Miss Turkey 2012

Miss Turkey 2012 - on to Miss World!

Açelya Samyeli Danoğlu, a Turkish beauty actually born in Germany, is the new Miss Turkey 2012.  She will represent Turkey in the Miss World 2012 competition in Ordos, China.

She is 1.83 m-tall. Açelya was a pre-pageant favorite and her victory was celebrated by many.

Çağıl Özge Özkul, from Ankara, 1.80 m-tall, placed second, and was crowned Miss Turkey Universe. She will represent Turkey in the Miss Universe 2012 pageant in December.

Her placement was considered a surprise, since candidate number 5, Merve Sari, was expected to be picked to go to one of the “Big 2″, and ended up excluded from the “top 4″.

Miss Turkey Earth is Ilknur Melis Durasi and Miss Turkey International 2012 is Meltem Tuzuner.

Congratulations! Special thanks to Nick C.

Miss Turkey World

Miss Turkey Universe

Top 4

8 thoughts on “Miss Turkey 2012

  1. Miss world turkey is gorgeous. Second place winner is a disgrace. Looks like a man trying to be a female. Third is a cutie!

  2. nice pageant, crowning the 4 representatives for the most important international pageants. congrats to miss turkey organization!

  3. actually second runner up ( MT Earth ) looks really beautiful, i hope she will do great in Miss Earth 2012. The winner was already favorite to most of the people who followed the pageant so she was not a surprise. Good luck to her in Miss World

  4. They’re all beautiful, people just have different preferences. I’m rooting for Miss Universe.

  5. Miss Turkey is stunning and has to place, the other are just okay.

  6. Only MW turkey looks the best. The other 3 winners r just ugly.

  7. so glad they pick the best girl for Miss World!

  8. Merve Sari;;; so sad for her!

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