Miss World US Virgin Islands 2012

Taiesa Annique Lashley (24, from St. Thomas) will represent the US Virgin Islands at the Miss World 2012 competition in Ordos, China, next August.

Taiesa holds a degree in Hospitality Management and also founded S.P.A.R.K.S., her own organization dedicated to promoting a healthy social environment at university campuses.

11 thoughts on “Miss World US Virgin Islands 2012

  1. Go Taiesa!!! Represent to the fullest and once again congrats!!!!!!!!

  2. is she going to compete in miss world?

  3. MISS WORLD U S VIRGIN ISLANDS 2012, Taiesa – “GREAT LUCK” in China at the MISS WORLD 2012 competition!!!! You have very big shoes to fill, Esonica Veira, MISS WORLD U S VIRGIN ISLANDS 2011 made quite an impression last year and she made history by becoming a semi-finalists, which our local USVI beauties rarely make it to the semi-finals, so I hope that you’re preparing yourself mentally, physically, intellectually and spiritually for your responsibility as our chosen delegate to represent our beautiful “AMERICAN PARADISE” – it is up to you make the USVI shine among the spectrum of international beauties at the MISS WORLD 2012 competition!!!!!! GOD’s blessings!!!!!

  4. They enter MU cause its the better pageant. MW may have more contestants but it still boggles the mind how they pick the winner when they are just standing there in gowns after the first cut.

  5. Her S.P.A.R.K.S Organisation may earn her a Beauty with a Purpose Award…CHEERIO!

  6. She is also a veteran in the US Army (served in Afghnaistan)! Gooo Taiesa!

  7. The US Virgin Islands attends both Miss Universe and Miss World, wonder when their Universe delegate will be chose. British Virgin Islands on the other hand, along with Turks and Caicos, mostly attends Miss Universe rather Miss World.

    Bizarre I would say, since both are still British Crown colonies.

  8. Miss US virgin islands goes to MU also but yes definately wondered why British VI doesnt go to MW! Cant really think of any other countries that Only go to MU! MW usually attracts more countries especially smaller nations/territories etc!

  9. The last year contestant from the US Virgin Islands was prettier.

  10. Does anyone else find it a bit odd that US Virgin Islands goes to MISS World (a British contest) and Miss British Virgin Isles goes to Miss Universe (An American contest)?

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