Miss Universe Canada 2012 is Sahar Biniaz

Contestant Sahar Biniaz celebrates as she wins the Miss Universe Canada competition in Toronto, May 19, 2012. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Sahar Biniaz (26) from Vancouver, B.C., was crowned Miss Universe Canada 2012 at the conclusion of the 10th anniversary of the pageant under Beauties of Canada Organization.

Sahar, who was born in India and raised in Iran, is now a proud Canadian citizen living in Vancouver. She was the 1st runner-up in Miss Universe Canada in 2008, and participated in Miss Tourism Queen International 2008, in China. She was the 2nd runner-up in the international competition.

The new Miss Universe Canada graduated with honors from Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles, in Performing Arts. Currently she is working as an actress in film and television.

Sahar will now represent Canada at the 2012 Miss Universe competition to be held in mid-December.

Transgender Jenna Talackova was a Top 12 semi-finalist, but failed to advance to the final stage of competition. She won the Miss Congeniality Award, tied with three other delegates, a first in the pageant history.

Official Results:

Miss Universe Canada 2012: Sahar Biniaz
1st runner-up: Adwoa Yamoah
2nd runner-up: Majd Soudi
3rd runner-up: Katie Starke
4th runner-up: Kesiah Papasin

Top 12 Semi Finalists:  Chelsea Bird, Dajana Radovanovic, Ines Kipre, Jenna Talackova, Maria Julia Nahri, Sarah Harrison and Suzette Hernandez

Top 20 Quarter Finalists: Casar Jacobson, Christine White, Diana Schoutsen, Kuyan Elliott, Lisa Wong, Mandi Gale, Marta Jablonska,  Vaughan Marr

Special Awards:

Miss Photogenic: Ela Mino
Revlon Professional Best Hair: Sahar Biniaz
Miss Congeniality: Jenna Talackova, Kylee Apers, Maria Julia Nahri, Maria Cecilia Nicolas (4-way tie)

See photos from the event

59 thoughts on “Miss Universe Canada 2012 is Sahar Biniaz

  1. If u recalled, Global Beauties covered the results of the General Toronto Area and Central Ontario preliminary pageant and I see 5 of the 12 picked from the pageant made the cut :
    Kesiah Papasin – 5th place
    Dajana Radonavic _ top 12
    Lisa Wong , Diana Schouten and Marta Jablonska – top 20

    • And I forgot, Maria Nahri co-won the Miss Congeniality award. A strong group from that pageant: half of them walked away with a placement or award!

  2. She looks plastic (in a bad way). I think she will be left clapping

  3. Ganó la que tenía que ganar!!!

  4. Adele Santos says:

    In my opinion, the final result was very good. Both Sahar and Majd would have been great winners … and yes, Sahar did win! The 1st runner up also gave a great answer: very friendly, articulate and absolutely charming.

    Jenna was good. Her catwalk, though, was poor and she clearly overdid it. I don’t think she ‘tried to turn the pageant into a drag queen show’, I just think she was self conscious and didn’t have enough experience and self confidence to reach the final. Nevertheless, I was glad to see her go that far in the competition. She is a very beautiful woman.

    The whole show was amazing and a big lesson in itself, showing us the importance of accepting others as they are and the importance of loving oneself, believing in oneself and pursuing one’s dream. Thank you ‘Beauties of Canada’. Thank you Global Beauties.

    • You might think that Jenna had watched enough pageants to see how to conduct yourself onstage.

  5. I love this Canadian woman!! Good choice for Canada!

  6. Yes, she will be like Gabriele Walcott and Deborah Henry, 27 during MU pageant and both thank you girls

  7. Sin ofender a nadie, pero mucho mejor que no gano el transexual, ahora todo vuelve a la normalidad. buena suerte a la nueva miss canada en miss universo

  8. mistunivers35 says:

    Madj was so cute….The top 5 was really great….Kesiah was the best at the evening gown competition but failed during her final question…

    Don’t you think Sahar look like a bit of Zuleyka Rivera?

    Glad to see that Jenna was voted with 3 others girls Miss Congienality. That proves many girls respect her and her ambition to fight for the crown…

    See you in two weeks for Miss USA.^^

  9. Sahar’s fianl answer was not good. I don’t think she understood the question.

    • I think it was rather more how she answered it (like Yasmeen Bleeth’s Danielle Stevens in Crowned & Dangerous) than what she answered. But that is something she can work out during the upcoming months.

