Miss Universe Spain: A new pageant is born

A new organization holds the franchise of Trump’s Miss Universe pageant in Spain: “Miss Universe Spain” is the new competition to take place in the fall, to select a representative for the Miss Universe 2012 competition scheduled to be held next December.

Contestants will be chosen through online castings. Applications are now OPEN through the pageant’s official facebook page, www.facebook.com/MissUniverseSpain

The lucky 30 chosen beauties will go on to participate in the grand coronation gala, expected to take place in October.-

Miss Universe Spain is a production of “Be Beautiful Spain”, new franchise holders.  Official website: http://www.missuniverse-spain.com

Amparo Munoz won the only Miss Universe title for Spain in 1974. She passed away last year.


6 thoughts on “Miss Universe Spain: A new pageant is born

  1. i dont understand now the miss spain is owned by donald trump??

  2. Now that the organizers are in bed with Trump, be prepared to see Spain winning the crown within the next decade.

  3. Amparo Munoz is a stunner when she won the title! RIP!~<3

  4. i hope the new organizers gets a good `production of the event thorougut the lack of sponsonrs and the economic crisis that is living Spain

  5. Gizelly Tinti says:

    What about andrea huisgen?? She won miss spain for nothing?? Will she represent spain in any pageant, this new organization should send the representative for miss universe 2013 in the end of october 2013

    • Miss Spain does not hold the franchise to Miss Universe, therefore Andrea Huisgen cannot compete in it. In order to send a delegate to a pageant you must pay an annual fee, something that the new organization did in order to obtain the rights.

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