Miss Peru World 2013 in “Backside” Scandal

After being crowned Miss Peru World 2013 last week, Melissa Paredes is submerged in controversy: Local news outlets released some photographs of her posing in a bunny costume, showing the derriere with full energy.

Ernesto “Tito” Paz, organizer of Miss Peru, commented to El Comercio that he has already informed the Miss World Organization about the siuation. “I have sent an email and I am waiting for the answer. Paredes, before winning, should have told me she had taken those photographs” he said.

Paz also added that the decision of Paredes competing in the 2013 event in Bali will depend entirely on the British organizers. “That’s their decision. I don’t think there will be a penalty, but I have to respect the contract I’ve signed. The final decision will be taken by Miss World CEO Julia Morley”.

Meanwhile, Melissa Paredes said that those photographs were personal and were never published anywhere. She stated she never posed for any newspaper or erotic magazine and she is confident she will keep the title.

It is irrelevant that on this day and age, these kind of photographs can cause controversy in the media as hundreds and hundreds of beauty queens who posed nude or semi-nude, kept their titles. The stigma of the “miss” being pure and innocent died in the 1960’s.

11 thoughts on “Miss Peru World 2013 in “Backside” Scandal

  1. I can’t believe this is controversial yet so little has been said about Miss Peru Universe’s horribly homophobic remarks to a magazine: when asked the question “How would you react if your son were homosexual?”, she replied:

    “I don’t think that would happen to me because those things happen when the father is absent, when one is raped, and when one lives alone with mother and sisters, that’s when the gay mannerisms start. When I have kids, I will entrust them to God completely. They will have two parents and I will raise them properly.”

  2. If you pose for picture like this and then win a major pageant or become well known in some way, they will always come to light somewhere down the line – somebody will always want to make money.

    That said, she knew these pictures had been taken befor she entered the competition and therefore, will have to accept whatever the concequences are.

    I bet she is now the butt of all jokes.

  3. She should keep the crown and go for Miss World.

  4. Her chance to win the MW is as skimpy as what she’s wearing…

  5. Either Peru dethrone her or else face a fair chance of losing. i dont think a woman in such a disgusting exposure state should win MW bcoz it a contest where a person who will prove to be a good role model to others has to be chosen & this is a disgrace & bad example.

  6. Were Miss Peru judges drunk? Both winners are so plain sorry!

  7. Y que tiene, el posa de una coneja o en otra forma no tiene nada de malo, no entiendo por que hay aun personas que no evolucionan, la mayoria de las mujeres les hacen estas ofertas laborales, y si tiene con que, esta se la aprovecha

  8. ay lubot! :-P

  9. Isnt this kind of thing (minus the tail) quite common on the beaches of south america? Is it really a scandal?
    The USA delegate has a former arrest record…does someones butt cheeks trump that as far as being worthy of being kicked out of the pageant?

    • It’s not necessary her entire butt is showing, I think it’s the costume which has Playboy references to it that is inappropriate. I hope Julia Morley does not allow her to compete because I wouldn’t want this girl becoming Miss World.

      • gushhhh you are old. you maybe young but seriously, your brain and heart are like my grandma’s (the word “inappropriate” set the tone of your conservative post). let the girl compete. these pageants are either for horny men, gay fellows or girls who want to go to the top using their beauty (unlike many who use their brain). so these women are NOT role models. at least not of my children :P

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