Miss USA 2012: Presentation Show Evening Gowns

The Miss USA 2012 Presentation Show took place at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on May 30th. The 51 contestants competed in the evening gowns and swimsuits category in front of a panel of judges and the attending audience.  The event, hosted by reigning Miss USA Alyssa Campanella and Chet Buchanan, was streamed live over the web via UStream.

Some gown choices really favored the beauties; others… not so much.  Also, a lot of the contestants wore the teal platform shoes provided by Chinese Laundry for the swimsuit competition, and let’s face it… they do not look good with an evening gown.

Who are your favorites after the competition? Miss Universe L.P., LLLP

66 thoughts on “Miss USA 2012: Presentation Show Evening Gowns

  1. California and Ohio are the best!!! Both are excelellent delegates for next Miss Universe ….Regards from Venezuela

  2. I’m surprised not a lot of people have Alabama on their list. She is gorgeous with a great body and very consistent. Alabama joins California, Texas and Nevada in my Top Four!

    • Adele Santos says:

      I think Alabama is good; she has a lovely figure and good posture too, I’m just not sure if she has the face (although pretty) to take her all the way to the crown.

  3. As a former Beauty Queen I have to say that the winner is

    MISS USA 2012 California
    1st Runner Up – Texas this girl should compete in Miss World
    2nd Runner Up Nevada
    3rd R Up Georgia
    4th R Up Arizona
    the USA runner up should be sent to Miss World because the USA girls are so well prepared

    • and as a former beauty queen you are, you should know Miss USA franchise doesn’t participate in Miss World.

    • Totally agree with you. California should be again the next MISS USA!!!!!!

  4. OK GUYS!!……..NOW HERE ARE MY TOP 10>>>>


    • Hawaii and Wyoming over Texas and Alabama? Interesting choices. Good luck to all the ladies!

  5. My favorites: Georgia, Nevada, Maryland, Texas, Michigan, and Virginia

  6. Four surprises (one’s I didn’t care for before) that seemed to pop on the stage were Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New York. My favorites though are still Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Nevada. Ohio and Rhode Island could be at the top with some help in how they dress, walk, facial expressions (they basically need a Guy/Rex coach).

  7. New Mexico is amazing. The best face.

  8. FLORIDA – the most interesting dress. No one has anything like it. very beautiful, rich and special. never seen such dresses. it looks divine. MAGIC dress. most of all dresses modifications of old ideas -we have already seen it.

  9. I do noticed, a lot of contestants at both Miss Universe and Miss USA wear these big clunky platform heels.

  10. Louisiana,South Carolina, and NEVADA for me,…
    just asking,…
    is see-through gowns are for FAB nowadays?,…
    most gowns that are being designed recently are putted to be see-through,..

  11. There are only two dresses I like: Tennessee and Utah. Love Miss Oklahoma’s look and hair!

  12. I liked Alaska, California,Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas,Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Texas.

  13. The best: Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Nevada, Maryland, Michigan, California, Ohio, New Jersey and Louisiana. Rhode Island coming close; problem is her height and weird facial expressions.

  14. I’m sure that she won’t be penalized for that since she is about to head off stage.

    Oklahoma looked great in the EG but I found her walk very slow and peculiar…her hair bothers me in the SS. I have her as 19th overall.

  15. Georgia, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Maryland, Texas, North Carolina, and Kansas are the best! Still love South Dakota, Rhode Island, Alaska and Ohio, but not their dresses. Pleasantly surprised by Colorado, Michigan, New York and Tennessee.

  16. Adele Santos says:

    My favourites are: California, Dellaware, Georgia, Illnois, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Ohio and West Virginia. Good luck, girls!


  18. Mary Jean-Philippines 2012 says:

    Top 5 Preliminary Evening Gown (In Order)
    1. Georgia
    2. California
    3. Nevada
    4. Michigan
    5. Ohio

  19. Hoàng Trọng Trần says:

    My Top 5: Nevada – Michigan – Louisiana – Rhode Island – Texas

  20. Thanh Phong says:

    I love Georgia, she remind me of Crystal Steward

  21. Thanh Phong says:

    California and Georgia are the ones to beat this year :D

  22. Miss Florida is the best, best Body, best evening dress, best smile, best face and very natural.

  23. Nevada is the winner hands down!

    In her interview, I like how she answered with wit and class the question about the porn industry. This is the girl who could win America the Miss Universe crown! I’m betting for her!

  24. I have to say that the one contestant that look the very best in her evening gown was Miss New Hampshire….

  25. I like Texas, Alaska(but maybe not the best body), Maine, Delaware, Ohio, California, Georgia, Michigan and Louisiana. But you`re right: Nevada looks stunning, just WOW! she is on top at my list now!!

  26. DC looked like she had a butt enhancement…

    • I can’t speak for other countries, but a lot of Black girls in the US have butts like that. They come a dime a dozen.

  27. Miss Illinois stood out from the beginning from and I also love Miss Wyoming.

  28. Miss California tripped . She better pray she’s in the top 16 .
    Texas , Nevada , Oklahoma and Georgia are the ones to beat this year :)

    • Last year, Miss California also had a misstep during the Evening Gown part of the Presentation Show, and she won the title on the Final Night…

    • Surely she will be in the top 16 the Miss USA 2012!!

  29. not many people include Nevada in their favorites list but she is my winner

    • yes!! she is the best choice!! i hope she win!!

  30. Oswald Rangi says:

    My Winner is Miss California

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