Miss Uruguay 2012

Miss World Uruguay and Miss Universe Uruguay 2012

18-year old Camila Vezzoso (R) was crowned Miss Uruguay Universe 2012. 18-year old Valentina Henderson (L) was crowned Miss Uruguay World 2012 and will compete in Ordos, China, on August 18.

11 thoughts on “Miss Uruguay 2012

  1. Cute but seen as wedding bridesmaids.

    Uruguay has a lot to learn to have any chance in these top beauty pageants.

  2. They are cute but not impressive or stunning like other SouthAmerican beauties that will participate in Miss Universe this year such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia,Peru and Paraguay also Miss Mexico who’s a total stand out and could get another crown for her country.

  3. Diana Anna Dudinska says:

    I congratulate to new Miss Uruguay Universe 2012,Camila Vezzoso and new Miss Uruguay World 2012,Valentina Henderson. This decision is absolutely true according MY RULES OF BEAUTY. I believe that they will be friends for Slovak Republic- country in the heart of Europe, Slavic nation, we had been Czechoslovakia to 1993, for all Slavic Miss , for Lubica Stepanova, Miss Universe Slovak Republic 2012 and for Kristina Krajcirova, Miss Slovakia World 2012 during Miss Universe 2012 and Miss World 2012.

  4. Miss Uruguay Universe is absolutely stunning! She looks like an antique goddess.

  5. Pretty but not exceptional, will perhaps make top 15.

  6. MU Uruguay is a doll. What a perfect smile reflecting true natural beauty & gr8 body,posture, personality & confidence. She will do well @ MU. On the other hand MW Uruguay is boring & ugly.

  7. Good choice for Universe.

  8. Fresh-looking winners and congratulations!


  10. Miss Universe Uruguay is cute but, she looks like she would do well at Miss World.

    • I agree. They should have made a switch.

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