Fiji’s representative in Miss World 2012 replaced

First-runner up to Miss World Fiji 2012 Koini Vakaloloma will now replace Torika Watters at the Miss World Pageant in China.

Pageant Director Andhy Blake confirmed that it has been decided that 24-year-old Vakaloloma will replace Torika Watters due to the controversy surrounding her selection.

There were reports Watters selection was a breach of the Miss World regulation rules, which states participants must be aged between 17 and 24 years.

Blake said Watters who is 16 years of age will attend the Pageant in Bali next year.

20 thoughts on “Fiji’s representative in Miss World 2012 replaced

  1. So much for representing Fiji (Koini Vakaloloma….She didn’t even where our traditional clothes while performing the dance for our country…what was she wearing any way??????

  2. Liberia – two winners. One selected by the judges while the other was selected by the organizers based on her total point obtained from online voting and overall performance. The government seized the crown a month after the pageant. Rumors has it that the two winners are preparing for the crown but no one knows who will actually represent the country at MW 2012.

  3. Flaws. MONGOLIA IS NOT IN CHINA. Get the facts right.

    • The pageant will be in the province of INNER MONGOLIA which is located in Northeast China. Study a little before complaining.

      • Indeed, kind of like Ireland and NORTHERN Ireland.

  4. in addition to the age issue, at least four of the candidates in the Fiji finals also had large visible body tattoos, which was also against the selection criteria….

    • Pageants allow tattoos as long as they are not visible or obvious. Hundreds of girls with Tattoos have been competing in both Miss World and Miss Universe during a good past 30 years.

  5. Silvana Suarez(Argentina) was the first runner up & was sent to Miss World in 1978 & won- so it can happen, but in this case…probably not

  6. I don’t know why they allowed the initial winner to compete if she will not compete.If she was my daughter I will sue the organizers for defarmation of character.

  7. Stacy Thompson says:

    she’s the runner up there so we can’t really expect her to win worlds!

    • yes but we can still support her..

    • Why would you say that? Gina Tolleson, won Miss World after coming in 2nd in HER national competition.

  8. what a controversial year for the pageant world!!

  9. They criteriar clearly states above 17 years – why did they let her in first place – just to gain exposure for next year — poor decision from the pageant director

  10. Watter gets to keep her crown so let’s chill out, people. The title of the article was intentionally provoking but no real losses here.

  11. What a pity- I thought Watter was the best candidate in the Miss Fiji pageant this year but thank God the organisers seem wise to this as well and have decided to her to MW next year

  12. The controversy was that Torika Watters was she was 15 when selected, and had been pre selected by the Miss World Fiji Fiji Director, Andhy Blake.

    A Miss World Fiji judge told a reporter that there was something dodgy about Miss World Fiji:

    Torika Watters released this statement yesterday after removing herself from Miss World Fiji dramas:

  13. Oh my God.. What a great year!!..: Canada (transgender), Ireland (too aged), Bulgaria (electronic cheating), Dominican Republic (divorced), Sri Lanka (2 representatives), Fiji (too young & doesn’t look native).. etc.. WHO’S NEXT??!! and WHAT ELSE? ;)

    • Rennelbludemon says:

      I guess the real reason is that the former winner was too young.. Being not native looking is not a valid reason for dethronement..

    • Only 1 delegate from Sri Lanka will compete Miss World 2012, not 2.

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