A Szépségkirálynő 2012 (Hungary World, Universe, Earth)

Tamara Cserhati (Center) was crowned A Szepsegkiralyno 2012 (Miss World Hungary 2012) she will go to the Miss World competition in Ordos; Agnes Konkoly (right) won the title of Miss Universe Hungary and will compete in the Miss Universe pageant to take place possibly in the Dominican Republic in December.

Alexandra Kocsis (left) won the title of Miss Earth Hungary; she will go to the Miss Earth 2012 pageant in Indonesia in October.

Miss Hungary 2012: on to Miss World!

32 thoughts on “A Szépségkirálynő 2012 (Hungary World, Universe, Earth)

  1. I think they are overtanned.

  2. Hungry always sends gorgeous girls to MU but always kills their chances with horrible styling and ugly gowns!

    • Then leave her alone as she do not need any improvements!

  3. Wow Miss Hungary Universe is so Beautiful! Congratulations!

  4. Absolutely stunning, I think its about time that europe got a look in at Miss Universe and this girl could be the one to do it.

    • I am worry about the sash factor. Even though Paula Shugart claimed that she told the judges that there is no such thing as sash factor and that they judge each contestant fairly, we all know it still play a part.

      I would suggest that Trump finally make his choices count and have her as one of his picks should the preliminary judges make an error and not have her as a semi-finalist.

  5. beautiful miss hungary universe

  6. The Miss World and Miss Universe winners look EXACTLY the same…boring.

  7. Hungary just might be the first central European nation to have a double win MW AND MU this yr !

  8. La que va a miss universo me parece mucho mas hermosa, espero que llegue al top 5

  9. Miss Philippines Universe, Janine is more beautiful than Miss Hungary Universe.

    • You must be another bias Filipino! Janine is not even going to make it into the top 15. She’s not as good as shamsi or Venus!

    • Give me a break! Don’t make yourself look like a fool!

    • ooh please in your dreams

    • what is the connection of miss phelippenes here?

    • Gaga, here u are again making Filipinos laughing stock.

  10. US has a Miss World USA 2012 too.

    “EXCLUSIVE – Elite Model Look Management, the American franchise holder of Miss World, has selected Jessica Dykstra, a 23-year-old professional model. She stands 1.73 m. tall and will represent USA at Miss World 2012 to be held in Ordos, China this August.

    Her mother is Cuban and her father is Dutch-English. Se lives in Miami, Florida.”
    Unfortunatelly the link cant be placed here. You can check it on Wikipedia’s Miss World 2012 article.

    • Wikipedia is not a reliable source, Alex. Anyone can go there and write whatever they want. Jessica denied that she is Miss World US. This is some low class “website” making up “news”.

      • I think you didnt got the point. There’s a source with a link to it out there in the article.

        The source is beautymania.biz. Theres a photo too. Unfortunatelly THIS website link, beautymania, cant be placed here.

        • No, you don’t get the point: beautymania got this info from some “fan page” which made up this piece of news. We checked it and concluded it was false. If you told me you saw it on CNN, fine, but please be less naive. Not everything seen on the internet is a “fact”.

  11. Their reps to MU and MW have some facial similarities. Their rep to ME would be left behind in the background.

  12. Daniel Duong says:

    Best miss Hungary for Miss Universe ever! Definate top 10 at least! She’s gorgeous and reminds me of Cheryl Cole!!

  13. The girl for miss universe is gorgeous, she’s going to be one of the top girls in the pageant!

  14. their faces are all the same? haha.

  15. ngek chenes says:

    EARTH-etnique beauty, WORLD-photogenic UNIVERSE-classy

  16. Miss Universe Hungary is 1st Runner Up

  17. Love Miss Universe Hungary! Up there now with Venezuela, USA, Lithuania, Australia, Uruguay, Canada, Cayman Islands, South Africa, and Thailand.

  18. miss Universe Hungary is gorgeous!!!

  19. Hungary may just win Miss Universe, or at least place in the top 5.

  20. chile miss fan says:

    three absolutly stunning girls from hungary congrtulations the girl who goes to miss universe now is one of my favorites god choice hungary

  21. RodrigoCHILE says:

    Agnes, Miss Universe Hungary, is absolutely stunning…

  22. The one going to Miss Universe is gorgeous!

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