Mexico was born in 1994 and currently sends Mexican representatives to Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Continente Americano. El Universal

43 thoughts on “Nuestra Belleza Mexico: No Transgenders will be accepted

  1. good….. =)

  2. Viva Lupita Jones!
    Viva NB Mexico!

  3. from a trans girl says:

    Poland is another third world country with a religion that says that if you are gay you will burn in hell! what are you celebrating?

  4. Thank you Mexico. Let the beauty pageants are for natural born female only.

  5. Poland Nat Dir. says:

    No Transgenders will be accept also in Miss Polonia pageant.

  6. one country who has given practical reason… viva mexico

    • You must live in India, where they tran LGBT cower for saftey and are always scared of being persecuted so obviously you are scared to come out of the closet.

      • Jay, YOU must be on pre-op hormone therapy, which is why you are so emotionally unstable and trying to connect random posters to particular nations. LMAO!

  7. Lupita Jones was never a favorite Miss Universe of mine, until now! I hope more national directors follow her lead and put an end to this ridiculous media attention grabbing scheme by the morons at MUO.

    • And you are the moron that’s from fundamental middle east where women and LGBT people are persecuted. Contraditicting your ideals aren’t you????

      • You’re the moron because Amir is simply an alias I use on GB. I’m not from the middle east but it’s nice to see how hyper-sensitive all of you are. LOL

  8. Great, keep it up NBM!

  9. “VERRY FUNNY” yet so “SAD”to see all these comments on this board of people who profess to being gay, LGBT in nature, yet would dis associate themselves from a GID group just like them. You guys are hypocrites forever. There’s people in this world that would try to fight for our rights to be accepted and recognized by society, but then,when one step is taken forward by such Trailblazers as Jenna, we take 2 steps back. This is due largely in part to your ignorance and non supportive roles and hurtful comments on such forums as these. Are you for real??? that you would call yourself, gay , lesbian, trans, etc yet go against the very same people that are in the same boat as you who are fighting for their’s as well as our rights to be accepted and respected by society. All I can say again to you guys are you are all HYPOCRITES!!! Wake up!!!!! Time and attitudes are changing regardless of whether you’re leaving in a first world country or third world. You’re not in the Medieval or ancient times, as you all seem to be in by the looks of things.if you have the guts to one on this forum and heap negativity on fellow GID’s like you, then I’m sorry but you’re a sad sad story that will keep being rejected by the “normal”society.

  10. I’m glad to hear this…. other countries who feels the same way should speak up and stop this non-sense.

  11. Pageants' Lover says:

    Finally…a WAKE-UP call to those blind sided people who said fighting for equality and tolerance!!!

    The metaphore:
    -Summer/Winter Olympics = Special Olympics = equal
    -Handicapped athlete who join summer/winter olympics and strong normal athlete who join special Olympics = NOT equal

    WAKE Up MUO…

    Muchas Gracias Nuestra Belezza Mexico…

  12. eso esta bien, mal por canada y principalmente miss universo, que ya pierde la seriedad aceptando hombres trasformados en mujeres, espero que sea solo publicidad y nada mas, sin embargo no creo que llegara a ganar en miis universo un señor de esto, estos son la respuesta a miles de cirugías, trasformaciones inconformes de su propio sexo, mal ejemplo la verdad.

  13. WELL DONE Nuestra Belleza Mexico!!!!

  14. Who cares what a third world country like Mexico says!

    • Now Now, 3rd World Countries are dominating Miss Universe with winners! Don’t knock them!

    • Now, that’s an inclusive, loving, tolerant, open minded position Elena!. You are hypocrisy personified.

    • first world citizen says:

      true, mexico is still considered a third world country, but when it comes to gay lesbian and transgendered laws, gay marriage in mexico is legal in a few states including the capital. under mexican constitution, if a couple gets married in ANY of the states, that automatically gives them constitutional rights over the rest of the country. Also, worthy to point at, mexico has rights to same sex couple who do not want to marry, provides health benefits to same sex couples among other things. not to bad for a third world country right? Wish that here in the States, we had something that gave us, the same kind of protection as Mexico. Thanks :)


  15. For ME, transgenders should not be allowed in this competition. If the organization wants it, they should also allowed those married, pregnant and mothers before them!

    And beside from that, here are so many gay competitions, national or international!

  16. Yayyyy!!! I hope all the Miss Universe franchise holders come together and end this. Nothing against transgender people but they don’t belong in Miss Universe.

    • from a trans girl says:

      Nothing against gay people but marriage is only forf a man and a woman

      • mistunivers35 says:

        Ahahahahaa where is the point with beauty pageants and gay marriage????

        I think gays should have the right to marry each other. There’s not a competition. They have the right to celebrate love in a church. How that can be a problem?

        It’s not like here, putting a transexual in a women pageant. That’s completely different.

        If you are really “a trans girl”, you should be ashamed of not accepting the gay marriage. Would you love to be criticized?. So stop with your religious sentence “only man and woman”. You’re a trans, you’ve always disappointed god!

        • from a trans girl says:

          If that is true then the supreme court of mexico will legislate that transgender women who are recognized legally as women can compete in Miss Mexico!

        • from a trans girl says:

          because according to to heterosexual society being gay is anti natural and marriage was created only for a man and a woman. See the point. If a transgender is not a natural woman being gay isn’t natural either!

      • I’m gay, and I’m happy for MU’s change of policy, however your comment is blatantly wrong, and disgraceful at that. Civil marriage is a CIVIL RIGHT, participating in a women’s beauty pageant is NOT.

    • Total agree!

  17. nuestra belleza should hold also the miss earth franchise.. miss earth is a great pageant and relevant.

  18. I think so should be, the contest is called “Miss Universe” not Gay .. Miss Universe this gives a bad name to the contest.

  19. Gee, that’s shocking, Lupita Jones seems so open, fair and tolerant…(sarcasm).

    • Lupita only won because the pageant was in Las Vegas and she had a ton of supporters. I’ve seen many transgender women more beautiful than Lupita, I hate to say.

  20. Im gay myself but this goes o far Miss Universe Miss world teh world say is A MISS.. and with all respect .. hope this will not be the down under for teh organisation

  21. Bless . u

  22. Since the transgender issue is unstoppable and official announcements had been made, I would like to have a petition to boycott the “so-called” most prestigious beauty pageant ever made: Miss Universe. The essence of femininity is thrown straight into the garbage bin. I am officially dropping my support to MUO. I’d rather watch the boring Miss World than watching a trying hard “woman” in Miss Universe. Disgusting and a huge disgrace to womanhood

  23. Great news!

  24. I red the rule only applies in Canada and Usa. But VERY HAPPY to hear this about Miss Mexico. Great women like Elisa Najera, Laura Elizondo and of course Ximena. Very concern about the future of Miss Universe and i hope all this is about publicity.

    • Ximena’s not natural. She’s had cosmetic surgery!


  26. MISTUNIVERS35 says:

    In France, again two years ago, only the finalists could wear two pieces swimsuits in Miss France’s pageant. They have also to be natural, no chirurgical operations, not even dyed hair or extensions….So no, i think transexual will NEVER be accepted in France Pageants…

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