Miss France 2013 to be held December 8th in Limoges

Sylvie Tellier, head of Miss France Committee with Delphine Wespiser, Miss France 2012

The Miss France 2013 competition will be held on Saturday, December 8th, at the Zenith in Limoges (capital of Haute-Vienne), as confirmed by pageant organizer Sylvie Tellier. On this day, reigning Miss France Delphine Wespiser will crown her succesor. The gala will be televised live through TF1.

The regional competitions at a department level in France are in full swing.

Miss France 2012 Delphine Wespiser is having a busy year, attending several regionals, media and sporting events and award ceremonies including the NRJ Music Awards and the Roland Garros tournament.

In addition, Wespiser has been preparing for the Miss World 2012 competition to be held in China in August. During her year she has been campaigning to encourage people to donate blood, a cause she will take as her Beauty with a Purpose project.

The Zenith in Limoges will host Miss France 2013 on December 8th

31 thoughts on “Miss France 2013 to be held December 8th in Limoges

  1. If for any reason a title holder can’t complete her reign, then the first runner up will take over.

  2. The rules say that if for any reason a title holder can’t compete, then the first runner up would take over.

  3. The first runner up will compete in Miss Universe 2012.

    • SOURCE ?

  4. J’espère qu’elle ne participera plus à Miss Universe. Elle n’est pas belle du tout et sa victoire c’était un malentendu.

    • Tant pis pour toi car Delphine ira :) Je peux te le garantir.

      • Comment peux tu en etre aussi sur? ce que dis KMO se tiens …. Tu penses qu’elle ne sera pas présente pour couronner miss france 2013 et qu’à la place elle sera à miss univers? Ca serait du jamais vu depuis valerie Begue….

        • Son directeur artistique, Arnaud, n’a pas arrêté de nous rabacher que Delphine participera à Miss Univers 2012 POUR SUR. Il était formel et en avait autant marre que nous sur Missosology de voir des sites comme Global Beauties ou Wikipedia dire que Mathilde Couly était la nouvelle Miss France Univers 2012 donc il a bien démenti ces rumeurs. Il est au courant puisqu’il travaille avec Delphine et fait partie de l’organisation Miss France.

          PS : Les préliminaires se passent pas cinq jours avant Miss Univers mais genre deux jours avant. Si ça se passe fin ou milieu décembre, aucun problème. Et si ça se passe la première semaine du mois, idem.

  5. It’s funny the turn around in National pageants these days. The winner always went to MU and runnerup to MW. The Morleys were not happy with getting the 2nd place girls. So, you see many separate National MW pageants now or the winner to MW and 1st RU to MU. I like the few Countries that have one winner that goes to both.

  6. go miss france!in the top 15!!sure because she’s very beautiful!
    2009 chloé mortaud 6th place
    2010 malika menard 13th place
    2011 laurie thillman 6th place
    and delphine miss france 2012???in the top 15!!!

  7. Pleeeeeeeease. I’m from France and that is pure BULLSHIT. Delphine will compete in Miss Universe 2012 in December FOR SURE.
    Now, stop spreading unfounded rumors, I know somewhat better than you because I live in Delphine’s country. Thanks.

    • Well, all of us can now sleep much better at night because now we know you know somewhat better than everybody. LOL

      • Ed, your irony is tasteless. Continues to launch rumors without any evidence if it amuses you, but you will all be surprised when Delphine is competing in Miss Universe 2012 in December. The artistic director of Delphine was saying everywhere she would be part of the candidates. Is it better to believe Global Beauties or someone who is working with her ?

        • 1) we havent started any rumour, if you know how to read you can tell that. 2) you got the answer you deserved. You know whats tasteless? Coming here and instead of properly informing everybody in a nice manner, you were rude, uncouth and snobbish. That is why you got that answer. If she competes, perfect!! I believe there are much more better things in life to worry about than wondering if some woman will show up in some beauty pageant 5 months from now.

          • ben says:

            Perfect answer !

  8. rafaella nocetti says:

    i don´t know why people say some contestants like serbia, georgia, france or russia would not compete in MISS UNIVERSE, miss world is in august miss universe in december, so there is no reason to not compete in miss universe. And for the last 3 years MISS FRANCE choose the winner for miss universe and fisrt or second runner up went to miss world!! whatever the decision is, the excuse of date issues and because the two pageants will be too close apart is not valid.

    • Rafaella: Sending the same girl to both pageants is usually a decision of the director. Serbia and Georgia will be chosen in September. Nobody said these countries wont participate. They are just changing their delegates. Pageants are not the priority in the life of all young women. I am sure these beauties have lives, studies, relationships and are not willing to give everything up just to wait 18 months to participate in a beauty contest.

  9. very beautiful miss france!!!!

  10. It would be less of a hassle if they gave the top two titles: the winner gets the Miss France crown and the spot at Miss Universe, while the 2nd-place contestant gets the title of Miss France Monde or Miss Monde France or whatever and the spot at Miss World. But I guess that Venezuela is the only country that can get away with that these days.

    • The Miss France Committee would lose the Miss World franchise if they did that. Delphine is not going to Universe not because she doesn’t want to, but because the dates clash.

  11. How come you are better informed than we are, here in France?! ;) Do you know who will end up participating in Miss Universe? Global Beauties once said it would be Mathilde Couly, the first runnerup… Was it confirmed by Sylvie Tellier? Was it definite? Or is there any chance they send my favorite Marie Payet??? Ce serait génial!!! Please keep us informed because the french websites don’t have any update about this matter!

    • Dans une interview pour Tv mag , Delphine a dit qu’elle représenterais la France à miss univers et miss monde . Et cette histoire de date ne tiens pas debout parce que en 2009 Chloé mortaud est allé représenter la France à miss monde après avoir couronné malika Ménard .

      • Oui mais à Miss Monde il n’y a pas de véritable cérémonie de présélection, tandis qu’à Miss Univers, cinq jours avant la finale, il y a le “presentation show”, diffusé en direct sur Internet d’ailleurs, où elles défilent toutes en robe et en maillot devant le jury de présélection. Si cette cérémonie tombait le même jour que Miss France ou la veille ou le lendemain, Delphine ne pourrait pas couronner Miss France 2013 sans être disqualifiée de Miss Univers. De quand date l’interview de TV Mag? Ça se trouve c’était de l’époque où on savait pas encore que Miss Univers allait avoir lieu en décembre…

        • Ce que tu dis ce tiens en effet . Aprés je trouverais ca dommage de pas la laisser allez representer la france a miss monde juste parce qu’elle doit couronner la nouvelle miss france . Quelqu’un d’autre peut poser une couronne sur la tete de la nouvelle miss france , et delphine ferait un petit depuis miss univers . C’est pas serieux d’envoyer une dauphine a miss univers , ca enleve un certain prestige .


  13. I’m actually glad the 1st runner-up is going to Universe because I think she has the potential to do better than the actual winner

  14. talofalucky says:

    Will she be competing at miss universe also?

    • Most likely not, due to a clash in the dates.

      • Last time in an interview she said she will . It happened to Chloé Mortaud , she wen to compete in miss world after she gave up her title

        • Both Cindy Fabre and Chloe Mortaud were flown in from Miss World (Cindy from China, Chloe from South Africa) respectively, for 2 days in order to crown their succesors. However, the Miss France was usually held the weekend before Miss World, so the girls had time to go and come back. Miss Universe has a Presentation Show and rehearsals, therefore Delphine would not be allowed to come back and forth.

          • G says:

            It was announced that she will not compete at Miss Universe.

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