      • Maybe just Maybe Sahar felt because of her Iranian background she felt compel to make a statement against Terrorism, when the question was the furthest thing from that topic.

        I must say that I truly enjoyed the Miss Universe pageant, it was very campy. Sahar’s reaction when a fellow contestant went to congratulate her, was hilarious.

  10. in my top 15!

  11. very beautiful woman!

  12. she is really stunning,very photogenic ,exotic and atractive ,very hollewood appeal,she could get canada in the map after these years.

  13. I think she looks more like MU 2006 (Zulekya Riviera)….

    • That’s not a compliment and Zulyeka was too plastic.

  14. The winner was pretty. The first runner-up is interesting but she is not really the Miss International type but who knows, maybe she will make history in Japan.

  15. So it seems that Canada is also a wannabe based on their “new” crown.

  16. I can’t believe Sahar won. Good Luck MUC….loads of trouble coming your way.

  17. Christopher says:

    27 years old,it is too late for Jenna,she will not be in Top 5,sorry.

  18. mary gozalez says:

    Excelent candidate to represent Canada at Miss Universe 2012!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

  19. I’m back to been a Miss Universe fan again after this victory.

    • I know what you mean, and I agree.

  20. I think if Jana works on her walk and presentation she could do very well in the future. She is only 23. The new Miss Canada is 26, so she has at least 3 more chances. Go Jenna! I liked you, and apparently the contestants did too.


  22. Fanny Serrano says:

    Leila is 25 years old during MISS UNIVERSE 2011 COMPETITION! Now, SAHAR is 26 and will turning 27 in October! Just like Gabriel Walcott and Deborah Henry, she will be 27 at Miss Universe Pageant

  23. what an Excellent candidate to Represent canada at Ms Universe 2012 !! congrats !!

  24. congrats

  25. MU would have been more exciting if Jenna represented Canada. Oh well.

  26. tiene mas cara de trasvesty que la jenna, lol

  27. bryan Peter says:


  28. I have watched the live streaming of the pageant and she did very well to proved she deserves the title. A strong contender for Miss Universe 2012. Congratulations and God Bless to the new Miss Universe Canada! :)

  29. Who cares about Jenna!

    • Hoàng Trọng Trần says:

      Yeah, I don’t want her to make it through to the final. Thanks God she don’t represent Canada at Miss Universe

  30. I love her!!! she is exotic and is very stylish….she will be a top 5 in Miss Universe!!! she looks like a real model!!!!!in 2005 while vacationing in Thailand she attended the Miss Universe Pageant and saw NATALIE GLEBOVA win the title!!!!

    • she is 26?

      • Sahar is 26, just like Leila Lopes.

        • I respect Jenna’s dream, that she wants to represent her country in Miss Universe Pageant, but I believe that the judges won’t allow a Transgender to represent their country.

          MW age limit is : 17 to 24,

          meanwhile, MU age limit is : 18 to 27.

          • observant says:

            We all know that everybody has a dream! It is not about Transgender or Natural Born Woman, its about the COMPETITION! The judges are right/fair and square with their decision! Jenna has this unconventional Catwalk with poor EG performance thats why she did not make it in the top 5! You have to work very hard to achieve your dreams. After her catwalk, I thought that (catwalk) ruins her chances after all. Better luck next time

        • Hoàng Trọng Trần says:

          When Leila competed in the Miss Universe, she was just 25. And Sahar is 26 years old now. It’s hard for the contestants who is 26 years old to make it through to the final. Look at Deborah Henry who represented Malaysia at Miss Universe 2011 or Elena Simikina – Miss Canada 2010 who competed in Miss Universe 2010, they are really beautiful and deserve to be in the Top 15. But they are not.

          • Ed says:

            When Brook Lee won the Miss Universe crown in 1997, she was 26 going on 27.

          • Hoàng Trọng Trần says:

            It was 1997. Miss USA 2008 – Crystle Stewart was also 26 and make it to the Top 10 at Miss Universe. But look at Miss Universe 2009 to 2011, the contestants was 26 years old didn’t have a chance to take the crown

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