Miss USA 2012: Voting now Open!

The popular vote is back! Vote for your favorite and help her reach a semi final spot during the Miss USA 2012 competition to be held at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 3rd.

In order to vote, simple steps are to be followed:

1) Like the Official Miss USA page on Facebook.

2)Select the “Vote for Miss USA” tab

3)Enter your details and vote

4)Watch the pageant on June 3rd live on NBC and see if your favorite wins the coveted 16th semi final spot!

15 thoughts on “Miss USA 2012: Voting now Open!

  1. Maine Georgia south Carolina Rhodes island navada

  2. Ilike Tennessee. Michigan Alabama Ohio Maryland newjersy Texas Colorado

  3. I love South Dakota, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, District of Columbia, New York (aka Rhima Fakim),Virginia, Nevada, Delaware, California, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, and Mississippi are my Top 16, with South Dakota winning. Yea I know it sound funny since they have never cracked the Top 16 but this girl has star power. Check her out! The next Miss USA will be MISS SOUTH DAKOTA

  4. I like Maine, Alaska, Texas, Virginia, Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, Indiana, Nevada and Washington

  5. District of Columbia, New York, Pennslyvania, and Virginia.

  6. Back to back for CALIFORNIA!

  7. NEW YORK!

  8. yanina chanel says:


  9. Minnesota

  10. Rennelbludemon says:

    Hopefully Delaware will place this time and eventually will get the crown. She is a perfect Miss Universe..

  11. It is high time for Delaware to place! I’ll go for Delaware! Break the curse!

    Montana is the second choice.

    Surely this year, Alaska will place, that is 22 years since Karin Meyer’s Top 6 placement in 1990.

  12. don’t forget to mention you can also vote at the Miss USA or NBC sites
    and also the girls personal Twitter account.

    vote 10x per day per account.

  13. it is very exiciting ,very strong group,maybe the 8 th miss universe from usa?


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