Miss Bolivia 2012

Alexia Viruez (18 years old, 2nd from left) from Santa Cruz de la Sierra was chosen Miss Universe Bolivia 2012 during the annual event held at the Siriono hall in Fexpocruz on May 31st.  Alexia, who stands 177 cm tall will represent Bolivia during the Miss Universe 2013 competition. She was Miss Global Teen Bolivia in 2010 and competed in the Miss Global Teen International, in Brazil.

Chosen as Miss Bolivia World 2012 was Miss La Paz, Mariana Garcia (2nd from right) who will represent the country in the 62nd Miss World finals in Ordos, China, in August.

Miss Pando (Stephanie Nunez) and Miss Beni (Dayana Dorado) will represent Bolivia in Miss International and Miss Earth, respectively. Courtesy El Deber

19 thoughts on “Miss Bolivia 2012


  2. Good job Bolivia! the Miss Universe delegate is beautiful I cant wait for 2013.

  3. very beautiful miss bolivia universe!

  4. bryan Peter says:

    The most beautiful is Universe and then Earth

  5. THEY SHOULD made a crown for tierra bolivia unfair!

  6. Miss Universe delegate is STUNNING! Miss Earth delegate is exotically gorgeous!

  7. From all 4 of them only MU Bolivia is the best beautiful woman. U know that she participates in MU 2013 & that means Bolivia has a gr8 competitor for next year as well. Speaking of this year the MU Bolivia @ MU 2012 is hot & is sure to place in top 15 by all chance.

  8. How very lame that they gave crowns to the other titles but not for Miss Earth.

    • ngek chenes says:

      She will have the original crown for Miss Earth, soon :-)

  9. Once again. Miss earth is downgraded in Bolivia. Imagine, Miss Bolivia has NO crown. What a big WHYYYY?

    • Probably because she came in 4th place and the top 3 get crowns. Miss Earth is also not as prestigious. But I do see what you mean about no crown and looks odd to have her without a crown standing next to the others.

    • I think they (sponsors) were running out of money :)

  10. Their reps to MU and MW look promising.

  11. bellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa alexiaa! miss universo 2013!!!te espera!!!!

  12. Miss Universe Bolivia isn’t competing in this year’s 2012 Miss Universe? Her sash says 2012.

    • yessica mouton, crowned june 2011, is going to universe this year. alexia is going next year.

  13. Miss Universe Bolivia is stunning! If she gets the right preparation she will do really well at Miss U 2013.

  14. Galaxy Young says:

    Stunning, Earth and Universe

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